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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
The Maiden and the Princess
Alison Scher's USC Thesis film

Friday 28 May 2010
Cast, and on-own found updates
I came across a casting listing for a USC student film, which turned out to be a Thesis Film, meaning super high-end production values, et al, for a fantasy titled The Maiden and the Princess (also see its IMDB entry), written and directed by Alison Scher.
I was provided the script, which I found both intriguing, amusing, and very powerful, and auditioned one floor above Jeff Olan's offices. I met with Alison and did my best audition, and while I suspect I may end up being Very Featured "Background," I don't mind such when it comes to a very promising project. Sometimes the project is just too good to pass up. My main concern was the amount of shooting days; understandably to lose hours at my day-job, it'd be "better" to at least have a line, and on the 21st Alison emailed me to offer me "the part of Councilman" for the film (adding that as of that time she had not "entirely decided who will say what line yet"). She reiterated the shoot days would most likely be June 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th (ouch). Stressing she so looked forward to working with me, she requested my phone number for the callsheet.
The next day, May 22nd, I got an email from the project's wardrobe designeer Catherine Elhoffer, asking after my measurements. For the Councilmen she would be making "pretty stylized robes out of a grey duchess satin," and she sent along a drawing of her high-collared design.
John Dion emailed me on the 26th, introducing himself as the 1st AD on the project, conveying the four dates "I" would be needed. As one clearly could not have needed me (albeit on a more available day for me), I replied to clarify if I might only be needed on the 8th and 9th; it turned out to be a correct deduction, though later I was asked if I was available on the 11th. I was given a later calltime so I could in some hours at work that day, even after I'd accepted working the shoot.
As I began to put together this report, as I didn't want to get too behind, and end up having to put it on my "Forgetten Reports" page, I began to seek out links to give credit where credit is due, and promote those involved with the project. I was already aware of the project's impressive website, but while I could find links for Catherine and John, Alison seemed a bit trickier, until I stumbled across "her" ("secondary") Twitter account which is for progress reports on the project!
From the Tweets thereon I was able to see a bit of the project's timeline:

  • Feb 25th: John Dion is annouced as 1st AD; Corey Wallace as composer.
  • May 1st: Megan Hilty is announced as singing the lead in the project's musical number.
  • Mar 13th: Tammara Billik is announced as executive producer.
  • May 21st: David Anders is announced as having signed on to play the lead, Hammond.
  • This latest development eliminates any internal-conversation "conflict" regarding my "losing" work; I've admired David Anders' work since Alias and Heroes, among other things.

    Tuesday 08 June 2010
    Shoot: Project Day 7, my Day 1
    I arrived for my 9:15am calltime at 8:45am, as always, preferring to be 30 minutes early than 30 seconds late. The finishing touches were being put on the Council Chamber by Tricia Roberts and John Robertson: it looked awesome. Pleased to see me there already, director Ali arrived, though comically the Art Design Team would not let her see the finished set until they were completed. The other Councilors began to arrive: Ed Fallin, Marc Segal, Jonathon Salisbury, Gary-7, John Bovenizer, Thaine Allison and Abe Rogland. In the Zemeckis Building lounge (where I'd worked very recently on the previous USC student film Greeters), the table was set with place-cards, our placed as we'd be on set, where we'd rehearse a few times before going to set. I indeed do have a specific line (clarifying me as a principal supporting role), newly created since the audition; Marc Segal had been given the previous line.
    Vanessa Leon did our elaborate near-cadaverous make-ups (having us resemble a Jacob Marley Appreciation Society), and fellow Taurus Catherine Elhoffer helped us into our near-Gallifrayan'esque robes and hats. She admitted her design was partially influenced by Star Trek. Ironically, with the make-up Gary-7 did somewhat resemble an albeit tall Talosian.
    Playing antagonist Bernard, Julian Sands arrived so suddenly, silently and without fanfare that he was simply at the head of the table. David Anders arrived, and we ran through the Council Chamber scene/s and shots that were planned to be done this day. The two leads were not aloof or snobby to the rest of we supporting players, but the two were not precisely outgoingly friendly either, which I attributed to their being on their game for the project.
    Albeit what turned into a twelve hour day, it literally raced by. Ali and her crew were efficent and we got through tons of material, including but not limited to shots that initially had been thought to be done the following day. One main issue were the custom-made chairs, which sadly were a bit top-heavy. It took me to be the first for one to topple over after I rose out of mine, but on other later takes even Julian's chair slammed backwards onto the floor.
    Amusingly, for a while early Ali got "stuck" mispronouncing my name ("Did you just call me ' Joffrey'?"). She explained that between casting me and interacting with me (as the production had several days of principal photography before the Council Scenes), she'd started reading Geoffrey as Joffrey, even when she knew this was incorrect. Despite constant assurances she'd correct herself, Joffrey would keep coming out. Humourously enough, Ali would proudly point out when she pronounced my name correctly, while a minute or two later "Joffrey" would still pop out. I was never annoyed at the tiny gaffe, just amused: I've certainly been deliberately called worse in my time...
    I must say, Julian Sands is as awesome an actor as one would expect; asking clarifying questions and even urging Ali to interupt his performance for adjustments and/or if it is not up to the vision she wants. Understandably, David Anders is always at home doing his British accent, which is the same dialect I realize why I felt Matt Smith's voice seems so familiar; I was used to hearing the same accent from David Anders for years previously to seeing Matt Smith.
    David was wrapped for the day first, then after some more coverage, Julian was sent off. The rest of us wrapped shortly thereafter, and I got a ride home by Jonathon.

