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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

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Geoffrey Gould
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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday November 19, 2011
The Haunted Housewives
Tonight's guest was author Tracie Austin-Peters of Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas.
After an intro attempting at a humourous reference to Doctor Who, but Tracie either couldn't hear me properly or was distracted, so didn't react, so my intro-joke fell on its face.
Tracie started out of the gate described her first ghost sighting in 1987 while watching a stage act; she could see a figure of a modern-day dressed woman sitting in a chair watching the performance, being headless notwithstanding. She sat next to a mirror but there was no reflection.
Shortly thereafter she had her first UFO sighting, a cone shaped object, rotating as it traversed the early afternoon sky. At first she thought only she and her mates were seeing it, but later coming out of the underground the next day a vendor selling the Evening Standard newspaper, declaring other witnessed the strange looking craft.
She's not officially ghost-hunted apart from her research for her book Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations; the book being abut their residential investigations.
The UFOs in England have been spheres, boomerangs, and cones; the boomerang almost seemed to suggest Being Watched. She went 'round to various pedestrians to make sure whether they could see it: they could but not identify it, but being so very British, they were very non chalant about it. The "craft" would morph into various shapes, moved towards some woods where she lost sight of it, but it returned... right over her house.
She reported how on November 13th 2001 in Studio City, California she and her husband saw a large diamond-shaped UFO about 200 feeet over Radford CBS studios, soon hovering over their car. They went back to the guard shack to ask if they'd seen anything strange, and the excited guard had her draw the shape of the craft, as the guard shack is built in a fashion to make their sighting such impossible. Another guard came by and confirmed experiences he'd had as a pilot, chasing cat-and-mouse games with UFOs, flying with physics-defying maneuvers.
At the Grand Canyon, photos she'd taken came back showing a metalic disc that'd not been visible to the naked eye at the time. The photos were examined by Stanton Friedman who'd has similar photo experiences.
Henry asked if she could deduce their intensions. She had sensed some sort of telephatic communications; they were Just Looking, from the Pleiades system.
One of the guests on her show that reported an encounter, drawing her visitors, two seeming to be Nordics and one large version of a Grey.
After the first break, Henry reported tonight having listeners from the US, Ireland, Canada, and of course... Other.
Tracie related about various ghostly experiences whilst writing her book. Henry asked after one experience about a "hanging Barbie," an investigation involving dark shadows, whispering, and objects moving. The Barbie in question was hung from the ceiling by its hair, as opposed to strung up with a noose. Prior to the investigation they had frequent strong activity. As the team made their way through, in one room in the corner was a small palm tree, behind which embedded in the wall was the pattern of a man's face.
Tracie related how during one investigation a regular Ukulele began playing, after a fashion: certain strings would be struck. They actually got that on video, Tracie added. Steve, husband to team founder Tina Carlson, is the most skeptical, always making sure there's no "rational" explanation where activity takes place, but even this amazed him.
One home's ghost wrote rather blunt messages on the bathroom mirror, five over about nine months. "Beware", "Leav", "Boo" (a bit on the nose, there), and "I see you" and the word "Mine".... The words were written in sort of a clear but waxey sort of material.
Tracie heard from that house several EVPs the team has captured. The first being "I scare the brother". The second had team mates speaking: "With the flashlight on or off?", to which Tina replies, "Off," the EVP following: "I know..." And another being the stressed, "This is my house...."
Tracie then related about "The Talking Telephone" story, in the Charleston area of Vegas; a talking child's toy telephone, whispering and such. In this investigation the toy was used by spirit to communicate with the family. While the older daughter was there, from the younger daughter's toy suddenly came, "Hello? Is anyone there?" which repeated.
Nick, a friend of Tracie's, had a call from his late brother simply saying, "Nick, it's okay." Trying to call back got merely silence.
Tracie spoke of her own calls from the dead, though they'd had trouble completing the call; the calls were calling directly to their hotel room, despite that calls normally would go through the switchboard and no calls had come through there. A Sensitive back in England indicated to Tracie it was her late grandmother trying to get through to wish her congratulations on her wedding at the time.
After the second break, Karin in the chat room asked whether she's had any ET encounters. Once in England she awoke to find small hooded beings. She went to shout but nothing came out. A small hand came up, covered her mouth and pushed her down to the bed where she passed out. Two hours later she awoke and rushed down to her yoga-practicing then-partner, who'd heard nothing.
Craig asked after the "Mystery Gun Shot" story, in the Boulder area, in which residents were being awakened by sprits, the son's name being called out, objects moving about, etc. Learning about LVSSI, the family called them and during their investigation, spirit seemed to be a relative trying to contact the family. During the night investigation, a loud gun retort was heard in the apartment, but no one could locate the source, inside or from outside. They asked the tenant "Cynthia" who related her uncle had recently passed, and was an avid gun collector.
In Fox Ridge Park has a playground swing that moves on its own, the other two staying static. Apparently when one sees the boy, his face morphs demonic, and he vanishes.
Tracie spoke of a man confessing the existance of extraterrestrials working with humans at Area 51.
Henry asked after her TV show Let's Talk Paranormal, having had Michael Keaton on her show, mostly as his (lame) movie White Noise was being released, speaking also of Association TransCommunication.
Craig asked of Tracie's Top Five places for paranormal activity in Vegas. She knew that the Excalibur has a haunted floor and that the Flamingo has some activity, but her books didn't focus on hotels and casinos as that'd Been Done. There is a Vegas Haunted Tour she recommended, or at least about which she's aware.
Henry let Tracie give out her site information. Next May 19th she'll be MC'ing the 2012 Women's UFO Symposium.
Henry confessed that next Thanksgiving weekend's show would be pre-recorded.
Earlier in the show, Tracie had spoken of the late author Zecharia Sitchin; after the second break, I'd pointed out how he'd written a lot o'books I'd have to add to my Metaphysics Books page.

November 19 edition podcast.

Tracie Austin-Peters
Tracie Austin-Peters

Welcome to Haunted
Las Vegas, Nevada

Tracie Austin-Peters
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