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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Josh Tate's USC student film

Sunday February 20, 2011
You: shhh....
Whilst attending GallifreyOne 22, I received a text from Jerry White, who'd directed me in his USC film Greeters eleven months earlier. He was running sound for another USC project, and they needed a character to glare at a young couple being a bit too boisterous in a book store. The shoot was Sunday night; I initially replied I was attending a convention and could not accept, when I realized it was a night shoot, after the convention was over. We texted back and forth and hammered out I could do it if I could be picked up; even though bus-wise I'd easily be able to get to the location at Eagle Rock near Colorado Boulevard, the time would make me too late. It turned out for the project one of the producers was Oliver Riley-Smith, who had directed me in his USC All You Need Is Plove project in November 2009.
At the convention I was assisting my friend Pamela Salem selling autographed photos after her being a Surprise Guest during the convention's live panel PodShock recording Sunday afternoon. Due to traffic Oliver ran a few minutes late, and we managed to find each other, and off we went.
Essentially as previously described, all I do is shush the lead couple when the girl gets a bit loud reacting to finding a specific book. As the aisle in the small mom-and-pop type bookshop was science fiction and fantasy, I found the David Eddings series The Belgariad, et al. Understandly, my character was browsing through Pawn of Prophesy, the first book in the ten book series (technical two five-book series: The Belgariad immediately followed by The Mallorean).
With additional coverage, my filmed shushes became behind-the-camera shushes. Running audio and boom mic, Jerry the did my shushes as wild tracks after the lead girl's lines, and I was wrapped. Oliver drove me back to where I'd been staying near nearby Pasadena, and conveyed that the film should be complete sometime in May or so.

Monday February 21, 2011
Behind the Scenes
Jerry posted on my Facebook page (or simply provided a link to) a YouTube video of behind the scene footage (one of a series throughout the shoot's week) of the night before's bookshop scene. I'm briefly visible at its end, after we see director Josh Tate giving some pointers to his leads.

Dog-Eared Day 7

Sunday May 29, 2011
Discovering some completed, unfinished business...
Friday the 27th, working on the USC Thesis film The Films of Avi Krum, on which my USC director friend Jerry White worked sound, I asked after the progress of Dog-Eared. Jerry was astonished to learn that I'd never been notified that it had been complete nor had I been invited to its screening. It also turned out I had forgotten that Olly had been one of the Dog-Eared project's producers, and I could have asked him after it when I worked on Olly's Inspiration four days earlier, Monday May 23rd (d'oh)...!
Jerry assured me he'd contact all those who dropped the ball regarding [not] keeping me in the loop on Dog-Eared, and Sunday morning I sent an inquiring email to Olly as to whom to contact at least in my receiving its DVD copy.

Friday June 10, 2011
After a morning audition, I emptied my rental box, one of the several items waiting for me was the DVD for Dog-Eared, which to my surprised was shrink wrapped. And not like in a zip-lock baggie: it was professionally shrink wrapped as though store-bought. Ironically, while the back cover looks professional, the front cover looks like a copy of a copy of a photocopy of one of the leading ladies. It took me a few moments to realize this was to emulate the look of a well-worn book.
I was pleased at how high-end was the production: excellent photography and sound, a compelling storyline, with good casting and acting. In the end credits I am billed as "Grumpy Man," which I thought quite funny, particularly as it had me as a principal. The background performers (of which there were a lot), were billed properly, as background artists (not as "extras").
The disc also provided online links, the film's (somewhat empty) Official Website, its Facebook page and a Twitter page, the account of which wouldn't come up. At the official site they embedded their YouTube videos which comprised their Behind The Scenes, video log of the production.
At their Facebook page I reported receiving the DVD, and asked to be kept apprised of film festival acceptances.

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