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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
The Final Stage
Royce Shiroma Pellerin's
New York Film Academy Student Film

Monday May 28, 2012
Contact and shoot
I manually check my Suspect Spam email folder, and Sunday in the early evening found a just-received email from Royce Shiroma Pellerin, accepting my "submission" to be background on his student film The Final Stage, filming the next day. Specifically, I would "be part of featured audience in a Theater scene of the movie who will be sitting close to the main characters, featured audience buying tickets at the BOX office, guests greeting the characters in the movie" (that's copied and pasted, so that's how the information was worded from which I had to work).
Apart from a previous film of his online, the puzzlingly cryptic, seemingly non-linear LIFE in a Suitcase, all I could find on Royce Shiroma Pellerin was his Facebook profile. As the shoot location was literally within healthy walking distance to where I'd been staying and, as it was, I was available anyway on Monday, I had already accepted. As Royce never did reply to my inquiry as to wardrobe, and as his brief email neglected to clarify the scene's context other than what I've quoted above, I chose to wear a good shirt and jeans, like it was a regular night at the cinema.
I arrived at 12:40pm for the 1pm calltime, and Royce placed me down front two seats from one of the principals. Eventually all the background had arrived and we went outside the location, the Teatro Casablanca, a live venue stage theatre which, when I first moved here, had been a second-run movie theatre. By the time I'd moved close enough to utilize it, it had closed, and considering the ill parking availability of which I heard others complaining, possibly having little to no parking may have been its downfall.
Moments after I was set on the queue, my friend Rhoda Pell arrived to work on the project as well. Turned out she had worked an earlier day on The Trials of Cate McCullough, the previous week for four days on which I had just worked.
Royce did two takes of us entering the theatre, and once we were inside, two takes of our passing and being greeted by one of the principals. We were placed in our audience seats, watching an attractive young woman singing and and lip-syncing to a play-back song. Royce took shots of our applauding, as well as our watching her performance.
We then lined as a guantlet at the aisle, congratulating her as she passed and thanked us, still wearing her flamboyant stage-outfit, followed by two characters, one being the venue owner and the other the film's antagonist (given that he pointed out he's "the villain").
And that was that. Done at 1:50pm.
Well, mostly.
Some SAG-AFTRA paperwork was to be done, which was easy enough. It was declared that, "Food Is Coming" (not to be confused with a similar adage, now pretty much a meme), but apart from the likelihood of being something I would not want to consume, and as I had not had a celebratory treat-meal for my recent four days of Work on a Feature Film, I opted out and just stopped by the Wendy's north a few blocks, from there heading back to my place.

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