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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday February 16, 2012
Kimberly Brouillette and Christopher Matheny
Starting off the show, Henry indicated my absense this week; Kat indicated having helped clean up the haunted Sorg Opera House, Kat's first time there, and where Henry did his first investigation. Kat said right on heading up the stairs she came across an apparition on the stairs staring down at her, so she knows it's haunted.
Kat introduced the guests, her friends Kimberly Brouillette and Chris Matheny of the Research Institute of the Paranormal (R.I.P. ); Chris has been haunted since he was five years old, and since has discovered empathic abilities, with Kim, the two have combined their efforts and produce the webcast What Lies Beyond, researching and exploring all aspects of the paranormal and supernatural. While not yet auditory on the show, Kat apologized in advance for her paranormal pup Wheatley apparently already planning on making noise during this edition of the show.
Kim concurred with Henry that two-hour shows are better than single hour shows, as they can get in more stuff. Chris conveyed that at five years old, two successive houses in which he lived were haunted; he experienced seeing a full body apparition as well as a disembodied head, very maliciously scaring him. While terrified he was simultaneously fascinated, so he studied all he could to be informed rather than victimized. Chris grew up in a military home, born at Fort Bragg, a very regimented household, and the hauntings started as voices in the shadows and closets, items would move, his toy box was unpack itself, etc., terrorizing both Chris and his little brother. Kim began to clarify how Chris seemed to be the primary target of the activity, her audio suddenly cut out as Skype (taking out Chris as well, as they must have been on the same call).
During Skype worked at getting them back onto the call, Henry, Barbara and Kat discussed the recent asteroid pass and the meteors and meteorites may be the problem.
Chris and his brother did not reveal to their parents for a long time the activity. The second house seemed that the entities had followed them. Chris reported that technically he had died at birth: the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He discovered a theory in later years, watching Children of the Paranormal, that such experiences at birth as he had had, that when revived, the body floods the brain with blood to give it more oxygen, causing the brain to grow more rapidly, possibly which is what allows for such extra Sensory gifts.
Due to his abilities, at investigations, Kim may get voices cursing at her, Christopher seemed to attract the more angry spirits (sometimes smacking him upside the head), such at Bell Brook, ohio, when Chris got hit so hard it knocked off his headphones. They'd been using the Spirit Box, during which even Kat's Japanese-speaking spirit guide came through the Spirit Box as well.
During their investigation of the Montgomery House in August they were using the Spirit Box, they asked if they could say Red or Chris, with no results (as one of the ghosts than hang around Chris is named Red). Then come October, at the Bell Brook Museum, was when the Spirit Box suddenly modulated the words Chris and Red.
Kim had been raised in the church and was always spiritual. Witnessing her father pass away: after being in a six hour coma, it was as though his eyes opened, he smiled for a moment looking upwards, then lifting himself (from his body), and rise up and through the ceiling, all of which Kim saw. Her then-husband was against it, while Kim watched the various paranormal TV shows.
Later, in 2010, when Kim and Christopher moved in together, Chris pointed out his being haunted, and that eventually she might See Things they can't explain. Within six weeks after moving in, activity began, and "it was on," as Kim put it. A half-full soda can sitting around for a few hours was tipped over with no wind and no one about.
They had a stuffed animal with which a little girl spirit named April would play; they'd leave the apartment (noting its location and/or position), and return and the stuffed animal would be in a different place, room, or position.
Also experenced were black orbs as well as white orbs, that would be visible to the eye, emerging from other rooms, going up through the ceiling, etc.
They also living in an apartment that "may have" had a serial rapist (according to the obfuscating manager), and once there was an audible demonic growl just behind Kim, close enough to feel the vibration on her skin, and Chris close enough to hear it as well.
One hot night she let her foot dangle from outside the comforter, and her calf was grabbed, pulling her from the bed. Chris grabbed her and pulled her back, all but levitating in the air like the rope in a tug-of-war. They called on Red to help, and there was no further malicious activity.
After the break, Henry spoke of Kim having written up classifications of those who generally experience the paranormal: those who live in haunted places, those who've experienced Near Death Experuiences, those who are psychics or Sensitives, and people who seek to find experiences in the paranormal.
During his childhood, at his grandparents' house there was a sandbox in which he could play, and every now and then Christopher could strongly Sense when/that an entity in the attic would be glaring down from the window at him. One time he'd finally had had enough and ran up to try and chase out the ghost (he knew his grandmother was aware of it despite their denials, but she never wanted Chris to go up to the attic), he had mason jars hurled at him.
Chris even indicated that he had been haunted so badly as a child, that by around ten years old he had been rendered quite literally suicidal several times over a few weeks, just to end enduring the terror. At the time there was no Internet or investigators.
In the first house, he tended to stay awake due to family members' massively loud snoring, and whilst awake Chris witnessed a large Shadow Person pass through the hallway into the bathroom. He freaked out, at the time suspecting someone had broken in (his father away on military duty), and hid beneath the covers. On eventually emerging, he could see what appeared to be a ritual ceremonial mask (either African or possibly even native American), floating above the bed, at which point Chris screamed. His mother tried the standard It Was A Nightmare reassurances, but Chris had been the only person actually awake. In the second house, he was aware of shadows created by his window curtains, the shadows resembling Fred and Barney, until they started speaking to each other (the voices of which Chris could not understand). These audibles would go on and off for months at a time for years, usually at three month intervals. Christopher's brother would try to answer the voices whilst talking in his sleep.
His childhood suicide attempts (in an attempt to halt the horror), landed him in therapy, but to his good fortune, his therapist understood the paranormal, and helped Chris go to being pro-active.
He spoke of using brick dust as protection, to my surprise, the show hosts were unaware of that, clearly not having seen The Skeleton Key, in which such was utilized.
They also discussed the aspects of various paranormal TV shows, only one of which Chris believes is more on the up and up, though it went unnamed. Chris also completed The Paranormal Round Table, as well as discussing their attending the Stanley Hotel and their relationship with the Booth Brothers.
Chris also indicated his studies on quantum mechanics and unified field theory, and their relationship with the paranormal, Kim adding their studying wavelenghts and subatomic frequencies.
Henry reported tonight our having listeners in the US, UK, Canada and Finland, after which he gave them their time to give out their information and such.
Chris promoted himself as a paranormal investigator by night, but by day, he's an actor, indicating he does not cross-over the two; April first on TruTv at 10pm Chris will be making his network (sic) debut on the show Lizard Lick Towing, reneacting a scene of repossessing the General Lee. He was also currently working on My Name is Paul (the feature film of the short subject of the same name). Christ added they'd soon be investigating Waverly Hills and Morrison Lodge. Kim announced a joint-author book project with Karen Vance Hammond Secrets in the Shallows. Kim added the What Lies Beyond blog page site, and the What Lies Beyond on Facebook, as well as their Research Institute of the Paranormal Facebook page.
Chris indicated they could be friended, implying his own Facebook page, and Kimberly's.
Kat gave out her website on which is her graphic novel. Henry gave out the show's official site, and that we're findable on on Facebook. As I was attending GallifreyOne 24 (the annual Presidents Day Weekend Doctor Who convention), I was not onhand this week to provide the show's various page locations (my hub page, et al).

February 16 2012 edition podcast
Kimberly Brouillette and Christopher Matheny on the Paranormal View
Kimberly Brouillette and Chris Matheny of the Research Institute of the Paranormal
and the What Lies Beyond February 16, 2013 guests on The Paranormal View

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