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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Trojan Condom "spec" commercial
Sharon Hankins's Art Institute Student Film

Friday, June 10, 2011
I'd submitted for an Art Institute (Santa Monica) student film which was in the form of a Trojan condom "spec" commercial. There was some confusion with the confirmation; it gave two distinctly different locations "for the audition," in at the school in Santa Monica, the other over four miles away in Playa Del Rey.
Late Thursday I got the email from the project's writer/director Sharon Hankins that it was the Playa address, which as I arrived I noticed was walking distance from where I'd worked on a movie only a few weeks away from being released.
The audition was in the conference room at an apartment complex. The lady at the front desk knew of the audition but apparently did not know the layout of the first floor, providing an additional left turn that did not exist. As I went back to ask, I came across a young actress who was obviously attempting to follow the same flawed directions, and finding them also baffling. The woman at the desk came and brought us to the correct door, and we met the project's director.
I let the girl go in first, as I got ready, and I went in, did my best and we discussed availability what with the shoot being the following Tuesday. From there headed up to my rental box which had several items waiting for me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
I received an email from Sharon (as did the other two principals, Candice Marie Flournoy and Wyatt Wallace), providing me/us with the Santa Monica location, and requesting we try and arrive at 7:45am rather than the initial 8am calltime, with which to rehearse. As my first bus leaving where I'd been staying would come by at 5:22am to get me to the nearest stop by 7:25am, I replied I'd be there as soon as I could.
Then came the morning and the buses wanted to mess me up... or the Universe did; not quite sure which.
I had down that the first bus was at 5:22am, but I neglected to notice it was not the bus a block and a half away... it was the bus that's 9/10ths of a mile away. So literally about a half of it I ran, reminding me I'm not the runner I once was.
Or ever.
I got to the bus stop with two minutes or less to spare! I caught the two connections without incident, except on exiting the second bus I realized to my dismay that I did not have with me my hat. At the first bus, what with the running, I was dripping sweat, so I'd removed my hat. I suspect I left it on the first bus, and I still have no idea why I would not put it into my blue bag. If MTA lost and found does not have it I can make another; I'd made that one via an online site. This time I can have the photo and maybe my website url...
As it was, the timing was such I arrived at the requested 7:45am time by 7:40am, and directed to the Studio A. I met very pleasant Wyatt Wallace, and Sharon had us run through the quick scene whilst we waited for Candice, ironically (and amusingly), living rather close by.
Wyatte and I changed, he into his pajamas and I into my lab-tech outfit. For the audition I had not worn a tie, but unsure whether she might want one, I brought my long tie and of course, my bow-tie. Not surprisingly, Sharon jumped at my wearing the Understandably Cool bow-tie.
Candice was barely late, actually making it by 8am, and the three of us ran through the scene. I completely forgot to ask Wyatt later what he said to Candice, as "as An Actor Prepares," he took her into the corridor for a few moments, quickly saying something to her, and the two returned, both Completely Certain either how to play the scene and/or how to work together flawlessly.
We went into the studio; Candice retained a semi-hoodie of sorts which later seemed to belie she should seem like she rushed right out of bed. Sharon hand-held one of those small high-end video camera that resemble a good sized 35mm still camera (its capacity for still photos as well notwithstanding). We ran through the scenes numerous times with various coverage angles, even Sharon sitting in my seat doing from my character's POV.
We found ourselves Done by about 9:40am, which was almost surprising as the shoot was estimated to wrap by 11:30am. Wyatt and Candice and I furnished each other with our contact/calling cards, as well as to the four person crew of Sharon's shoot. As the information wasn't on their cards, I asked after their websites: Candice told me hers, and Wyatt reported his soon-to-be site being still under construction.
Candice headed out; Wyatt gave me a lift and dropped me off at Wilshire and Veteran so I could catch the 761 up to the Valley to my rental box.

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More to come when Sharon sends me still shots she took...
behind the scenes for the student film project Trojan condom ''spec'' commercial behind the scenes for the student film project Trojan condom ''spec'' commercial
Behind the scenes with Wyatt Wallace and Candice Marie Flournoy
("bow-ties are cool"...).

Monday July 04, 2011
Sharon emailed Wyatt, Candice and I with the Vimeo Link to the finished spot. I provided her with my mailing location so she could send me the hard copy DVD. I also pointed out the proper spelling my name for the Vimeo page, and assuring her it wasn't the first time my name'd been misspelled.
Wyatt wasted no time posting it on his Facebook profile, linking me thereto (in my response I tagged Candice).

Sharon Hankins's Trojan commercial student film

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