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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday March 23, 2013
Ladean and Ghost Hunting, Texas style
Tonight's guest was the hosts' mutual friend Ladean Snodgrass of Paranormal Seekers of North Texas and the para-x radio show Metaphysically Speaking. Moments before going on the air, Ladean reminded Henry her name is pronounced Lah-dean, not Lay-dean... which was a good thing as, considering I was doing her introduction, I had perviously always thought it was pronounced Lay-dean...
Born with the gift to See and Hear spirits, Ladean has been involved in the paranormal her entire life, but began paranormal investigating, joined a team and began in Dallas, then started her own investigating team. It wasn't until 2007 that she really began to investigate her own gifts; as a child it was rather traumatic, particularly with her mother's strict "disbelief" in what Ladean would perceive, despite her mother being rather Sensitive herself. Whilst growing up, Ladean would hear children laughing in her closet, jumping on her bed, playing and being mischevious, etc. In 2007 she was in hospital, and an Asian girl would sit with her who never spoke, who also was not corporeal.
When she started her own group, it was an All Girl Group, which made it both fun and economical to do Road Trips, as well as male-voice EVPs were automatically validation. Disadvantages included a Lot of Drama. Ladean current works with Texas Paranormal Research Team.
Early on and out of the blue CC reported our already having listeners tonight in the US, Pakistan, the UK, Australia, Finland, Ireland and Canada.
In east Texas her group stayed in the haunted Crazy Water Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.
She also spoke of the Jefferson Inn, where they had numerous paranormal experiences whilst trying to sleep, and at one point, Feeling she was being Watched, Ladean took a photo, her camera catching the sillouette of what appeared to be a hooded KKK member starting down at her.
Shortly after Ladean spoke about some excellent cornbread, Kat reported that at about 28-29 minutes in to the show, she heard a Male Voice Whisper, but on playback all I heard around that time was my commenting my loving cornbread.
After the break we did a quick Happy Birthday to Kat...
As for the scariest place she investigated, Ladean went with the famous Waverly Hills, where she first met Henry and Nancy. She turned around and found herself alone and "abandoned;" much of the energy there she found unsettling. Also the since-closed Baker Hotel, also in Mineral Wells, at the time (when open to the public), where pictures would fly off the wall, and her first real ghost experience (hair yanking and being touched).
Kat got a question from Melbourne, Australia via our, asking how Ladean perceives spirit/s.
Ladean then was asked her opinion of the Top Three Haunted Places in Texas, she suggested find the Lesser Known towns: "all over" Jefferson, Katy near Houston (one of best EVPs was caught there), when Skype suddenly attacked and Ladean seemed to vanish, so we went to the second break, giving Henry a chance to re-call each of us.
On returning, retrieved Ladean indicated having an open invitation by the Historical Society in Katy, where she's obtained some excellent EVPs.
Henry played some of the EVPs Ladean provided him, the first being from the Crazy Water Hotel: 5th floor, room 527, which apparently started out as an Audible. Next up was another fifth floor but no room number, with a cartoon-sounding "What?" The "At the Train Station" EVP was from Katy, where an EVP responds to Ladean, indicating no batteries in the camera. The next few were the "Darren case:" EVPs at a private domicile, from an upstairs haunting. Another, in the Crazy Water Hotel cellar, had "He left me," apparently. Henry played another that coincided, the EVP file titled "gun," in which a gun shot was heard.
Another EVP had a female voice said, "Okay take your time, we'll be here," responding to one of the investigators' saying they were going out to eat but would be back. Back in Katy, an EVP responded to the punchy-laughing investigators: "That was a joke!"
As often is the case (with me), most EVP playbacks sound like the investigation was taking place at a working metal-shop inside an air-conditioner factory with all the units switched on...
Ladean gave out her email, how to find her on Facebook, but ironically, not her website.
I had just enough time to impart my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al, just as Kat was barely able to convey her own website and Facebook information.

26 March edition podcast.
Metaphysically Speaking, with Ladean Snodgrass
Metaphysically Speaking, with Ladean Snodgrass

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