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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 25, 2012
Author Leslie Rule
Our guest tonight was author Leslie Rule, author of Where Angel's Tread, Ghost in the Mirror: Real Cases of Spirit Encounters, When the Ghost Screams: True Stories of Victims Who Haunt, Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters, Whispers from the Grave, Kill Me Again, and Coast To Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America.
Leslie grew up in a haunted house; built on a Native American burial ground (!), up in which her father grew, and he'd purchased it from his own parents when Leslie was about five years old. Remodelling was underway, and a phone would ring, at the old fashioned phone jack at which there was no longer any phone. Her parents had no qualms happily relaying to guests all the haunting activity that goes on in the house. While the guests thought such ghost stories were amusing to awesome, Leslie and her other child siblings had to go to bed, in the cellar. While no longer afraid of ghosts now, as a child it was an understandable concern.
When she was about twelve, in her basement room, she could hear heart-wrenching sobbing, which she thought was her sister crying over a boy, but the crying sound seemed to move, and after following the apparent source throughout the house, the sound slowly faded away. And of course, her sister was not home, her brothers were outside, and her mother was in the kitchen merrily preparing food. She eventually learned neighbours heard sobbing in the nearby field at dusk, and as darkness grew, the sobbing grew louder, and the crying would move as well. Sounds downstairs were such Leslie's mother was asked to come over and check it out, but they both became too afraid, and even the family dog refused to pass the threshold, only raising its hackles. When they finally went down, all they could find was a cleanly swept floor with no explanation as to the sounds eminating earlier.
Leslie was live on a local television program Northwest Afternoon, along (via telephone), with psychic Nancy Myer, who can sense information about crime scenes. Leslie sent photos in an envelope not to be opened until the woman was on the air, over the phone. Looking at the photos of Leslie's childhood house, Nancy said she could hear a child crying, having been taken away from her parents and put Into The System. Leslie did some digging and found that the neighbour's house had been an orphanage.
Leslie discussed Seattle and Seattle-area hauntings, such as the Pike Place Market (at which was the official very first Starbucks), at which a little boy ghost running about; in a magic shop people have seen puppets moving on their own, despite the store being closed and empty at the time. Radios have come on by themselves, and there have been sightings of Chief Sealth (aka Chief Seattle), whose daughter Angelina lived where the mall now stands; she dug for clams there, and a ghost described matches her. Speaking at a local school, she asked the students had any seen a ghost; a boy relayed seeing an elderly Native American and he was astonished to learn he was not the only person to have sighted that particular apparition.
Leslie went on to speak of Pioneer Square which has Underground Seattle, which even has tours, and Leslie has spoken with people (including but not limited to the tour guide), who have seen ghosts in those tunnels. The tour guide brought through some kindergarteners, where she saw a man with old-time clothing staring at her; it faded away before any of the kids looked in that direction (as they were focused on looking for rats). The guide saw the same man a second time at a later tour.
Kat asked about Georgetown Castle, which Leslie clarified being different from the Seattle area Thornewood Castle, which Steven set for Rose Red. Leslie had a terrifying experience at Thornewood: with a friend she was getting a cover photo for Ghost in the Mirror, at which she began to get the sensation of Someone Standing Behind Her, but no one was there. She began to feel real Fear she normally doesn't experience. She returned to her room and bed, and was later forcibly awakened by the bed being vigousously shaken. She returned at a later date, but her experiences that time did not instill any fear. People have reported seeing children ghosts, a man walking into a closet, et al. Weddings are held there at the bed and breakfast, in the bridal suite, women preparing for their on-site wedding will report seeing in the mirror the reflection of a seemingly kindly woman watching.
Henry latched onto that and used it to segue into other Bed and Breakfast ghost experiences. Leslie pointed out it's more likely to have experiences by staying over at reputedly haunted B&Bs. Haunted Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Leslie interviewed a maid who once looked up and saw a bland-expressioned female apparition in the mirror; the room temperature dropped, and the maid would never return to that room. Leslie learned that in 1936 there had been an apparent murder of a woman there. But that was more of a hotel, so getting back to B&Bs, Leslie brought up the Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs, Missouri (amusingly, Kat thought for a moment that Leslie meant the Crescent Hotel, the very haunted Eureka Springs Arkansas B&B at which I'll be staying in 2013 while working on the feature film Everything in which I'll be starring), which Leslie added not yet having visited. Not overly surprising, no one remembered of my eventual trip thereto...
