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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday April 02, 2011
Tom Durant
Tonight's guest was ghost hunter and demonologist Thomas Durant of Altered States Paranormal Internet Radio (albeit "occasionally" as Tom indicated). Henry had earlier notifed Craig and me that Tom had been a guest 13 March 2010. With a few Skype problems, Tom had to be called on his cell phone, as he was up in Fresno.
We actually launched the show a minute early, surprisingly enough. Henry wished everyone a happy Easter; I pointed out many most likely many were also awaiting the season premier of Doctor Who which on BBC America was airing at 9pm in each of the time zones.
Henry gave me the ball and Tom and I discussed how we knew each other; his speaking before the screening of The Last Exorcist, as well as my going out investigating with his group, etc. He and I agreed The Last Exorcist being one of the most hilarious comedies we'd ever seen...
Tom conveyed his being video editor for Deadliest Catch and Ice Truckers on cable, and that his job sometimes can conflict with investigations, but also how his work helps his investigations as editing helps his being observant.
Henry steered the topic towards demonology; Craig asked about how many cases seemed to be demonic in nature. Craig replied four out of five cases are suspected demonic, though sometimes just pissed off human spirits.
Jim of NOPS asked if all negative cases considered demonic, but Tom indicated usually are from Christian people who lean in that direction; we're all a product of our belief structure/s. Tom did state he and his group have never come across any actual possession. Jim asked how Tom and his group can tell if it's demonic or an unstable individual. Tom has done this so long he knows what Red Flags out for which to look.
He'd not yet seen Insidius yet, but he indicate most of his friends have recommended it as well.
I asked after the negative force at the cemetery we'd visited, he indicated that mostly it's an Elemental force, sort of like a non-cellular etheric being like a spirit raccoon; including but not limited to pebbles being thrown at them. He suggested the writing/s of Reverend Kirk, one book on the topic titled The Secret Commonwealth: Of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies.
Craig took us out for the break, after which was Patty's pre-recorded Spotlight Report segment, which was the first of a two-parter.
Tom answered another Jim question about his "Doom Bowl," a large Singing Bowl Tom has which he uses against Eastern Origin forces, using frequency sonics against the energies. He was also asked about whether he can detect Djinn; Tom explained their more aggressive than evil, feeling themselves better than humans. He asks those people with problems whether the colour Yellow has been prominent in dreams and/or nightmares, beetle and/or spider infestations, etc.
Through Craig, Kat asked about Discernment, and through me asked as to what Tom believes are Shadow People. Tom had read hundreds of case files and worked with other Shadow People researchers; he feels they could be a malevolent entity, though not actually evil as such. Tom theorized that similar to cold spots pulling away heat, Shadow People pull away light. Craig pointed out often Shadow People have wide brimmed hats, and Tom concurred Shadow People dislike being seen.
I told Tom about the Shadow People seen/witnessed at the Linda Vista event I'd attended the previous weekend.
Craig asked about Tom's feeling on Orbs, and he indicated that a tiny percent may be Something (who has passed on), and returned for Whatever Reason...
Henry plugged the subsequent show/s, and thanks those listeners from around the world, then asked yet another Jim questions about Tom investigating with other groups, and whether he does cleansings and blessings, et al. Tom also clarified his feelings that Shadow People may be more Observers than anything else.
Tom spoke of beings that were here long before humans; similar in appearance to the Jawas of the Star Wars films; that they're Just Observers (no hats, and obviously taller). He didn't think Shadow People were prevalent in any specific region, apparently they're all over the place.
I took us out for the second break shortly before the show's three quarter mark, jokingly chiding anyone for slipping out to watch Doctor Who, which greatly amused the chat room.
Tom thanked Henry for saying he was full... info... as opposed to something else...
He answered Henry's inquiries of Tom's favourite Hot Spots; the Queen Mary ranked top; then the Stanley Hotel where he's experienced so much EMF evidence, temperature drops pretty much at their beck and call.
Tom works through Power Performance through which he goes to colleges and such, and take them out to investigations, and watch their reactions when they catch their first EVPs. We continued to discuss Jackie and the Queen Mary, and how once Bob Davis had a group going through the pool area with a security room, but Jackie greeted them loudly, causing the security guard to abandon them to go on on their own...
We also discussed ghostly animals, once where he caught the same cat meow from different areas of a state. In New Hampshire, he once caught a ghostly horse whiney EVP.
Due to some chatter in the chat room, I asked Tom's opinion and thoughts on magnetite. Tom reported mostly using herbs now, though he used to work with gemstone therapy, a lot of which keeps what one investigates from coming along home with the investigator.
Henry then asked about the now famous Black Eyed Kids phenomenon... Tom jokingly winced, having suspected Henry was going to ask about that.
I asked after the Haunted Mansion attraction at DisneyLand; as it has apparently attracted Actual Ghosts, one wonders if the jokey reference to "hitch hiking ghosts" might actually have something Attach to patrons riding the ride... Tom figured most likely unless someone Senses Them specifically, the ghost won't really care following someone who cannot acknowledge them.
As one of the captains on Deadliest Catch died, Tom did convey his would loving to check out the man's ship.
Catherine from the chat room asked after Over Investigated Locations attracting less friendly entities showing up. Tom related the Thinking Philip Experiment, where a group of students "created" a ghost as a Thought Form.
Considering Skype and Tom's cell phone, there was some occasional reverb during the call, but not to the point of an issue.
We ended the show with my giving out my Paranormal View page but I did not have on hand the Paranormal View on Facebook URL...

April 23 edition podcast.
Tom Durant recommends:

The Secret Commonwealth:
Of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies

Reverend John Kirk
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Paranormal View products

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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