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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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Saturday March 12, 2011
Charles Spicer, TriOPS co-founder and CEO
Tonight's guest was TriOPS co-founder and CEO Charles Spicer.
Skype decided to Install Updates on my system when I launched it; thankfully it didn't take too long, but Craig had the same issue. He literally had to be called on his cell phone first, but his Skype finally caught up before we went on live. Slightly surprisingly, we went on a couple of minutes or so after the hour.
Craig started out by announcing a September 24th event to raise funds to fight cancer.
Our guest Charles indicated being Sensitive enough that he gets Impressions while on investigations, almost to the point of hearing voices here and there, but not to the extent he considers himself psychic. (Similar to my brother and me), sometimes he has street lights wink out as he walks by.
TriOPS is somewhat "heavily" membered by firefighters and police officers. Charles related that in his presentations about how modern science is working at catching up to Old World theories (different dimensions, string theory, etc.), and retold a Carl Jung story about a haunted cottage from the book Psychology and the Occult.
While he was talking, he'd already warned us some his team IT type would be working on their systems... suddenly we started hearing peculiar chirps. He explained that that was their guy opening their computer casings. I had to ask if their systems were powered by parakeets (smartly enough, the chirps were the powerful security system the techie was unlocking).
Henry brought in TriOPS case worker Chad White (apparently within a rather background sound-filled environment), and almost immediately went to break, indicating once back would be Patty's Spotlight Report, right into which the show went after the music break.
After Patty's bit, Henry asked Charles and Chad what was the most active place to which they'd gone. Charles figured Ryan's Tavern, much of which there is to help facilitate the semi-regular Ghost Tours there. He reported the flashlight video they have on their site.

"Stanley" at Ryan's Tavern

As they were so local to Ohio, Henry and Craig figured they could set up getting together with TriOPS and such. Henry asked Charles regarding a rather active elementary school and the haunted Harding Jones paper mill, and Charles also indicated a haunted American Legion Hall.
Henry suddenly noticed Chad had been rather silent; turned out he was studying... and his wife had been watching TV. Henry asked if Chad had any comment; I added he could even suggest commentary on his wife's television viewing choice/s...
Craig asked after their thermal imaging equipment, which Chad handled as he's more the techie than Charles (Chad didn't quite hint Charles as a Luddite, but it was a funny moment). At Craig's inquiry, Chad also discussed the K2 Meter/s they use, some so sensitive that even Charles reported it could pick up static from plush toys at one investigation. He also indicated their using a ParaCorder, a totally new piece of equipment (not even on their site yet).
Charles stated being a pagan, he uses Tarot and such, occasionally bring such on investigation. His being pagan, I asked after in what tradition was Charles trained, which he conveyed as being Celtic/Druidism, and mostly self research.
After our second break (the outro for which I was given, and again... for which I not prepared, so I had to quip I really need to pre-Write Up something for such), Henry indicated the chat room staying tuned for the show following ours.
I'd been waiting for this break to end so as to ask after their "Most Haunted Location" contest... and just as Henry had been asking questions Craig was prepared to ask, now Henry brought up this topic, to which Craig and I comically commiserated about this synchronistic series of self-professed non-psychic Henry "pre-guessing" our questions.

TriOPS : Butler County's Most Haunted

Meanwhile during the show, in the chat room (a bit tough to monitor as I was paying attention to the guests), some sort of weird surreal "food fight" was going on, but Charles and Chad had each noticed it, as had Craig.
Their discussing wanting to check out a haunted "old children's home," I finally managed to wonder aloud as to where one finds Old Children...
Henry suggested they check out amusement park LeSourdsville (initially it sounded like he'd called it La Sewerville).
Charles told us how their investigations are true teamwork, and pretty much no drama.
They indicated how some people on the Ryan's tour get all bug-eyed when they receive "disclaimers," such as if something Really Scary happens, not to run, etc....
As Henry went to wrap up, he asked Craig and me if we had any other questions: Craig reminded Henry that he'd pretty much already asked all of our questions...
I did ask Charles if I could provide his Facebook profile, as well as TriOPS's page. Charles also clarified that the group's official website has been updated to make it easier for old and new visitors alike.
After the show was wrapped and the five of us spoke off-air, I pointed out noting hearing what seemed like apparent "editorial comments" over the end "theme:" it seemed Charles had comically indicated "wanting to kill" Chad for doing his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression during the show. After a bit Charles had to scoot out so we chatted a bit longer with the frequently amusing Chad.

March 12 edition podcast.
Charles Spicer, TriOPS co-founder and CEO TriOPS Charles Spicer, TriOPS co-founder and CEO.
Charles Spicer, co-founder and CEO of TriOPS in Butler County, Ohio, and Chad White.
TriOPS Livestreaming Network

Psychology and the Occult
Author: Carl Jung
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Paranormal View products

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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