    Wednesday 09 June 2010
    Star Chamber
    I arrived at 10:30am for my 10:45am calltime, and rather to my financial dismay... it turned out I could have gone to work the entire day first as I was not even needed until after the very late afternoon lunchtime (at least in the morning though, Julian Sands and David Anders [each far more relaxed with us, and we with them, than the first day], each pleasantly posed for a photo with me, which Ed took and emailed to me). Julian concurred at the near-Gallifreyan look of our Councilor outfits. I couldn't help but inquire why he'd not yet guest starred on Doctor Who, whereupon he ratcheted up my respect for him a hundredfold by conveying he'd wanted to play the Doctor...!
    Over lunch Ali joined Abe, Gary-7 and me, discussing some of the film's evolution and future. She indicated that while we knew our own scenes were being shot on the RED camera, that some of the more fantasy sequences were actually being filmed in Technicolor. Ali still has to raise post-production money, which thankfully is less difficult than pre-production and actual production funds. She hopes to have it Absolutely Completely finished by January, "May at the latest." She pleasantly apologized that we would have to wait, as we were not to see any rough cut screenings.
    Today generally was more coverage of the scenes from the previous day. We met Tallulah Wayman-Harris, playing young Emmy, escorted by her Liverpuddlian mother who didn't actually introduce herself to any of the Councilors. This is Tallulah's first big project apparently, and her mother was still rather lost as to some of the detailed nuances of child actors, so she consulted with the experienced on-set teacher (whose name was not on the callsheet). As Tallulah had been to school all day, she wasn't required to do any schoolwork during breaks, but she did have a limited time window.
    Julian was wrapped relatively early (just before lunch was called), as his coverage was handled the previous day, and today was for his point of view angles. We Councilors were wrapped just after 9:30pm, shortly after Tallulah and David each were wrapped, as there were still a few shots needed of us. What I should have expected was, as the day before we shot my side of the long Council Chamber table, that the bulk of this day would be of the other side. We ran through the scenes from the previous day with additional coverage, and were almost relieved we'd not be needed again until Friday. It was still impressive to watch Julian and David's performances.
    As always, Ali was upbeat and patient, contagiously passionate. Over lunch she told us her crew knows not to come to her with a problem, unless they already have for it at least one suggestable solution. All of us stressed we not only expect Big Things from Ali in her future film making career, but that we hope to work on many if not all of them...
    As we'd broken again so late, this night Abe offered and drove me home.

    Thursday 10 June 2010
    Advance "no-food" warning
    On leaving work for the day, I retrieved a voice mail message from producer Becca Louisell (who I'd met previously; making sure everything runs smoothly, Becca's been as busy on set as a P.A.). Her message reflected that the meal for the following day would be... burritos; chipotles, etc. Essentially, stuff I cannot eat. When I conveyed to John Dion about my dietary "restrictions," I mostly mentioned how I'm one of the few American humans who doesn't eat pizza, as often pizza is the "meal of choice" for most student films, due not only to its general appeal (if not actually universal). Mentioning my inability to eat Mexican food didn't enter my thoughts.
    I returned Becca's call and pointed out if there was no other option, I could Forage, as I've had to do with other student film shoots, which also would save money on the project. A few hours later at home I got a call from 2nd AD Amanda Overton, who was clarifying at what time could I be there, and that the schedule was to endevour to have the High Council members wrapped by lunch (at which time I could either eat the [actually donated] food, or eat on my own elsewhere).

    Friday 11 June 2010
    Project Principal Photography ends
    As the bus I wanted to take decided it did not want to show up, and the last available bus I needed thankfully did, I arrived with five minutes to spare. All but one of the rest of the gang were done up; I went through as quickly as possible. David spent the majority of the time out in the hallway watching soccer on the in-house television, whilst Julian tended to pop in and out of the lounge affably (not to be confused with truly Hanging Out with us, but neither of them actually avoided us).
    As we waited being called to set, we Councilors discussed such issues as grammar (the slow decline thereof), vocabulary (slang [and other misused words] infiltrating the language), et al.
    The Council Chambers was finished, now sitting within its walls was a long, slightly forced-perspective hallway (long as in about twenty or thirty feet). Ali set us up tallest in back, shortest in front (meaning Marc and I in front). Marc and I flanked Julian as the lot of us purposefully march towards a very forced-perspective door to confront David's escaping Hammond. There were three or four different angles and camera lenses for coverage of our approach, and we wrapped right on planned time.
    Despite the few days working on this, everyone was rather saddened that principal photography was ultimately concluded. David sat relaxing in the lounge reading whilst the rest of us changed, got out of our make-ups, and Julian went round, thanking us all. Before Julian left he posed with Ali for me for my camera (being a one-time use, and not really used up, I knew it'd be a while before it was done and developed, the shots of which I could add here below).
    I stuck around for lunch as those who stayed ate; before heading up to the Red Line, I stopped by Wendys for a small quick meal, figuring about which the barely over three buck meal would hardly be worth bothering the production budget.
    Now is the long wait for the finished product. I can only hope that on the DVD will be Bonus Features: specifically a detailed photo gallery, considering how many countless behind the scenes photos were taken; hopefully the super-rare student-film Director Audio Commentary? (That would be great.)

