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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday December 15, 2012
Rosyln Bown
Tonight's guest was ghost hunter and psychic medium Roslyn Bown of Perceptive Paranormal Research, and one of the top competitors of Siffee's competition show Ghost Hunters Academy. As a child growing up in southern New Jersey she would have waking premonitions of Negavitve Things happening to family members within 24 hours. In 1999 she noted a local paranormal group being interviewed on TV; she went out and joined and been in the field ever since. Despite not watching TV in general (apart from ghost hunting show/s), she got onto Ghost Hunters Academy: she was contacted by the producers, and at first ignoring them, she eventually went back and checked the episodes online, and they seemed okay enough.
Despite growing up in southern New Jersey, she and her group never really investigated the Jersey Devil, though Roslyn does believe in the famous legend. Surprisingly she had never heard of Ringwood Manor, possibly as it's so far north in the state; I related a truncated version of two friends' experience there.
She's not had super major experiences on investigations, but with Vera Martinez investigating Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, they witnessed a large Shadow Person, and of course, the camera/s weren't running. Kat pointed out at Whispers Estate in Indiana it's like the ghosts wait for you to stop equipment before they Do Anything.
Generally she and her group investigate both at night and in the day, mostly residentials. We discussed daytime investigations, investigating cemetaries, etc. Normally she doesn't See things (a Shadow Person in her own place once notwithstanding), but in one cemetary her group investigated at night, during which three of them at once witnessed what seemed to be a milar balloon in the distance, sitting in three dimensional space until it slowly ascended and disappeared.
She went up to Gettysburg for a weekend with three friends, and they Hunted, getting sensations, they may have heard a disembodied voice but could have been contamination. They did a door apparently open on its own in the Farnsworth House.
She spoke of her fascination with Fort Mifflin, Fort Ticonderoga, and Fort Delaware; Kat and Henry told her about Fort Ancient.
The scariest places she's ever investigated was a residential, but as for public places, she'd have liked to have investigated Waverly Hills Sanitorium more than she was able, as it was recorded for the show.
Barbara asked Roslyn on her opinion on Orbs, but Roslyn was most skeptical about photographic evidence, but while she once suspected not all orbs are dust, that some being some form of energy, but currently dismisses them.
Roslyn agreed with Barbara regarding the winter season having more Activity.
Henry and Barbara reported that tonight we had listeners in the US, the UK, northern Ireland and Canada.
Kat and Roslyn spoke about what they discussed when they met at Poasttown Elementary School. Henry and Kat also recommended one of their favourite haunts, Morrison Lodge. She would liked to investigate the Myrtles Plantation, and come out to California and visit the Queen Mary, as well as Alcatraz.
Running right up against the clock, Henry reported that the next week would be our Christmas/Yule edition. Roslyn quickly provided her official website, her Facebook profile, the Perceptive Paranormal Research official site as well as the Perceptive Paranormal Research Facebook page; I hastily rattled off the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al), and Kat managed to get out her website URL as we quickly closed out.

December 15 edition podcast.
Roslyn Bown; Paranormal View 10 December 2012
Roslyn Bown

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