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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday March 16, 2013
The Bell Nursing Home and Paranormal Ohio Research Team: P.O.R.T.
Our guests tonight were Emily Leininger of the Bell Nursing Home, and the hilarious Welshman Craig Jones of P.O.R.T. (Paranormal Ohio Research Team).
Henry has done investigations with Craig from P.O.R.T. before, as well as the Bell Nursing Home itself, indicating it's a smaller venue than many. Kat, who has also investigated there, called it "comfortably creepy."
Skype gave us issues most of the night. In the played-back podcast everyone's audio was far clearer than mine, though Emily's audio would get an electronic twang now and again.
Emily and her sister Natalie had purchased the place, which at one point had been a funeral home of sorts; when the sisters had bought it, they'd had no idea of its paranormal activity. The original family being the Ludlies who'd built the place, being local store merchants, even to it being called at the time the Ludlie Mansion. The place had been built in mid 1800s, from a home, there are several common rooms, with some small rooms to the side. Upstairs is broken into several rooms and offices, and there's a cellar and attic. The place was abandoned in late 2007, Natalie found it and she and Emily bought it in 2011. Originally they wanted to turn it into a bed and breakfast, but with so much paranormal activity (too many to retell all of them), that they're letting it be a gold mine for paranormal investigators, in 2012 being its first "investigation season."
Things got so active to the point they checked out various paranormal investigative groups and came across the Paranormal Ohio Research Team (P.O.R.T.).
In the chat room, Craig's wife Dianne was supplying some background on Craig, being from Mold, Wales. She also conveyed that she and Craig had walked into former patient room, and Dianne was "greeted" by an enourmous exhale in her face.
The place will be opening for 2013 season investigations are April 5th and 6th through October, as the place has no heat. Even in summer it's quite cool inside. Friday hours are from 10pm-6am ($300 per group), and Saturday hours are from 9pm-5am ($400 per group); teams are maximum of 15 people. Teams are able to set-up earlier. (The audio kept twanging but it sounded like individuals could be $25 each.) Reservations for the upcoming 2013 season is already filling up.
Natalie lives closer to the Bell than Emilie, and while setting up for the season, allows teams and individuals to come in for free during the day, giving them a little tour and such, and they could wander on their own. A few had some experiences. One team was in the hallways near the kitchen near the nurse's station, at which they could all smell freshly backed chocolate chip cookies (normally smells like urine, such having seeped into the floors and such over the years). Another team saw a door swing open on its own. Kat relayed in one room with two fireplaces witnessing a full body apparition there of a woman, which Emily says is called the Woman in White.
Henry indicated being there in the daytime and then investigating that night.
Skype began to play with Barbara, dropping her and bringing her back into the call, but out being unable to hear her. Kat pointed out she was there live with Henry, indicating (regarding the servers), "If Henry goes down, we all go down."
The most interesting thing for Emily with the most impact was in the second floor of the main house with the fireplace. Before they'd even opened, Natalie boyfriend Cody was there, who is completely deaf (Natalie is slightly hearing-impaired), and coming back to the room Emily saw Natalie staring wide-eyedm having noticed a smell Emily couldn't smell. Emily did notice the temperature had dropped, which Cody mentioned when he entered the room, at which point he asked if anyone else could smell what he and Natalie could smell. Standing right in front of Cody where he could smell it, Emily inhaled and found the scent was like rosewater and so excellent she has sought for that smell ever since.
Another time they were taking a break at the nurse's station, a door slammed so unnaturally hard it couldn't have been a breeze or wind. A third memorable experience, again at the nurse's station, Emily was leaning over and felt a whisper and a brush at the back of her neck, to the point she thought someone was standing behind her, but there was no one corporeal there. Leaning over and having it happen a second and third time confirmed it.
Interior lights like to switch on by themselves; doors open and close on their own.
Meanwhile, Skype suddenly let Barbara be heard by us, but now we were inaudible to her...
We went to break so Henry could reboot the call, as it were.
Emily and Craig couldn't quite decide which was more haunted, the main building or the addition. The EVPs seems to be more around the nursing station, Emily said. They rarely go in alone, they tend to go in pairs, at least within the building. Emily spoke about the basement, in which a plumber witnessed a stream of urine emerging from thin-air, hitting the wall and pooling on the floor. She also talked about there being also two "secret rooms" in the cellar (that had been double-bricked off and since uncovered), which the sisters suspect were embalming rooms: only Natalie braves entering them.
Craig spoke of at one point going to where they'd been hearing strange noices, which tended to move about, as though always the Next Room Over; they couldn't isolate the sound/s. Craig (whose deep, brilliant Welsh-accented voice and super dry wit would make for a fantastic radio host), reported the sounds they were hearing were like the opening and closing of hospital-bed privacy-curtains.
Kat once heard an audible of a man croaking out, "Help me!" Henry heard a distant scream; another room into which he was walking he could hear an audible sigh.
Barbara reported there were listeners to tonight's show from the US, Finland, canada, the UK and, aptly enough (the following day being St. Patrick's Day), Ireland.
After the second break (my outro of which Skype sliced and diced), we joked over the show promo that was done in which Kat's surname was being mispronounced over and over until it was said right, so the name sounds just stamped over the mistake/s.
Henry played several EVPs obtained at the Bell Nursing Home, a few more clearer than others.
Henry realized Marc Spicer was in the chat room, as Craig razzed his good friend. Henry revealed that P.O.R.T., Craig and Marc would be assisting with the new season opening of the Bell Nursing Home, answering questions but not providing biased information such as what they'd previously experienced. If any group members report an experience, Craig and/or Marc can validate them if it's similar to what they'd experienced.
Emily pointed out on one hand they've invested in an eight-camera night-vision DVR system (so investigators can have a Control Center of sorts), but also that Natalie has begun collecting creepy Haunted Dolls.
Kat asked as to how one could reserve an investigation, which Emily gave out: for an investigation, that one can go to the Bell Nursing Home Facebook page or their Main Site at which there are links to EVPs and videos; one can also call Natalie Dickendasher at 330-671-7001, and added that the place now has high-speed access for investigators. Craig gave out the P.O.R.T. site.
Amusingly, Henry almost immediately asked Emily to [re-]provide the Bell Nursing Home website, the Bell Nursing Home Facebook page, Emily neglected to convey her Apparition Commission site this time, or the Apparition Commission on Facebook page (though Emily has deleted her own personal profile as her daytime activities keep her busy).
We got down to far less than sixty seconds, so I hastily imparted my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al, just as Kat was barely able to convey her own website and Facebook information in time this edition.

March 16 2013 edition podcast
Apparition Commission website
Apparition Commission
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]
Emily Leininger of the Bell Nursing Home, and Craig Jones
(not Marc Spicer) of Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]

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