    Sunday June 13, 2010
    Page updating
    Having been provided with his "promo card," I updated Gary-7's link to his website, where previously I had "only" his imdb entry.
    Similarly, as an email was sent out by Thaine Allison (apart from expressing missing the project [and really, who of us doesn't?] also conveyed information and links to his son's print website as well as his Super-Photobooks site), but his email signature reflected his website, so I put that as the previous link, removing Thaine's imdb entry, which has less listings that what appears to be a duplicate same-name entry. Thaine also indicated understandably looking forward to seeing the other pictures and that he'd get his posted soon.

    Wednesday 16 June 2010 - 1:00am
    Last minute wrap party
    When an Earthlink user receives an email from someone not already in one's Earthlink Email Address Book, and Earthlink isn't previously aware that the email is already known as spam, it gets shunted into a Suspect Spam Folder. The unknown email sender is sent an auto-response conveying their status, and to click on a link that auto-sends a notice to the recipient, requesting being added to the Address Book so future emails go directly to the Inbox. Having not previously been sent any emails from producer Becca Louisell, her first email went into my Suspect Spam Folder.
    Unfortunately, the first email from her I received (along with the entire crew and cast), was notice that there was a same-night Maiden and the Princess wrap party... from 10pm to 2am, in Silver Lake. Had I been aware of it, or if it had been sent the previous day or even previous evening, I could have attended. But it was sent/received the same Tuesday evening, and I'd completed my "email rounds," as it were, and was up to date with my MySpace and Facebook stuff, and was watching (the first half of) Lawrence of Arabia on DVD with a friend. Having started viewing the classic feature shortly after the time that I would have had to have started out to the party (to have made it by 10pm), it was about midnight that my friend was ready to have the DVD paused to resume the following evening.
    I do check my Known Spam and Supect Spam Folders manually, as Earthlink sometimes annoyingly sends Address Book Added emails to one of my two Spam Folders. When I came across the party invitation, it was far too late (even if I owned a car), for me to have made it. All I could do was send my lamentable regrets, wishes that those who attended enjoyed themselves, and looking forward to seeing what production photos people had taken. Having finished off my one-time use camera, I'd had it developed for some of the newer photos to be added below to those I'd included at first.

    Click on photo for full size image.
    Geoffrey Gould with Julian Sands for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With Julian Sands for
    The Maiden and the Princess
    Geoffrey Gould with David Anders of 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With David Anders for
    The Maiden and the Princess
    Geoffrey Gould for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Councilor make-up detail
    Geoffrey Gould of 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Councilor make-up detail
    Geoffrey Gould costume in 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Councilor 6 make-up and costume
    for The Maiden and the Princess
    (Photo by Ed Fallin.)
    Geoffrey Gould High Councilor make-up in 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    High Councilor make-up for Councilor 6
    in The Maiden and the Princess
    (Photo by Ed Fallin.)
    Geoffrey Gould in 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    [Most of] the High Council of
    The Maiden and the Princess
    (uncropped due to the
    substantial amount of orbs).
    Geoffrey Gould in 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    The High Council Councilors
    (uncropped due to the
    substantial amount of orbs).
    Geoffrey Gould with Julian Sands for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With Julian Sands for
    The Maiden and the Princess.
    (With another unexpected orb, top right: is the
    magick of the production attracting them?)
    Geoffrey Gould of 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With Ali Scher
    Geoffrey Gould for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With Ali Scher
    Geoffrey Gould of 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With Catherine Elhoffer
    Geoffrey Gould for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    With Amanda Overton and Ali Scher
    Geoffrey Gould for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Ali Scher with
    producer Becca Louisell
    Geoffrey Gould of 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Julian Sands with Ali Scher
    Geoffrey Gould for 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Wrap-Lunch of the Living Dead
    Geoffrey Gould of 'The Maiden and the Princess''
    Councilor 1: Marc Segal

    Wednesday 09 February 2011
    Upcoming audio looping
    On Monday (Jonathan Salisbury and) I got a nice email from Ali:
    "I'm ecstatic to tell you that we are literally one month from FINISHING the film completely :) The reason I'm writing you two specifically is because you were the only two on the council that had solid British accents down and I'm in dire need of some British accents for ADR :) We're doing this cool thing with sound where every time the camera passes through the piping in between floors we hear muffled fairytales being told by other narrators traveling through the pipes. I was wondering if there's any way you guys could do me a huge favor and attend our ADR session this Saturday. It would be at 6:30pm at USC in the new, fancy ADR suite in the basement. I will be eternally grateful!!!!
    let me know if you guys think it's a possibility :) CAN'T WAIT to show you the final film!!!
    I immediately responded in the affirmative, to which, on the 9th, Ali replied (along with some directions I don't need to include here):
    "Thank you SO much :) That's amazing!!!! I'll have material there for you to play with. It shouldn't take long AT ALL! We'll start around 6:30pm.
    you are THE BEST!!!
    I had to notify my friend Henry that I would not be able to perform my duties cohosting the Saturday night online radio show The Paranormal View due to the ADR work. He was okay with it, though it did mean I'd be missing two shows back to back, as back in December 2010 when I first accepted his invitation for me to cohost the show, I told Henry that Presidents Day weekend I'd be at GallifreyOne