Meanwhile, back at the Elms, Leslie spoke of a school field-trip of fifth graders, the entire group of which witnessed a little girl run down the hall and disappear through a wall.
Once living in the home of an old sea captain, Leslie reported how there would be substantial sounds of crashing items, but nothing would be out of place. She conveyed when having bought a table, to get it into the house the door had to be removed to fit it in. While vacuuming, she could hear what sounded like someone screaming in her ear, like the distinctive voice of a specific elderly gentleman shop-owner she knew as a child.
Pointing out Leslie would only be on the show for the first hour, Kat took the show out to its first break, after which Leslie spoke about haunted restaurants and eateries. Regarding her Coast To Coast Ghosts book, Leslie would travel to various places and found countless haunted places just by asking local people about them, sometimes people just out on the street. Understandably she prefers much less known places to those about which are frequently written. She's learned how to interview people and catch them in lies when the "witnesses" cannot keep straight their own story.
Late Little Joe allows his photo to be taken Leslie spoke of ghost cats; one Oregon had a small feral cat rescue in her back yard, one of which they named Little Joe who would toy with them through the window, which they refered to as the Mayor, as when a new cat came in, Little Joe would excitedly give the new cat a literal tour as to where was the food dishes, toys, et al. When Little Joe died, they realized they should let the rest of the cats know why Joe was missing, and brought out his body for them to check out and know what happened. Realizing that while he was alive they had no photos of Little Joe, they somewhat morbidly set to get some photos before the body had to be disposed (this was before digital photography). Late Little Joe allows his photo to be taken When the developed photos came back, one of the photos where the physical, deceased body of Little Joe was not in frame, showed two cats at a food dish with a slightly transparent Little Joe standing between them. Leslie managed to get the photo owner's permission to use it, but didn't want a copy of a copy, and asked to have a reprint from the original negative. The woman misunderstood and sent the original negative to Kodak to have a copy made of the negative. She got a call from an uncomfortable Kodak worker, pointing out "there was something wrong" with the photo: that one of the cats was mysteriously transparent; you could see the building through the body. This in itself was validation of it being a ghost cat photo.
Trying to figure out a specific story from which book (the perils of publishing a few similar-topic books), Leslie spoke of a photo taken at the location of the infamous Donner Party, where a lone photographer's shot revealed in a corner a young boy who was Not There was he'd taken the photograph.
Henry shifted back to pet ghosts, one of which Leslie spoke of was about a ghost hamster, still running the wheel in the empty cage. One girl had a horse that was killed in a hunting accident (a hunter mistook it for a deer somehow); in the spring the horse was sighted standing beneath its favourite tree.
Nyla/Patsy in the chat room asked if Leslie had ever had a conversation with a guest. She indicating having heard disembodied voices, disembodied laughter coming from a closed, empty bar, but not being a psychic, Leslie has not had any sort of an official conversation. While she has not heard any ghost call out her name, she has interviewed many people who have had that experience (often workers, and it occurring their first day on the job).
Kat and Leslie discussed childrens' ability to see ghosts, and the younger the child the more probable their still seeing ghosts.
Kat found the creepiest story of Leslie's was not about ghosts, but her mother Ann introducing Leslie to a serial killer. Ann had worked with a partner as a volunteer at the Seattle Crisis Clinic. Leslie was fourteen, and had attended a concert at the Coliseum Theater, and being too late at night afterward for a bus, Ann had the girls come to the obviously much safer clinic not far away from there, so Ann picked them up and brought them back, where Leslie and her friends met Ann's parter at the clinic: Ted Bundy. What she found strangest was his never meeting her eye when speaking to her.
Ted Bundy's victims began disappearing about two years later. Ann had already begun writing crime stories for detective magazines, and was got her contact to write a book on the case but it could only be published when it was solved, and she had no clue her friend was the killer. Several months after getting her contact, on 14 July 1974, Denise Naslund and Janice Ann Ott were each abducted from Lake Sammamish State Park. Witnesses spoke of his speaking with her, saying his name as Ted, and a police sketch artist rendered hit the papers, which was when Ann realized it was her friend Ted, though she really hope they were suspecting the wrong person.
Henry stated the show tonight had listeners from the UK, the US, Australia and Canada.
As her time began to wind down, they realized they'd not yet touched on the topic of Angels. Leslie conveyed the different aspects of ghostly manifestations: when it comes to sightings of angels, they are very tall and glowing from an inner source. She began getting reports on Angels from her ghost book readers, without their being aware she had begun a book on Angels.
