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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 23, 2012
Phil Summers
Throughout the show, and even afterward, Skype was being... effing Skype... so I got booted out now and then for a few moments to a minute or two. Ironically, as initially I was not to have been available (a student film on which I was working was moved from Saturday to Sunday), Kat had an intro prepared.
Our guest tonight was investigator Phil Summers, whose interest in the paranormal began investigation when he was young (at the time of this show, he was 23). At the time the TV series A Haunting was running on Discover Channel, and he began investigating on his own, using the same sort of Walk-man type tape recorder that Macaulay Culkin used in Home Alone, he quipped. Phil caught his first EVP with the tape recorder, which scared him the most, to this day. Catching at a cemetery at night he got what he called EVP from Hell, numerous people screaming, singled out screams, etc. (just in time for me to be Skype-booted again). He got it when "breaking into" cemeteries near his neighbourhood, in Charleston, South Carolina.
Phil clarified that while in the south there were many battles and history connected to the paranormal, but it's a totally different angle on the paranormal. As it is, he lives at a War Between the States battlefield, but hasn't witnessed anything there himself.
Skype let me back in and Phil had me do the humourous conclusion to my intro I hadn't been able to do.
Henry asked about the best active spots in Charleston; Phil pointed out the Old City Jail and the Battery Carriage House Inn, barely promoting paranormal, but they do promote paranormal history.
Phil has investigated in various places but South Carolina, which as he calls it, the Belt Clip of the Bible Belt, is one of those places that recognizes the paranormal, but they're silent about it. The area is still very much voodoo-country, as is Savannah, Georgia. In Charleston one will see the "specific type of blue" on doors, essentially for repelling bad magick. Kat pointed out in the area of Ohio up in which she grew, a blue door represented the family within having a daughter of marriageable age.
With an unnamed "well-known storyteller," Phil came across an abandoned cemetary in Savannah, Georgia, that they'd previously never seen. They came across five chickens laying dead within a pentagram. We discussed about his having picked up stuff he found at other such sites, such as pennies, glass marbles and such... I pointed out that such were offerings to whatever Deities to whom the ritual was being dedicated (at which point Skype booted me again...). Phil said some of the pennies he found at such ritual spots were really old, date-wise.
while Skype took its time to bring me back into the call, Henry mentioned Phil having been interviewed for My Ghost Story on the Biography channel, specifically for season two episode eight, regarding his experience at Tilly Church Cemetery. The middle-of-nowhere churchyard was in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and to Phil didn't seem like it would be paranormal. An old wooden church was attached to the property; the pastor allowed filming as long as the church itself was not shown. Something in the cemetary seemed Not Right, as though one is Being Watched, and this was all during daylight. When they returned there to film the My Ghost Story segment, not only did the creepiness factor remain, but multiple cameras being used began losing power, one by one. After the break Phil went into greater detail about the segment and the story behind the segment.

My Ghost Story season two episode eight segment with Phil Summers

Working with in the music industry, when he learned he'd be on My Ghost Story, Phil was on tour with a band. What My Ghost Story did not add, was a related experience Phil had while on tour with the band. At the cemetery he'd caught an EVP of ghostly chanting, similar to native Americans. Heading to Cleveland, Ohio, passing through Union City with the band, and at Union City Cemetery with a hotel right next to it at which they stayed; they didn't check out the cemetery, they stayed in the hotel or the tour bus, but from with the tour bus he and four other people all heard the audible sound of the same voice he'd heard at Tilley Cemetery.
Considering Something had Followed Home both Phil and his friend Jennifer Walker, and they're concluding it had to do with some sort of voodoo hex, and his thoughts on voohoo in general, I asked if he had seen the film The Skeleton Key, which not only had he seen, but he strongly if vaguely implied having Something In The Works that could come in handy, my being an actor...
I pointed out my having done some re-creational stuff before, specifically for a documentary on The Statue of Liberty, which, it turned out, Kat has actually seen (I would later learn on my own later that the documentary had become available on DVD, and not only acquired a copy, but fell in with the distributor who considered booking me for a voice-over gig on a project he was writing).
Kat gave out some legend-history regarding the area, which she dug up after having seen the video segment.
Henry reported our having listeners tonight from the US, the UK and Ireland.
I made a rhetorical-joke comment when we came back, which everyone seem to take as a legit question...
Phil mentioned some of the investigators with whom and groups with which he's investigated; so many people and locations he understandably can't remember every one of them. His favourite spots being the Lizzie Borden house, the Globe Country Jail and the Rave in Milwaukee; he related some of his paranormal experiences in the Lizzie Borden house.
Phil also pointed out that as Like Attracts Like, as early as that first experience in the graveyard and got that EVP, he may have Attracted to and "targeting" himself the superatural to follow him around. He did stress not going for the "popular" haunted sites, but prefering "virgin" sites to investigate.
Phil promoted his new, lengthy-titled show Not Your Everyday Average Paranormal Radio Show premiering June 27th (Wednesday nights 7pm pacific, 9pm eastern time), and provided his official website, his Facebook profile and his Twitter account.
As we wrapped out (and I provided the show's various page locations [my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook], et al) and Kat gave out her her website information. Henry reminded everyone that the subsequent week's show would be the live investigation at the haunted Bell Nursing Home.

June 23 edition podcast
Phil Summers, guest
Phil Summers

Phil Summers's EVP from Hell EVP video

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