    Saturday 12 February 2011
    ADR and other adventures
    My friend Max had previously notified me of the Los Angeles premier screening of his written/directed science fiction feature film Atlantis Down was Sunday the 20th. We discussed my bringing to GallifreyOne informational promotion cards for the areas that have such. We agreed to meet at my Sherman Oaks rental box around 1:30pm. Unfortunately after an hour and a half of travel, as I emerged from the Universal Station, Max texted me that his car was broken, and he'd mail the promo cards.
    With so much time on my hands, I handled an errand in Hollywood, took my time busing down to USC where I casually ate at the Wendys there.
    It was still only about 4pm.
    I got to the Lucas Building and figured I'd find out where the ADR studio was, and go relax someplace. On exiting the elevator, there was Ali, thrilled to see me but understandably having to indicate she didn't have the ADR studio until 6:30. I went upstairs and relaxed until 5:30, as Ali suggested if the person ahead was done early maybe they could get me in.
    I came down as Becca came across me, and set up snacks for those working on the ADR. A little after 6:30 Ali retrieved me and we went in. Ali took some shots of me with my camera; I did a few takes and filled with high praised compliments, Ali thanked me for coming out to do this. She said the film should be finished in about a month, so I figured most likely more like early April.
    The route back was easier than expected, and I got in around 9pm'ish.

    Friday 25 March 2011
    We received a wonderful and thank-filled email from Ali, that an official trailer for The Maiden and The Princess had been posted on youtube, that the film had been outputted to tape and was done. (In the trailer I spotted a quick but recognizable shot of me at 0:20 seconds...)
    Ali added that it's premier screening would be May 15th (I presumed it would screen at the Norris Theatre on USC campus, as she mentioned it would screen with five other USC thesis films).
    She added their current shopping for DVD authoring places, the film's poster being designed, and film festival submission/s (in my reply I recommended the United Film Festival/s, as it holds its film festival/s across the country and overseas throughout the year).

    The Maiden and the Princess trailer

    Wednesday 13 April 2011
    Fan page
    Ali Scher created and posted a Maiden and the Princess Fan Page on Facebook.

    Saturday 23 April 2011
    A call to arms... or... wallets anyway...
    Ali sent out an email-blast:

    Subject: Maiden Kickstarter Campaign!
    Date: Apr 23, 2011 5:11pm
    Hello Wonderful Cast and Crew!
    I've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Maiden's festival journey! All the HDCam tapes, shipping and DVD screeners add up :)
    If you wouldn't mind just spreading the word, that'd be amazing!! Even posting it on your facebook walls or tweeting about it would be incredibly helpful!
    Here's the link:
    An email invite to our May 15th premier will soon be going out. Can't wait to see you all there!!
    Thank you so much, you are all AMAZING,
    ps- if you don't feel comfortable posting it to your walls or passing it on, don't worry about it! Just have fun watching the trailer again again :)

    Tuesday 10 May 2011
    New publicity still/s
    Ali tagged me (tagged each of us really, except for Julian at the far end, at the head of the table, to whom she refers in the photo's caption...), in one of the photos she posted in her Publicity Stills photo album at the The Maiden and The Princess Facebook page.

    Publicity Shot of the The Grand High Council of Fairytale Rules and Standards, led by Julian Sands as Bernard
    The Grand High Council of Fairytale Rules and Standards, led by Julian Sands as Bernard
    (I'm still second from the right, next to Marc...)

    Sunday 15 May 2011
    I arrived characteristically early. First to start arriving were the filmmakers whose five shorts would be shown. Ali brought an easel, the large poster, and somehow in her diminutive form, a trunkload of nervousness.
    Wearing a super cute silver outfit she likened to the High Counsil, it appeared at first glance more classic era Star Trek material (which for anyone who knows me, is perfectly fine...). While we were waiting, Ali conveyed to me a rather Big Secret I was not to reveal until she made to all her official announcement thereof.
    Someone eventually arrived to unlock the building (Ali was almost to the point of no longer joking about kicking in the doors' glass). Inside, the doors from lobby into the auditorium were guarded (by myself as well), as upstairs they were testing the images from the projection booth. I'd already had the foresight the moment the building was unlocked, to bring my stuff into the auditorium and lay claim to my seat down front. I'd been to enough such screenings at Norris to known each filmmaker's outro ends with introducing the next filmmaker's film.
    The film was very impressive and I was quite proud of having worked on it (one shot of me, puzzled as to whether David's character's narration is going off script, got a nice audience laugh).
    During the evening, I managed to snag some video of the filmmakers, the intro to Ali's film and Ali's subsequent comments (of which posted on my Career Progress Group on Facebook she was rather embarressed: not by what she said, but in a Speaking On Camera sort of way).

    Wednesday 08 June 2011
    The Big Secret revealed
    Ali emailed her cast and crew, reporting to them what she'd told me at the USC screening...

