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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday April 30, 2011
Psychic Kids
Tonight's show was the day after my birthday (the date provided to me [e.g., "hearsay"] by [the two purporting to be] my parents). Earlier in the day I'd tried accessing a graphic for one of my webpages and got a weird "insti-viral scan" thing come up I found highly suspicious, so I had to start an Actual Scan with the Kaspersky Internet Security software I use. By 4:35pm 85% was complete, which concerned me regarding the show starting within thirty minutes: I hope it might still complete in time. The scan having run across no issues thus far, I hit stop and rebooted to make sure the memory was clear on the somewhat antiquated, highly refurbished and cannibalized computer.
Tonight's guest was Edy Nathan of the A&E TV series Psychic Kids. She was not called via Skype so she was talked through how to get into the Para-X chat room with her own name; as an admin, Henry was able to make her a member for the chat room.
Henry "warned" Edy of my doing these sort of report pages for each show, and she provided her Facebook profile to which I immediately send an Add Request, so later we/I could send her URL links regarding the show, et al.
The show started out with Henry "threatening" to have Happy Birthday sung to me... Thankfully that didn't quite happen, but Happy Birthday wishes were submitted by them and by many in the chat room.
Craig read out Edy's bio, and Henry got the ball rolling asking when she first noticed she was psychic. Edy clarified she was a psychic therapist as opposed to flat-out psychic, but she's open to being understandably Intuitive. She understands how once a mind is opened, one can perceive what others may have already closed off due to years of disbelieve in one's own abilities.
I couldn't help but quip my positing that her show's cohost Chip should have his own show, Coffey Tea or Me...
Craig got a quick question from Therese Pope [Yogagirl] regarding (overly "religious") parents to psychic kids; Edy indicated having come across such, and that she urges the parents to come from a place from love, not fear. She'd suggest such kids to reach out to find other psychic kids, to go to A&E's site on it, etc.
Ceiling Cat asked about The Sixth Sense and how accurate it portrayed psychic kids. She felt it was accurate in many ways, and that the boy was lucky to have support and help. She conveyed that Messengers come in all forms and guises.
She related her origins to getting onto the show's second and third season which, sadly, is not being renewed. She felt the cancelation was an executive decision, nothing to do with the show. Edy felt an energy had shifted and her own therapy work has grown exponentially. She added her finishing up a book, You and Your Psychic Child, on psychic children and how parents can cope with such gifted offspring. She felt it will be the only (or at least the first) book on the subject, though my Being Me... while we were talking, I came across a book in print that is, as well as one (that I did not mention on-air), aimed towards parents...
Through Craig one chat room questioner asked how to block (unwanted and/or unsolicited) spirits; while Edy clarified she's not actually a psychic herself, she did describe how one can create a Protective Space of Light.
Through my headset the show's started to modulate in and out, so the first promo started sounding it was done partially by Daleks...
Craig took us to break, after which Henry started off asking a Jean-Marie question, about as a child seeing full body apparitions as a child, but now not so much. Edy felt she'd have to defer such a question to Chip Coffey or such, but she deduced children have less of a Screen Up and able to See far more clearly; as adults we become more and more Blocked.
Craig asked after her most rewarding experience helping a child. She felt Bradley was a strong case as he had a strongly "religious" mother, etc., and the transformation of the mother's fear into support. The two had started out at opposite ends of the spectrum, and by the end they had gotten each other back.
Edy has always been involved in eastern philosophies, trained as a shaman by Hank Wesselman, et al. She discussed how a parent might be able to clarify a child being psychic as opposed to being imaginative.
Craig had a questioner ask about her grandchildren who can see full body apparitions, one of which experiences fear from such sightings. Edy suggested the parent ask the childen what makes them afraid, but to be careful to use the language of the child's language level. Have them draw the spirit, draw what they feel the spirit is trying to tell them or why it's around them; explain how to create protection and how to make sure the spirit understands it is not invited, and to go away. Essentially, to honour the child's (abilities and) space, and finding balance. In the chat room, Nyla suggested the psychic ten year old tell the ghost to leave the younger sibling alone.
On the topic of fear, Edy discussed that some children do not want to have (such strong) psychic abilities; some feel alienated from peer pressure, etc. The parent shouldn't try to push the child to remain psychic.
Henry promoted the subsequent show, and teased about the Spotlight Report, considering Patty Lynam would be taking over for Craig who was stuck having to attend a wedding rehearsal (not his own...). Craig did ask about the Maryland Landon House. Edy indicated the house was so very haunted, no one wanted to go anywhere alone: they tended to go in pairs and teams. Craig indicated from outside having seen blue lights in the house when the house was empty...
Close to the top of the first hour, Henry called in Patty before Craig had to leave for his friends' wedding, that turned out to be being held in Salem, Mass., to which Craig previously had not been. Craig silently scooted out of the Skype chat, much to our surprise.
I took out the show to its second break, after which was Patty's Spotlight Report, the second part from the previous week regarding the Defeo murders, Murder Ridge, the Hart Island aka "Island of the Dead," et al. (The music during the break was heavily modulated through my headset, even worse than before.) Before the break, Edy indicated having a few books which she would give away to listeners first of whom were able to answer a question at the show's theparanormalviewfans gmail address. The question being: "How many members in the Ronnie Defeo family were murdered?" The winner would receive a copy of America's Most Proclaimed Haunted Places by London Knight.
Therese/Yogagirl from the chat room answered that there were six family members murdered.
Edy spoke at length about Past Lives, whilst I found out Therese/YogaGirl's answer.
For another book, Edy then asked the follow-up: "City and state where the murders took place...?"
In the chat room, Mystykal1 and Kady Newton each answered with the (bleedin'obvious) correct Amityville, New York.
(I was scurrying back and forth with the questions/answers and such, so had to Sort Of listen as Edy answered one of Patty's inquries.)
Edy also stressed all people can develop (and/or re-develop) their psychic abilities.
Henry asked if Edy goes on Investigations, which she began once she began working on the show. She got tons of EVPs at Lizzie Bordon's house, to which I figured it wasn't just a quick hatchet job (and that, "as the young people" would say: it was Whack)...
We discussed macarbe humour, a la the "forty whacks" jump robe rhyme, and Ed Gein, et al; Edy pointed out in olden times, what with high mortality rate, to help desensitized children to death, childen had toy caskets in which to store their dolls.
We wrapped up with Edy providing her website, inviting people to add her at her Facebook profile, and her upcoming mid-June (June 10-12, 2011) appearance at Through the Veil (also on Facebook).
We ended the show with my giving out my Paranormal View page but I did not have on hand the Paranormal View on Facebook URL, but as it has all the 175481362503293 numbers (being a Group Page and not a personal profile, it is can't just say Paranormal View), I just said it could be accessed by typing Paranormal View into the Facebook Search field...
After the show Edy thanked us all, having enjoyed herself (meanwhile Patty forgot to de-mute her mic so was unable to ask Edy if she could do a Spotlight Report with her, as she wondered for a few minutes why she was "being ignored"...).

April 30 edition podcast.
Edy Nathan recommends:

Hank Wesselman

America's Most
Proclaimed Haunted Places

London Knight
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Paranormal View products

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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