Leslie spoke on one story where a woman was snowmobiling, and turning a bend she was blinded by the sun, and her snowmobile flipped and went off a trail, hurting her back and no one could hear her cries. Before the sun went down, a family passing by on snowmobiles but the boy saw a little girl. They went to where the little girl had stood and were able to see the woman beneath; as to the little girl he saw which led them to find the woman, there were not tracks in the snow. Leslie was surprised how often angelic sightings caused the saving of human life.
One witness told Leslie that as a child she wanted to ride her tricycle across the street. A voice repeated not to cross the street, and came to a stop faster than momentum should have let her, as though she was held back from missing the truck that roared by.
Leslie provided her website and her Facebook profile information.
For the second part of the show, Kat and Ceiling Cat regaled Henry and the listeners with their own ghost stories. CC started first, having been reminded of UC Berkley by Leslie's book Coast To Coast Ghosts, where the campus twelve-story tall clock-tower is supposed to be haunted due to a student having thrown himself off; supposedly one can hear sobbing there. She also spoke of how people camped out in the eastern dunes due to the 1908 San Francisco earthquake. CC has been to Alcatraz, but caught nothing with her camera, and too much tourist traffic during the day for any good EVP work.
Also discussed was the Black Dalia murder, etc.
Kat mentioned having read Leslie's book Ghost in the Mirror on Kindle, and the Little Joe story reminded her of her own late family feline, Gracie. A few nights later were found cat paw-prints on the bed, ending at the pillow as though dematerializing. To this day around 9pm the stairway bannister vibrates as though Gracie's nightly routine of tail-chasing was taking place.
Kat continued about an early-life (possibly paranormal), encounter with a Creature of some sort, in Granger, Indiana. Looking out the window she could see in the tree (or floating at tree level), seeing a bloated, football shaped head on a fat little body, sitting with its legs folded with its hands on its knees, but with a massive wide smile with sharp teeth; the entity glowed with a creamy-white colour. It seemed to be wearing either a robe or kimono as it stared menacingly into the window. To this day Kat sleeps with shades drawn, and she has been unable to track down what sort of entity this could have been. As she went on about readers submitting information about being visited in their bedroom by Skull Face Man or the Red Grinning Man, even creepier than Black-Eyed Kids, which Kat couldn't believe could exist. The Skull Face Man tends to resemble a Grey, albeit with a wide grin, as it fades into the darkness. Kat posits that the classic boogey-man is evolving. Henry referred to Slender Man urban legend which kat explained being a June 2009 Internet Meme, which based on results slowly seems to have turned into an actual Thought Form. Kat refered to the recently-released movie The Apparition, unaware that between the initial trailer and the final version of the film, the storyline aspect of the entity being a Thought Form had been omitted (shifting to their experiment actually opening a Portal and bringing through an actual Entity). Barbara used the analogy of the Krell in Forbidden Planet (the title of which she inadvertantly remembered as Fantastic Planet, the surreal 1973 French animated feature), albeit inaccurately attributing it to the Krell willfully creating the creature from the id as opposed to the Machine creating it from their sleeping minds. Kat brought up Joshua P. Warren, who had experimented with Creating Thought Forms which was the orginal premise for The Apparition movie. It came down to strong belief creating actual Thought Form creatures, while other urban legends such as Bunny Man Bridge don't quite go national, as it were. Ryan's Tavern
From a question from the chat room, as to who had seen anything paranormal via a mirror, Henry had not, though Kat had and conveyed her experience, that staying at a friend's house, passing a full floor-to-ceiling wall mirror, they happened to glance at it at the same time to see a translucent full body apparition a Native American girl about their age, just starting at them. What freaked them out most was it being about 3pm when at their age they would not anticipate a ghostly experience.
Henry pointed out that two weeks later the show would be doing a live broadcast event from Ryans Tavern what with their being a Paranormal Meet & Greet event going on as well, with Tri-Ops Paranormal Society going on all day, utilizing a video link showing those in attendance of The Paranormal View (Henry and possibly Kat), doing the show live. Kat insisted they wear Funny Hats.
Henry indicated our next week's guest being Marti and Michael Parry, of Spirit Art.
While I was not present to provide the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al); Kat did give our her website and some upcoming events; Henry gave out the Paranormal View official website, as Kat and CC vocally collided as they said goodnight.

August 25 edition podcast
Leslie Rule; Paranormal View 25 August 2012
Leslie Rule

Where Angels Tread:
Real Stories of
Miracles and
Angelic Intervention

Leslie Rule

Ghost in the Mirror:
Real Cases of
Spirit Encounters

Leslie Rule

When the
Ghost Screams:
True Stories of
Victims Who Haunt

Leslie Rule

Ghosts Among Us:
True Stories
of Spirit Encounters

Leslie Rule

Whispers from
the Grave

Leslie Rule

Coast To Coast Ghosts:
True Stories of
Hauntings Across America

Leslie Rule

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