    Subject: Palm Springs!!!
    Date: Jun 8, 2011 2:14pm
    Hello AMAZING Cast and Crew :)
    It was WONDERFUL seeing so many of you at the USC screening! I just wanted to let you all know that The Maiden and The Princess will be making its World Premier at the Oscar qualifying Palm Springs Shortfest!!!!!!!! SO STOKED! You are all, of course, welcome to come out and support the film later this month. Here's the info on our screening:
    Saturday, June 25 - 4:30 pm - Camelot Theatres as part of the Girls Night Out program
    The complete schedule will be available on its website at on June 11, 2011. Tickets will go on sale June 14th for friends and family.
    I'll be there, of course :) most of the week, and I'd LOVE to see some of you as well!!!
    As far as DVDs go, we're working on it, I promise! The main reason we haven't gotten them out yet is funds. We're trying to find affordable deals and get people to design the menu and DVD case and such for free, so it might be a little bit longer. Be patient, I promise we're working on it and they're coming in the next couple months!!! If you'd like to assist our efforts and get us there sooner, post our kickstarter account to your facebook wall, tweet it, send it out to family and friends!
    Here's the link again:
    The Palm Springs acceptance is official and you are all welcome to post about it or tell anyone you want! Hopefully more emails like this will come your way soon!!!
    Thanks so much,

    Sadly for me, the Palm Springs (2300 East Baristo Road) film festival location would be a two hour drive from where I'd been staying, and, relying on public transit... there's no way to get to Palm Springs.

    Friday 10 June 2011
    Another newsy happy happy joy joy email blast from Ali (emphasis [e.g., all clickable clarifying links therein] added):

    Subject: Outfest!!!
    Date: Jun 10, 2011 4:35pm
    Hello again RIDICULOUSLY INCREDIBLE cast and crew
    I have more good news! The Maiden and The Princess will be making its LA premier as an official selection at OUTFEST!!!!
    Not just that, but we're screening at..... THE DGA!!! Pretty exciting stuff :) I was told by our programmer that we are the only short being screened FOUR times. The most any other short will screen is three times. We will be screening three times as part of the Girls Shorts program (I was told this is the most popular of the shorts programs!!!) as well as before a feature documentary called "Boy Cheerleaders." That one may not be accessible to you guys as it's specifically for kids and students High School and under... which is exactly the demographic we'd LOVE to play for, so we'll call it a win regardless!
    Here are the screening times and venues:
    [Saturday] July 9th- We screen at the DGA before the feature film "Boy Cheerleaders" at noon.
    [Friday] July 15th- Girls Shorts 9:45pm
    [Friday] July 15th- Girls Shorts 10:00pm (the reason we're screening twice in one night at nearly the same time is that they have been sold out for this screening every year, so they added one right next door and just scattered the start times :)
    [Sunday] July 17th- Girls Shorts 12:30pm
    Make sure to reserve tickets and bring friends as there is an AUDIENCE CHOICE award for best short!! We're up against some amazing films and it should be a great festival!
    I hope to see you all there!!!!

    ''The Maiden and the Princess'' at Outfest

    I discovered on the Outfest site, as of this entry date, their "click here for tickets" button was useless. Then I found, quite by accident, "hidden" at the bottom of the page, the single line "For ticketing information please phone 213-480-7065 or email" so I emailed, asking how to acquire the ticket (in a received reply I was informed tickets would go on sale Monday June 13th, and either to call the number or go through the website).
    (In her email Ali omits to mention the tickets are $13.00, and/or that the Saturday screening was free.)

    Sunday 19 June 2011
    Dedicated page/s
    Maiden and the Princess costume designer (and website designer), Katie Elhoffer announced at her Elhoffer Design page on Facebook, that she had updated the Maiden and the Princess website.
    Predictably I quickly checked it out, and sure enough, it was more "Industry accessable," I thought would be a good description ("hidden" in the bottom left corner of the pages is the "Web Design by Catherine Elhoffer" credit). It was more practical in its design, and each principal actor got their own webpage, such as mine.
    I couldn't help but comically point out that by now I've actually passed the plus 80 mark on how many student films on which I've worked.

    ''Geoffrey Gould as a Councilman'' ribbon

    I'm A Backer Friday 08 July 2011
    Financial goal reached and other updates
    At the film's kickstarter page Maiden and the Princess reached $3139 of its $2500 goal. Ali had already emailed me clarifying with my donation, I'd be getting a DVD along with the one for having worked on it. Ali then emailed out the Project's Current Posting:

    Congratulations everyone!!! We've not only met our goal, we've exceeded it by $600 :) WOOOOOOOO
    Thank you ALL so much for helping us get there! We can finally afford to get those DVDs made and sent out to you all!!!
    Since most of the rewards include the DVD, I just want to let you all know that it will still be a month or two til we are able to get them authored and sent out. I'm sorry for the delay :( but we've been waiting on this money, so there's still quite a bit to be done. Here's how it breaks down: We'll get the money from kickstarter in 14 days, then we'll immediately deliver the video and sound to the person who will author the menu and subtitles. After that, we'll send out the authored DVD to a duplication facility where they will take our cover designs and the DVD itself and reproduce a thousand copies!!!! Once that's done, all we have to do is put the DVD in the mail!!
    I'll do my best to keep you all updated on the entire process! Until then, just make sure to answer the survey we send out with your address so we have it ready on file! Again, we're very sorry to make you wait!
    On the festival front, Maiden has been accepted to TWO more festivals this month! Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival (another Oscar qualifier, that's two now for those of us counting :) ) and HollyShorts Film Festival, an LA based festival created by people in the industry to help get good shorts seen by people in the industry! We'll be updating our website and facebook page with any info on those two fests, so keep checking!!
    Again, thank you all so very much for helping us get this film fully finished! I can't tell you how grateful I am! It was so wonderful waking up this morning knowing that the DVDs are going to actually happen, and that we can afford to send out to any festival we please!!! You've made an enormous difference in the life span of this film, and all of us involved thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
    Rhode Island International Film Festival
    Rhode Island International Film Festival
    HollyShorts Film Festival
    HollyShorts Film Festival

