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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

''Desperate Housewives'' episode 805 ''The Art of Making Art''
Desperate Housewives
The Art of Making Art

Monday August 29, 2011
In the early evening I received a call from my Calling Service that I was booked for the next day to work Desperate Housewives, my first time on the series, playing a homeless person as I did the week before, for my third time working on CSI.
The "after 7pm" information recording had its information around 7:55pm. Predictably, it was a location shoot, not on Universal lot where much of the show it filmed. Knowing in advance of my 7am calltime, I knew it would be rough once I learned it would be in the mid San Fernando Valley. Sure enough, at first the routes provided were suggesting leaving at 1am, arriving around 3:30am, similar to my having to get to Chatsworth by 6am for another previous gig.
Knowing how to manipulate the online bus route planner, I was able to calculate I could arrive before 7am without having to leave before the actual morning buses began running.

Tuesday August 30, 2010
Thanksfully, as it was, before turning in just before midnight, I learned that the calltime had been changed to 8am. I decided while I easily could make it by 7:40am, I took the previous bus, which was a good thing, arriving at the nearest transit stop still took me a few minutes to walk to the Grant High School location, arriving by 7:30am.
I had breakfast whilst the PAs were not allowed to give us our vouchers until the 8am hour struck (as that would have afforded us the opportunity to get done the paperwork while waiting to be "on the clock" officially, as it were).
A small cafeteria in the school doubled for the show as a soup kitchen for the homeless, in which the character of Bree played by Marcia Cross is volunteering.
I must admit and confess here that I did not stay with viewing this series though at its inception I watched several episodes.
As the day passed several different days within the episode were shot. In one of the first shot, I was brought in and sat with a fellow named Ralph, who later I learned started out doing background work as a child, on The Lone Ranger TV series.
We ate a cold mung-bean soup of sorts, which tasted the same as I've had before for a shoot (though on that set the soup was warm and more edible). Marcia asked us what we thought of the soup; Ralph pointed out it was cold where she mock demanded our soups be heated up (yes: they were not heated for us...).
Hipsters learn of the excellent food and over the course of a few days begin to slowly occupy the place, understandably defeating the purpose of the place.
In other day scenes, I am on the queue for the Monday Bouillabaisse, in later days I am farther back on the queue. Ralph was still next to me for the Monday shot, and indicated as they pan to the queue, I was partially in half-face on the monitor.
Lunch was called from 2-2:30pm. While it was delicious, for some reason it didn't seem to sit well with me (I suspect the hot day itself; that or my stomach has gotten used to Not Eating all that much in a single meal).
After we came back from lunch we shot one more queue line with me in it (e.g., with hipsters outnumbering the homeless). Then our background wrangler Rick asked six of us to move to another table at the corner of the large ceiling'ed quad of sorts where was holding. One of us suspected we were being wrapped when it turned out the opposite was true: we were being help and the rest of the background were being released. The majority of the time I spent talking with Mike Cochrane, who told me Ralph's surname was Nabor, but I suspect it's not spelled that way, or possibly Ralph doesn't have an imdb entry.
Sadly, however, after sitting around not being brought to set, and with twenty minutes to go before overtime kicked in, then the last six of us were wrapped. They must have initially had some idea for which to use us, but either put it aside or just didn't want to deal with our actually getting overtime. Ironically while once before I was kept and not used, at least for that project we sat around not being used for several hours into overtime.
One of the six was Stephanie Conti, who lived close enough to where I'd been staying, that she graciously gave me a lift.
The as-of-this-entry Untitled Episode was episode 805, as the Central Casting voucher clarified, set for a scheduled October 23rd air-date.

Monday October 17, 2011
Episode Approaching
Updating various pages and such, I checked to learn that my episode had been titled The Art of Making Art.

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Geoffrey Gould in ''Desperate Housewives'' episode 805 ''The Art of Making Art''
On the far right, sitting eating my mung beans...
Geoffrey Gould in ''Desperate Housewives'' episode 805 ''The Art of Making Art''
Detail, as it were.

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