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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday September 01, 2012
Michael and Marti Parry
Our guests tonight were medium and psychic investigators Marti and Michael Parry of Spirit Art.
I introduced the pleasant couple as well as the show itself as, due to a death in the family, Henry was actually absent for this edition of the show. Our producer for the evening Craig Eugene managed to wrangle the audio during my introduction until towards the end of my intro, my voice became comprehensible.
With Michael's brilliant British accent, I half-jokingly asked whether they were looking forward to that evening's series premier of Doctor Who, which turned out, the two of them are as big fans of the long-running program as Kat and I, even to Michael having seen the Doctor Who Dalek films, both starring Peter Cushing, the second of which I saw at nine years which made me a lifelong Dalek fan. Michael even comically brought in a Dalek-Voice Synthesizer.
Michael and Marti are members of the Pasadena paranormal research society, with which they do investigations as well as one-on-one work. They pointed out the group's tech expert Dennis has been able to hack the new "unhackable" Radio Shack radios to create new Shack-Hack Boxes.
Marti and Michael were brilliant guests; regaling us with various experiences and compelling concepts. Michael even got into (what he considered Deep), theosophical aspects to a point he became concerned it might be too high-brow, but Kat and Barbara and I were able to follow the reasoning due to our own extensive research, as well as previous guests having discussed similar abstract concepts.
One fascinating aspect was that someone with a higher consciousness can reincarnate and when passing again, retain the previous lives' memories. Michael explained one can open one's mind, even whilst still in the physical existance, to regain previous lives' memories. He spoke of one couple who met and each/both of them experienced a flashback of their previous lifetime together, their perception shifting to seeing each other in Elizabethan attire, as well as seeing their surroundings shifted into the same time period.
Somewhat amusingly, Michael stressed he wasn't into more wu-wu type of certain more New Age concepts, understanding hands-on healing and Reiki notwithstanding.
Micheal appreciated our questions as they were far and above from questions they are Normally Asked in radio interviews, citing several examples, almost all of which with great amusement the ladies and I recognized as questions Henry would have been asking. Meanwhile, to our surprise, Henry and Patsy showed up within the chat room, at one point (as apparently he was able to access the server information or such), Henry conveyed to me via Private Chat in the chat room that we had listeners from the US, UK and Malaysia.
Kat asked about cultural differences when communicating with spirit/s, and Michael spoke of various Asian cultures, managing not to mention Japan. Eventually I pointed out if they ever ran into issues with Japanese ghosts, that Kat would be their Go To Girl for that, Kat being able to speak Japanese, knowing the culter and having lived in Japan for a few years.
They pointed out how Fundamentalists are often the "toughest" clients as their belief system went/goes against what actually happens after death.
After the single break we took, we discussed Marti's artwork, as she puts it, "I draw dead people." As both are mediums, sometimes one deals with one spirit while Marti draws another, as the energy involved can be a bit draining. They've noted younger-died souls sometimes are stronger and able to do both.
They provided their Spirit Art. and Facebook, information, as well Michael's blog, to which he occasionally, if rarely, contributes (sort of like myself and Twitter which I use far less than my Facebook profile). They also spoke of the book The Other Side of Autism written by Laura Hirsch regarding sessions they had with her son.
I conveyed the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al); Kat gave out her website and that the next week would be ParaCon at Ryan's Irish Tavern in Hamilton, Ohio, hosted by Tri-Ops Paranormal, which will have a live video-stream feed therefrom.
Thanks again to Craig Eugene for being a great producer; not only with relevant promo clips before and at the end, he was able to have our mics open during the break so we could talk while listeners in the chat room and around the world heard music.

September 01 edition podcast

The Other Side of Autism
Laura Hirsch
Michael and Marti Parry; Paranormal View 01 September 2012
Marti and Michael Parry,

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