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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday April 16, 2011
Leeanne Ball and Laura Carr Griffith
Tonight's guests were Leeanne Ball and Laura Carr Griffith of Phat Ladies of the Paranormal. With me being over at the all-nighter 1st Annual Los Angeles Paranormal Pow-Wow at haunted Linda Vista Hospital, Patty Lynam took over my seat, as it were, in co-hosting duties. Henry started out the show conveying my being at the Linda Vista Event, and introduced the guests.
The pleasant ladies discussed their use of (and success with), dowsing rods at investigations, as well as having the rods set into rigid holders to avoid any appearance of manipulations, as well as how they use scientific methods with which to gather evidence. Craig suggested a similar holder for pendulums (had I been on the air, I'd have indicated they have such at local bookshop The Psychic Eye).
The most fascinating place they felt they'd investigated (clarifying one should investigate place/s more than once), was Hill View Manor (in New Castle, Pennsylvania); they've been touched, had hair rubbed, heard sounds and such. In the cellar apparently is a grumpy old man (ghost). They set up a camera (and went out for dinner, leaving the place vacant), on the audio with no one there, one hears a metal desk being moved about, and a man sighing from the exertion.
Another favourite mentioned was the Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia, which has the most memorabilia of Edgar Allen Poe (even having a lock of his hair); the place has a lot of activity, including but not limited to numerous children ghosts, both outside and within the building (at one point even breast-groped by a ghost).
After the first break was Patty's pre-recorded "Spotlight Report" segment, this week with her guest Jeffrey Seelman, psychic and founder of Star Clear.
Back at the live show, they told of the rarity negative entities across which them come: generally the worst being "crabby" ghosts...
LeeAnn spoke of the Gettysburg Museum of Spirits where they had some major activity such as touching, heavy breathing, hand-patting.
Henry made a cryptic (presumable in-joke) comment about Craig holding a "freaky doll."
After Henry took the opportunity to recommend the Facebook Paranormal View page to the guests, Henry played several of the ladies' provided EVP recordings.
After the next break, they discussed Fort Mifflin, for at least one investigation Henry joined them, Monumental Church, the octagonal building having been built over a theatre that'd had a tragic fire killing several people, and Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery (Laura related her comical first meeting of Craig at the Hollywood Cemetery).
Answering a chat room question of their Best Investigation/x on which they'd been, they felt their recent work with studying Historic Castlewood and Historic Magnolia Grange might meet such critera.
From the Linda Vista event, I managed to call in during the last eighth of the show (6:45pm+ pacific time); the ladies and the gang were thrilled I was able to call in. I was able to report what I'd been able to do up to that point.
Noting the time, Henry realized he had a lot of other places about which he'd have loved to have discussed like the Shanley, et al, and even their own show (the specific spelling of which was very clarified...).
With the show was winding down, LeeAnne and Laura provide contact information such as LeeAnne's Facebook profile, Laura Carr Griffith's Facebook profile, their Spirited History site, the Spirited History Facebook group, and their Phat Ladies website, plus their Para-X show.
I don't know if the show cut out the way the archived podcast did rather unexpectedly...

April 16 edition podcast.
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Paranormal View products

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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