    Saturday 09 July 2011
    Rising at the crack of dawn, I headed down to my rental box in the morning so to be at the DGA by about 10am for the free noon screening of Maiden and the Princess for Outfest. It should be noted that the page for the specific free noon screening did not convey anything beyond this:

    The Maiden And The Princess
    Special Events
    (USA, 2010, 18 mins)
    (In English)
    Directed By: Ali Scher
    Emmy kisses a little girl on the playground and is left feeling isolated and alone. The Grand High Council of Fairy Tale Rules and Standards sends her a hetero-normative fairytale to set her down the 'right' path in life.
    Screening Schedule
    Sat, Jul 9th Noon FREE
    DGA 2
    This event is already past

    Well, it's certainly past now...
    That was the only information regarding this specific date/time screening.
    I arrived about 10:10am. I went over to the Will Call table and procurred my previously online-purchased ticket for Friday the 15th, then headed over to the queue.
    After a couple of minutes I began to suspect maybe one needed a "ticket" for the free screening, to allow for enough seats, etc.
    I went back to the ticket table and learned the Free Screening was actually something of a bait-and-switch, particularly based on the webpage. The screening, coupled with a feature documentary about male cheerleading, was Only Free for specific (types of) students or such.
    I pointed out no such caveat was provided in the Maiden and the Princess screening webpage regarding this specific screening. She went to the back but was told by her superior that those with the proper pass to see it for free would be let in first, which I felt was fair, then I was told I could pay $13 for the "free" screening (if there were any seats left).
    Well, understandably I was not about to pay for an advertised free screening, so I chose I'd just attend on the 15th, having already paid for that one. At least I got home hours early for my afternoon radio show.

    Wednesday 13 July 2011
    Hollyshorts update
    Having added myself to their mailing list upon Ali's email regarding the HollyShorts Film Festival, I received from them an update email, to wit:

    HollyShorts long on pix-'Ten Year' to kick off fest
    7th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival Takes off August 11-18 at Various Locations in Hollywood, CA
    Hollywood, July 13, 2011 The organizers of HollyShorts (, have announced the full lineup for the 7th annual HollyShorts Film Festival, which takes place August 11-18 in various locations throughout Hollywood.
    Acclaimed writer Jamie Linden (Dear John, We Are Marshall) will premiere his short film "The Envelope in the Glovebox" which he used to pitch into the star-studded feature film adaptation "Ten Year," that stars Channing Tatum, Kate Mara, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Anthony Mackie, and Scott Porter. "The Envelope in the Glovebox" written and directed by Linden will be featured at the HollyShorts opening night celebration at Arclight Hollywood, Thursday August 11.
    From August 12-18, HollyShorts is showcasing 300 short form projects including short films, music videos, web series, and commercials. HollyShorts sponsor Company 3 is supplying a total of $30,000 in post production and finishing services for the winners in the Best Short Film ($10K), Best Director ($10K), Best Commercial ($5K) and Best Music Video ($5K) categories respectfully.
    The winners will be announced during the HollyShorts awards on August 18.
    About HollyShorts
    HollyShorts is an organization devoted to showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe, advancing the careers of filmmakers through screenings, networking events, and various panel and forums. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 30- minutes or less.
    This year's festival programs will include such genres as: Animation, Family, Horror, Drama, Thriller, Romance, Action, Experimental, Student, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Web Series, Commercials and Music Videos. Advanced tickets and all access passes are now available on, and opening night and fest all-access passes are available at
    Below please find the lineup of the accepted short form projects in competition at the 7th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival. The remaining accepted short films will be posted on the HollyShorts website and announced via Twitter @hollyshorts this Thursday at 10pm PT.

    And obviously, Maiden and the Princess was amongst the titles listed for short subjects.

    Wednesday 01 September 2011
    Upcoming festival information
    Ali sent out a new email-blast regarding upcoming screenings....

    From: Ali Scher
    Subject: The Maiden and The Princess update
    Date: Sep 1, 2011 10:25 AM
    Hello again Maiden cast and crew!!!
    Sorry it's been a little while since my last update. I just wanted to let you know, the DVD's have been authored by the incredibly talented Lindsay Morrison, the cover art has been masterfully complete by Casey Armstrong, and now all that needs to be done is duplication! We sent everything off to the duplication people a few days ago, and in a few weeks, we'll get our DVD's!!!
    On the festival front, we haven't been doing too shabby either. Since my last post, we've been invited to FIVE more fests!
    Here's a list of the new fests:

    1. One of only 14 films selected for the FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia
    2. Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in New Mexico
    3. ImageOut, the Rochester Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
    4. Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (October)
    5. The Washington DC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival: Reel Affirmations
    We've also been invited to screen at the OPENING NIGHT of the TAMPA Jewish Film Festival, in February of next year. Stay tuned for more details on that one!
    For more information on any of these fests, please visit us at and go to our festival page. festival page. Clicking on the festival's laurel will take you to that festival's web page.
    ALSO, if anyone has friends or family in Philadelphia, that one is a pretty big one for us and we need a good turn out! The awards are all given according to audience voting, and the grand prize is 10,000$, so we need those votes!!! I'll let you know the date as soon as they give it to us.
    If you use facebook, please go to our page and "like" us. Then you can get updates the minute they happen!
    Can't wait to get those DVDs out to all of you!!! Thanks for being so patient.
    Love, Ali
    FirstGlance Film Festival, Philadelphia
    Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Fetival
    ImageOut: Rochester
    Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

    Williamstown Film Festival Strangely, Ali omitted mentioning the Williamstown Film Festival, though this may be due to the festival's own website neglecting to clarify in what state it is located... Virginia...?
    The FirstGlance Film Festival has a YouTube Channel, with the promotional trailers for respective films that will be shown, including (certainly not limited to), the Maiden and the Princess trailer.

    Wednesday 21 September 2011
    Latest festival updates
    On Monday I retrieved from my rental box my DVD copies; today on Facebook Ali reported that The Maiden and The Princess was an official selection at the Austin Film Festival (an Oscar qualifier festival), as well as an official selection for the London Lift-Off Film Festival, the short's United Kingdom premier.

    London Lift-Off Film Festival Austin Film Festival

    Thursday 05 January 2012
    North Carolina
    I've not been as faithful as I should with updates herein; Ali announced on Facebook being super stoked that The Maiden and The Princess was an official selection at the March 2012 Charlotte Film Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina (at the Epicentre Theaters, 210 East Trade Street [28202]...).

    Sunday 29 January 2012
    Cleveland International Film Festival
    Ali announced via Facebook that The Maiden and The Princess had just become an official selection for it's fourth Academy Award qualifying film festival, the Cleveland International Film Festival.

    Tuesday, 06 March 2012
    West Chester Film Festival
    Ali posted that The Maiden and The Princess had been nominated for three awards at the West Chester Film Festival; for Best Comedy, Best Student Film, and Best Female Filmmaker.

    Monday 16 April 2012
    FirstGlance and other updates.
    Ali email-blasted some updates and news: Maiden and the Princess was reportedly doing exceptionally well on the festival circuit, recently having won a CTA Award (a Student Emmy), that was presented by Geena Davis, and that the previous day at the USC in-house festival the film took home three of the six faculty voted awards for 2012, including Best Editing, Best Sound Design and Best Directing. It was one the greatest days for Ali, to be honoured by the people who taught her everything and who she respects so much. She thanked us and reiterated that the film wouldn't be nearly as successful without "such an insanely talented cast," and her being grateful to each and every one of us.
    She let us know about the upcoming fest in LA called FirstGlance Hollywood and that the Audience Award winner wins ten thousand dollars.
    The screening was set for Saturday the 21st at 1:30pm (the doors would open at 1:15), the coming Saturday at Raleigh Studios, and Ali understandably urged us to invited as many friends as we could. I posted the information to my Facebook Wall and to my Career Progress Group.
    Ali provided the ticket purchase information, and that Maiden and the Princess would be part of the Matinee #1 block. She provided a Facebook Event link in case anyone wanted to invite people that way, containing all the info about the fest.

    FirstGlance Film Festival
    FirstGlance Hollywood poster

    Saturday 21 April 2012
    Considering how many people were at the previous film festival at Raleigh Studios I'd attended, I arrived for the "around 1:30pm" screening at 12:30pm to find myself characteristically... first.
    FirstGlance Film Festival They were still setting up, and outside I met friendly Nic Baisley of Film Snobbery, who told me he had interviewed Ali but not yet met her in person (ironically, later while I would find the page "with" the interview, the embedded video thereon wasn't working, and at their iTune Podcasts I found, it didn't seem to list the interview at all, so as yet I cannot share/embed it here.)
    Nic had not yet seen Maiden and the Princess but looked forward to it, though as he was red-carpet interviewing people, it seemed unlikely he'd be able to see it on the big screen upstairs. When Ali arrived I brought her over to meet Nic, and she provided him with a DVD copy of the film.
    The turn-out could have been better, and while festival head Bill Ostroff said the block of films we were to see were the best of the hundreds of submissions, it makes one wonder how bad were the ones that'd actually been rejected...
    First up was Gigi: Almost American, the pilot episode of a webisode series, the episode of which was a one-joke concept, and provided no reason to continue viewing if one had to wait for further episodes; while it is possible watching several in a row might make it entertaining, its first episode was not what one would call compelling enough to want to see more.
    I liked Whole Day Down mostly as it starred Willie Garson of White Collar; it was also the pilot episode of its webside series, but at least it had a storyline.
    Newsworthy was about a fellow who takes Dweeb to a whole new level of embarressment, and despite his eventual victory, as it were, throughout he's just a little too over-the-top annoying.
    The high-end Maiden and the Princess still looked like a major motion picture studio made it, and even more so when set along side to the "quality" of the other films shown with it. Even stranger, the last film in the block following Maiden was a heavily depressing piece called Literally, Right Before Aaron, listed as a "comedy," it was the painful journey of a man suffering through attending his ex girlfriend's wedding rehearsal, wedding and the reception. While it had a few moments of humour, mostly it was just cringingly painful, and the film literally had no Out. There were a few misdirects (that or just bad directorial decisions), implying the lead would find happiness himself (an attractive blonde eyes him at the ceremony, implying interest but in retrospect she was wondering if he planned to speak up at the "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" offer; later a super cute brunette, seemingly interested in him, pulls him onto the dance floor), but these possibilities went nowhere, and he spirals into a totally dislikable jerk by the end.
    The positive aspect would be the obvious Audience Jury Award win for Maiden and the Princess, unless those of the other projects gave themselves high marks due to Music Man Syndrome, and it didn't seem as though there were that many in attendence for the other shorts shown. Afterward, Olivia concurred with me that they should have shown Maiden last, and end on a happy, high note, rather than the wtf "ending" of the awkward Literally, Right Before Aaron film.
    On one hand, there was no Q&A after the screening/s, but as it was, Ali had a shoot to which she had to rush, after she and I along with Maiden and the Princess music composer Corey Wallace, were interviewed by Nic on the red carpet.

