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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday June 25, 2011
KimmiJae and Jody
Our guests tonight were the very comical KimmiJae and Jody, hosts of Reign Radio on Para-X.
Henry introduced Jody and Kimmi, and pointed out Craig being on a cell as he's off on an investigation.
He asked KimmiJae first about herself; she's a transplant now in virginia Beach, she found Jody about there years earlier, and the two friends started their radio show.
Jody is from New York city, now on Staten Island, a healthy "skeptic believer," seeking scientic methods before going with something going with it being something paranormal. She's investigated various historical places in New York and the surrounding area, and the occasional private home investigation.
Henry asked Jody (from a chat room question), "what is with the piano?" Jody replied during her neice's wedding, Jody got on a piano in The Fabulous Baker Boys style posing, garnering the building's workers' happy attention.
Neither are in any paranormal group. They have gone out on an investigation with a "more publicized" group, but apart from Feeling presences, nothing really Happened, per se.
Kimmi asked us about whether we do Darker sort of magick when we investigate. Jody related how before one of their shows, the guest of which was a demonologist, Jody got a massive scream coming at her through her headset, which the others did not hear.
Nyla asked them from the chat room what was their first paranormal experiences.
Kimmi indicated, being a natural witch (Native American background), having been raised in spiritual beliefs, so for her such spiritual work was the norm; probably when she was 12-13 years old, unaware she was even doing a spiritual connection at the time. With Kimmi being a witch, I conveyed my hope she and everyone had a great Summer Solstice.
Jody relayed being at a friends' place and they were playing with a ouija board. Her grandmother had fallen down stairs, though on her death certificate listed her death being of a heart attack. The Ouija began declaring how her grandmother had really died, and about another death. She rushed to the phone only to find static electricity, and unable to make a call.
Bob in the chat room asked after their scariest paranormal experience. Jodi conveyed while living in Queens, there being so many apartment building. Living there she began feeling really depressed, as strange things began to take place, such a foul odours, and eventually the toys would stop working, but then very strange nearly-lucid dreams, feeling things touching her, fighting with her then-husband. Jody's mother deduced there was Something In There. Leaning over the kitchen island, Jody felt a hand move her hair, and touch and squeeze her neck (a cool breeze), and her name called out. She need her "big girl diaper" for that day...
Before we jumped out to break, Henry reported that we had listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, the return of Finland and Kuwait.
Henry asked for Bob from Jody and Kimmi's respective significant others have believes in the paranormal. Kimmi's guy does, as he Has To Live With It. They joked as Kimmi is such a witch, "why" does she have so many Christians in her life...?
We discussed how many "Christians" often mistakenly believe that all spirits, ghosts, et al, are evil and/or demonic (in the chat room our own Reverend Tim jokingly entered "UFOs are demonic...")
We also discussed matricing; many investigators "seeing 'Shadow People'," only for it to be shadows from outside tree branches. I told her Jody I am the same way, relating an experience I had, in which it was something perfectly natural.
We got into the hot, if comical, topics of UFOs, as well as cryptozoology (orbs even got a worse rap).
I took us into the break saying everyone should stay tuned as, after the break we'd have some more Blondage (Henry started chuckling over my "borrowed" word-play joke to the point I wondered if he planned to start the break music...).
Craig asked what equipment they use on investigations: Jody uses a digital recorder, as one can catch a lot on that. She's not that into the mega-equipment like ovulus and such, and that the Frank's Box and such as "just a radio with a missing wire"... KimmiJae spoke how they'd had Patrick Burns as a guest, that he uses his Blackberry (as I was already aware).
Jury was out on dowsing rods for them.
Where would they want to investigate; they'd considered Waverly having been "Done To Death;" they're disinterested in War Between the States sites. Craig recommended to them the active Landon House in Urbana, Maryland.
Henry asked about their investigating cemeteries. Both enjoy the serenity therein, and that there's often activity, but KimmiJae felt it could be disrespectful to the remains that're there.
As they discussed if they could be a spirit, what would they do, and they suspected haunting specific people. I told them they should get the When I Die I'm Gonna Haunt the Sh!t Out Of You People t-shirt, the link to which they requested, indicating they'd Definitely Wear Such.
We were agreed that some experiences (Queen Mary, Waverly, et al), that Charge A Lot aren't really a good thing.
I managed to get in a few really bad word-play and puns this edition of The Paranormal View.
We closed out with KimmiJae providing the Tuesday nights at 8pm info on their para-x show as well as their podcast page, and as they didn't give out the Reign Radio on Facebook page, I've put it here. They also neglected to give out their respective Facebook profiles (e.g., KimmiJae and Jody, respectively on Facebook)
Henry closed the show, announcing that next week's show would be the lovely and talented Sandiee Peters, host of Soul Chat, also on
Off the air, Craig had to bail as he was still at the investigation, and on his call disconnection, the Skype call itself fell apart. We were able to Skype-text for a few minutes, but the audio aspect of the call was gone.

June 25th edition podcast
Reign Radio
Reign Radio
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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
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