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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday May 04, 2013
The band gets back together...
Tonight our guest was Craig Rupp, former co-host to the show, his tenure hereon from January 2011 ran for a year and a quarter.
In Kentucky there's a site called the Natural Bridge, to which one has to hike up to reach it. Henry indicated how physically exhaustive for me it was to reach. He also indicate how a horse ironically named Orb had just won the Kentucky Derby
We spoke about Craig investigating Gettysburg, and how daytime hauntings are just as frequent as at night, but frustratingly enough, many ghosts are experienced by people not seeking out ghosts, also that at night are numerous ghost tours and such. In 1996 there was only one ghost-store, now thanks to various TV ghost hunter shows, there are lots of ghost tours from which one could take their pick.
Craig spoke about Sachs Bridge, on a Friday night of which is packed with people.
Henry asked about more Little Known haunted places; Craig indicated as much of the town was part of the battlefields. Many places have plaques indicated what took place at that spot.
Henry asked about Cashtown, the Cashtown Inn about which Craig spoke. He also spoke of what he considers the little know Fairfield Inn with which great history, and Craig has had some good experiences.
Cat in the chat room wondered if he'd gotten any EVPs at Little Round Top park, at which Craig got some good photos
Craig indicated they'd cut the treeline at Triangular Field ruining the feel of the area.
Kat brought up Devil's Den with some sort of hippie ghost.
Barbara reported tonight our having listeners in the USA, the UK, Canada, Finland, Australia and France.
Henry asked about specific battle locations such as Peach Orchard, the relatively battle-free Spangler Spring (Craig's favourite spot), East Cavalry Battlefield at which General Custer fought as well. We also discussed the haunted Farnsworth House Inn, as well as how many of the fields contain countless unmarked mass graves such as Iverson's Pits
Craig spoke of the haunted Gettysburg College which had been the field hospital; one couple took the lift and it took them to the bottom, where an 1800's type hospital was in progress. They couldn't get closed the doors, until one of the doctors saw them and motioned to them to come forward as though to help. Craig also conveyed the story of the Blue Boy. As Kat was conveying how terrifying it would be to see a little boy ghost staring in from the window, I happened across the unexpected Blue Boy of Gettysburg Mug, which I shared on creeped-out Kat and on Craig's Facebook timelines and on The Paranormal View Facebook page.
We discussed a few varied Time Slip stories.
From a tourist standpoint, Craig felt he would recommended Triangle Field for paranormal investigators, and for non paranormal investigators, go to Little Round Top or Culps Hills Tower, either at sunset. Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tour and Mark Nesmith Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour.
He spoke that many of the background performers on the film Gettysburg had experiences that at first they thought were flesh and blood, but clearly weren't.
We spoke of a few other places of which Craig was unaware such as Bell Nursing Home, and other spots such as Stage Coach Inn.
With Craig being such a good friend, the show went by at light speed. Craig gave out his Facebook and Twitter profiles. I provided my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page, and quickly adding that information regarding health products people should be taking by indicating anyone with health issues (jokingly refering to Henry's issues climbing to the Natural Bridge, with which these products would substantially help), or those who are just chronologically... aging in general... could contact me directly at, et al. Kat gave out her HuntForGhosts page on which she recently updated with photos from her recent trip to Japan; Henry wrapped us out before Barbara could give out her Facebook information.

04 May 2013 edition podcast Craig Rupp
Craig Rupp
Craig Rupp
Gettysburg Investigator and former Paranormal View co-host Craig Rupp on 04 May 2013 edition.

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