    Click on photo for full size image.
    At FirstGlance Film Festival for ''The Maiden and the Princess'' 21 April 2012; Geoffrey Goould, director/co-writer Ali Scher and film's composer Corey Wallace
    At FirstGlance Film Festival for ''The Maiden and the Princess'' 21 April 2012; Nic Baisley Red Carpet interviewing Geoffrey Goould, director/co-writer Ali Scher and film's composer Corey Wallace
    At FirstGlance Film Festival for ''The Maiden and the Princess'' 21 April 2012; Nic Baisley Red Carpet interviewing Geoffrey Goould, director/co-writer Ali Scher and film's composer Corey Wallace
    At FirstGlance Film Festival for ''The Maiden and the Princess'' 21 April 2012; Nic Baisley Red Carpet interviewing Geoffrey Goould, director/co-writer Ali Scher and film's composer Corey Wallace
    At FirstGlance Film Festival for ''The Maiden and the Princess'' 21 April 2012; Geoffrey Goould, director/co-writer Ali Scher and film's composer Corey Wallace
    At FirstGlance Film Festival for The Maiden and the Princess 21 April 2012; on the Red Carpet,
    Nic Baisley interviewing Geoffrey Gould, director/co-writer Ali Scher and film's composer Corey Wallace.

    Tuesday 01 May 2012
    Ivy Film Festival win
    Ali posted on Facebook that The Maiden and The Princess had won the Grand Jury Prize at the Ivy Film Festival, as well as their 2012 award for Social Change; thanking them so much for such an incredible honour.

    Ivy Film Festival
    Ivy Film Festival

    FirstGlance Film Festival Hollywood 2012
    Red Carpet interview with Ali Scher,
    Corey Wallace and Geoffrey Gould

    Sunday 13 May 2012
    New screening event announced
    Ali announced on Facebook: "The Maiden and The Princess is playing tomorrow night - Monday, May 14th at 6pm - as part of the NewFilmmakers Series at Sunset Gower Studios! Admission is only $6 and it's a really cool group of shorts screening, so come check it out if you can! I'll be there :) "
    I ordered my ticket, and invited several local friends to attend.

    New FilmMakers Los Angeles

    Monday 14 May 2012
    NewFilmmakers Series
    I arrived at the Sunset Gower Studios around 5:30pm and found Ali at the reception, along with Jonathan and his daughter. We were interviewed on the red carpet; just before six, along with the rest of the audience, the four of us headed over to the sound stage at which the screenings were being shown, past where I worked on the Hustle season finale episode.
    Apart from the projection image being just misproportioned enough to be noticeable, the other films were okay to very good.
    Back at the crowded reception after the screening, the noise was such that any attempts at actual networking was useless, but it was a good event and watching The Maiden and the Princess on a big screen never gets old.

    Monday 11 June 2012
    Latest upcoming film festival screening/s
    Ali posted on Facebook that The Maiden and the Princess would be screened at the Massachusetts Provincetown International Film Festival June 13th at 7:30pm (at the Art House, 214 Commercial St., Provincetown), and June 16th at 9:30pm (at the Water's Edge Cinema, 237 Commercial St., Provincetown).
    Shortly afterward, Ali added somewhat vaguely "We're playing in San Fransisco at Frameline Fest in a week and a half!!!!", which (as this is Why You Have A Badger), turned out to mean that the short would screen as part of the Fun In Girls Shorts program-block at the Castro Theatre, Saturday, June 16 at 1:30pm and again Sunday, June 24 at 11:30am.
    Really wish I could attend this one: turns out one of the shorts in the same block is Do You Have a Cat? starring the lovely and talented Amber Benson.

    Provincetown International Film Festival
    Provincetown International
    Film Festival
    FrameLine Film Festival

    Wednesday 25 July 2012
    USC: #1...!
    Ali shared via Facebook:

    It's official, USC is the #1 Film School!!! AND the picture they use at the top of the article is from my thesis film The Maiden and The Princess! The pic features Nicholas Musurca center, our amazing DP!
    Hollywood Reporter article link

    Monday 11 December 2012
    To everyone's Happy Happy Joy Joy, Ali announced that she and Olivia were officially engaged.

    Thursday 17 December 2020
    Officially online
    Ali posted on Facebook that The Maiden and the Princess is online via Omeleto, asking people to go view and Like the video to improves its metrics ratios.

    The Maiden and the Princess
    Geoffrey Gould imdb entry
    The Maiden and the Princess
    IMDB entry

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