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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Over-Reaction and
The Girl Next Door

Nick Ryan Weber's
Glendale Community College Student Film/s

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Boss man again
Several days earlier, I was contacted by my friend Tad Atkinson (with whom I'd worked on Man-Away and Daddy's Girl a few years earlier). He had fallen in with Nick Ryan Webber of Rabble-House Productions, who was looking for a few people for a video he wanted to go viral. With Tad's recommendation, I accepted the role of a boss running a boring meeting, during which one of his more inattentive workers (Robert Janek), rather enthusiastically celebrates his completing one of the crossword puzzles in Easy Diamond Crosswords #2, one of four such books craftily created by Myles Mellor.
I'd been emailed by Nick the script to the short, as well for its companion short, then titled 20 Minutes. Both done essentially as viral "commercials" for the author (and/or publisher), the calltime was from 9:30am, and the shoot was estimated to be wrapped by 4pm.
I arrived at Glendale Community College about a half hour early, and to Nick's amazement, all of his talent arrived by their calltime, so we were able to get to work right away. Filmed MOS (e.g., no audio), all I had to do was run a Dull Boring Meeting. Being without audio as it were, I was able to say Anything I Wanted (always a dangerous business). With each of the takes I said something Very Different, only catching myself once, but otherwise invariably cracking up the crew and giving the rest of the on-camera talent a rough time keeping a straight face. What with Tad being one of those at the meeting table, a few of my comments I directed to him, including but not limited to notifying him that Paul McGann was the main guest for GallifreyOne the following year.
Nick posited two versions: the Actual Version and what could more be classified as a gag reel, even suggesting that I come in to ADR what I'd been saying.
Lunch was provided: a McD lunch (after a fashion) was acquired for me as the rest ate pizza, but the nearby McDonalds screwed up the order so all I could eat were the fries.
We actually wrapped around 3pm, and Nick wanted an additional shot for the other project, then-titled 20 Minutes that'd been shot the previous day. A shot of Very Shock-Saddened People at a bar was needed. Tad had offered me a ride home; he'd been established in 20 Minutes so he couldn't really be used, but he came along to the Red Lion Tavern where we got the shot guerrilla style. Being a different short, as it were, I did this one without my glasses.
Nick, Tad, and Robert and I chatted about movies, Role Playing Games, et al, and found we had even more in common that we'd initially thought. Nick's next project is (another!) independent feature in which I hope to be cast. Nick also stressed that at my disposal now were new headshot/s and demo reel they could compile and edit for me.
With an audition the following day, a screening Wednesday and the Thursday night Strictly Background West Hollywood free screening with cast Q&A, Nick and I set up Tuesday for my coming in to ADR my surreal lines, and Tad scooted me back towards home as it was too late for the buses to near where I've been staying.

Tuesday March 29, 2011
I arrived at Glendale Community College about twenty-five minutes early, coming a different bus route from an errand downtown, so I was able to come across their local McDonalds, this time their getting right my order. Tad and I had been shown where was the sound studio, and I just finished up my food on my arrival, and entered a few minutes before my 3pm calltime.
Nick and his sound-man had had a few challenges... earlier in the day or during the weekend someone apparently had deleted the applications folder on the computer than made its program's run, all of which had to be re-installed. Thankfully it had been handled before 3pm, so Nick and I went into the sound booth with Tad and we did some "Walla Walla" work, which essentially is speaking in low gibberish to emulate ambient noise, in the case that of an office environment. After a couple of takes Robert Janek joined us for another few takes (as the three to four voices could be melded to sound like twenty voices). I was left in the small studio and recorded some low incoherent mutterings to be used as my "lines" for the Over-Reaction spot; this ran for a few minutes, and I was done. As it was barely 4pm, I did not have to wait around until seven for Tad to drive me home. We said our goodbyes and I took south the bus to Colorado Boulevard, having completely forgotten that that far east any of the 180/181/780 buses that passed I could catch were not yet on Colorado Boulevard: they'd still be on Broadway. Thankfully barely a five minute walk north back to Broadway, I caught the next 780 Radip Bus that came by after a few minutes which got me to my last connection with plenty of time as, as usual, the connecting bus was late.

Thursday June 30, 2011
Online... for some time now...
Eventually it was revealed that the two "commercials" were at YouTube (both literally uploaded about five days after the late March ADR session): both Over Reaction and the re-titled The Girl Next Door (amusingly enough, the date newscast visible on the video is the date of its YouTube upload).
Due to the guerrilla style film maker, the Girl Next Door tavern scenes shows me, but due to the enviroment we're pretty much under lit; I am just visible at the bar... one can just see me bring my hand to my face. The Over Reaction bit was funnier, if the music seemed an odd choice (which probably is just me).

Over Reaction : Easy Diamond Crosswords

The Girl Next Door : Easy Diamond Crosswords

(Tad Atkinson is the doomsday news reporter...)

Easy Diamond
Crosswords #1

Myles Mellor

Easy Diamond
Crosswords #2

Myles Mellor

Easy Diamond
Crosswords #3

Myles Mellor

Easy Diamond
Crosswords #4

Myles Mellor

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