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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday May 12, 2012
Kenneth Harmon
Our guest tonight was Kenneth Harmon, author of Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell. Back from her Ghost Tour at the Stanley Hotel (staying in Very Haunted Room 418), Kat was back as co-host. She told us that during her stay a Shadow Person "accidentally" walked in to the bathroom while Kat was showering, apparently realized s/he was entering at an inopportune time, spun about on its heel as it were, and quickly departed.
I edited down and "streamlined" Kenneth's bio, which was still considerably extensive. From about 2004 Kenneth's family dog Rosie would suddenly leap up and growl at closed doors, and would hide or run up the stairs and not cross the landing. Kenneth's daughter Sarah would sense Being Watched, and visiting friends would sense a Presence. Things began to accelerate after they visited the Stanley Hotel and took its Ghost Tour, and on the fourth floor (reputedly the Most Haunted floor of the famous haunted hotel), the air pressure seemed to change drastically. Balls of light behind Amanda, with Michelle, etc.
They've tried communicating with the spirits, filming one to three Very Active orbs. Hearing that playing religious music before investigation as such can provoke a reaction; he played some hymns via his iPod. The second night he played it for over an hour. He'd run the camera until he was sure its film ran out and procured footage of flying orbs everywhere. Eventually the full-body apparition of a woman was sighted.
Research indicated that the ghost was of Mary Bell. Investigators Susan and Duane Kniebes came and were able to dowse for unmarked pioneers' graves
Kenneth would set up the camera, there seems to be no activity when it's on its own, but when he returns suddenly there would be orbs a'plenty. After a while, he would set up a night-vision camera and began getting more "aggressive" activity, even poltergeist activity. They eventually moved but instead of staying behind, Mary Bell's ghost decided to follow the family.
After our first break, Henry asked about Kenneth's family thoughts on the ghost. Kenneth indicated when things first started being Really Noticed, and they know they had Something in the house, his wife Monika was the most concerned. A night before Halloween she came running in as she'd encountered Mary Bell in the dark upstairs.
While they were watching the movie Zodiac on TV, and saw a Shadow Person, though eventually she became less uncomfortable as already were the daughters. Being Indonesian, Monika culturally believes in ghosts and such.
Henry wondered if something had followed them from the Stanley, but while Kenneth initially considered it, he moved past that idea. Once they'd begun having Communication Sessions, he suspects Mary Bell simply feels part of the family. Mary Bell doesn't manifest or Do anything all the time, maybe once a month or so; just enough to remind them She's Still There. One afternoon while speaking with Monika, Kenneth apologized to Mary about not dowsing to speak with her, and a major Cold Spot appeared right by him. Often he doesn't film-capture anything, but now and then it's extremely substantial.
Kenneth had in-laws visiting, and they went down to the Molly Brown house which is said to be haunted, where to his frustration photos inside were prohibited. Outside Molly's husband's room, he could smell cigar smoke.
During their dowsing-rod communication, Mary has indicated being in contact with her own family, but as generally the case with Yes/No questions, details were tough to acquire.
Due to his busy schedule, while having had so much experience with Mary Bell, Kenneth really lacks time the do paranormal investigations elsewhere. Plus one can only do So Much with the current technology to help bridge the gap between here and There.
Coming back from the second break, Henry reported tonight our having listeners in the US, the UK, Canada and in the enigmatic Other... I asked for Nyla as to whether Kenneth or any of his family has heard Mary Bell speak. When they first started the video investigation they heard a response but it seemed more masculine. Sometimes they could hear voices talking in the air, another time Monika could hear a conversation downstairs which stopped on reaching the bottom of the stairs. Having done research on it, Kenneth has worked with telepathically communicating with Mary Bell.
He's had a few EVPs later-on but those later EVPs were not as clear as earlier on audio captures on video towards the beginning of their relationship.
Reporting that he and his wife would be coming out to Los Angeles May 27th to be storyteller guest/s on My Ghost Story for Biography, allowing us to convey that that TV show's executive producer Mark Phillips, had been our guest the previous week's show.
Kenneth's contact information includes and probably isn't limited to his Ghost Under Foot Facebook page, as well as his Facebook and Twitter profiles.
As we wrapped out (and I provided the show's various page locations [my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook], et al)
Henry reminded that the next Saturday would be a live broadcast from the haunted Morrison Masonic Lodge with Patrick and Doug from Ghost Soldiers, broadcasting live video stream as well.

May 12 edition podcast

Kenneth Harmon
Kenneth Harmon

Ghost Under Foot:
The Spirit of Mary Bell
Kenneth Harmon
Kenneth Harmon's short stories:

Mr. Howard Retires
published in Bewildering Stories
Issue 435

published in Amarillo Bay
Volume 12 Number 4

published September 2010 in
Deadmanís Tome

Death of the Rain God
published October 2010 in
Dark Fire Fiction
Issue Forty-Seven

Mary Bell video, et al

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