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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

The Office
episode 5.15, Lecture Circuit

Tuesday November 04, 2008
Tentatively booked
Whilst home, believing I would get the call I was booked as principal on a national commercial, my calling service called, albeit aware being On Avail for the commercial, I was unavailable Friday, I was told Central wanted me for an episode of The Office for Friday. We agreed my being On Avail would negate that, but we also agreed we had no idea if I would be needed for the commercial Friday or Saturday or even Thursday. Lou put me down as "tentative" for The Office, in case it become clear that Friday becomes available...

Wednesday November 05, 2008
Guy Fawkes Day
Instead of skipping another day's work, I went to work, planning after 9am to check my messages every hour or so.
At 2:13pm the call had come in that I was booked for the commercial, shooting the next day/Thursday. I also got a call from my calling service; seeing if I "could be" available Thursday as I was picture-picked for something. I neglected to ask for what, but did let them know that I was booked and working the commercial Thursday, and that Friday seemed still to be a go for The Office.

Thursday November 06, 2008
Available Friday
After we'd wrapped the commercial and I was done and as I headed back to my trailer to handle the paperwork for the national commercial which would premier during the 2009 Superbowl. I called my calling service and confirmed I was set for The Office.

Friday November 07, 2008
The end of a good week
I was still a bit achey from the day before; for the national commercial I got to do lots of running. But it was a good and thankfully easy shoot. Crew parking was easy enough, considering held at a hotel which formerly hosted the annual Doctor Who convention GallifreyOne. I arrived a half hour early and had breakfast.
Our wrangler Greg had the challenge of juggling two locations from a distant basecamp and another distant crew parking. The lot of us went through wardrobe and such, and were shuttled to set, ironically very close to where I worked for eighteen months years ago.
Essentially, at first, we just stood and looked out a window at departing Steve Carell as Michael Scott and Jenna Fischer as Pam. Later we filmed a scene where Steve as Michael, holds a presentation that doesn't go quite as well as he planned (remember that I do not believe in providing storyline spoilers myself [such generally being readily available Elsewhere notwithstanding], only indications of where I can be seen).
I sit in the front row of a small conference room, next to a girl eventually referred to as "Freckles." Between set-ups, she and I got to talking, and I learned she was friends with enough of the production that when they came up with her role, they figured, hey, why not Claire...? It turned out Claire Scanlon is a producer/editor, having worked such shows as Last Comic Standing (season six), and The Apprentice, the latter of which was created by her husband Mark Burnett, who also created Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, and Survivor, among others.
It was awesome to watch Steve Carell act. He got every beat and even when he added to it, he did not detract from the spirit of the scene or the script.
Close to the end of the day he came into holding as craft services was there. He got to chatting with me and two others. The lovely and talented Jenna Fischer also wandered about, but at the time I wasn't aware she was Jenna Fischer, or I would have mentioned to her I'd worked on Blades of Glory and Walk Hard.
We filmed one more segment where the background were in cubicles as Michael and Pam arrive at the branch office.
Greg had us shuttled back to wardrobe and then to crew parking after signing us out. Aware I was heading to the eastbound bus, the driver offered to take me as far as Sherman Way and Woodman. As we got closer to Van Nuys Boulevard the traffic had gotten even heavier. I suggested he could turn north onto Van Nuys Boulevard, drop me off and make a right onto Valerio. I used to live on Valerio just east of Woodman, so I knew he could avoid much of the traffic with the same short cut I used to use. From there I caught the bus south to the Orange Line to the NoHo station Red Line back to home...

Monday January 26, 2009
After much manually checking through January, the Lecture Circuit episode finally came up with a February 5th air-date. This creates a rapid-fire effect of Thursday January 29th CSI episode Disarmed and Dangerous, as well as my national Superbowl commercial, directly preceding the Lecture Circuit episode for The Office.

Thursday February 05, 2009
Last of the November shoots airing
The voting "results" went up on this morning, but only declared the Top Five voted spots, so my Pedigree® Super Bowl commercial could have been ranked #6 or #60 for all they're telling.
As reported, my The Office episode Lecture Circuit was scheduled to air this evening, the last of the cluster of gigs shot November of 2008. I contacted my friend Dave to record the episode: if my appearance is solid/visible enough I will have a DVD version from which frame-grabs can be acquired.
On arriving home, I discovered the episode is a two-parter and had to wait to learn my scene/s would be within part two...

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Episode airing and limited-available Hulu video
For those who missed my appearance on the episode Lecture Circuit for The Office, here is the video while it's still available. Hulu will remove this video in a week or so. As they enter the Nashua office at time mark 4:52, right after the "photo shoot" outside of the Nashua Dunder Mifflin offices, inside there is a quick shot of workers in cubicles: I am at the far right in my grey suit. The presentation scene goes from time mark 8:30 though 12:28. At time mark 9:46, I'm there in the front row as A.J. answers the inquiry about his dating. At 10:32 (and 10:42) as Steve Carell as Michael starts to have a panic attack, I'm there at the right, watching, as we wonder if this is part of the presentation or what. As he begins to back out of the room, there is a momentary huge close up of me at 11:03 [bg]. At 14:57 as Michael and Jenna Fischer as Pam go to leave, she strongly urges him not to look up, where those from the office stare down incredulously at the two. It's a really quick shot: I am the second guy in the row.

Saturday August 29, 2009
Back online again for a while
I received an email notice from Hulu that the Lecture Circuit episode was back online, so for a while the video embedded below was viewable again.

Video on Hulu was revived...
but now apart from the first few moments, it's only viewable via HuluPlus.

Wednesday October 26, 2011
Update; video and frame grabs
I Netflixed The Office Season Five DVD disc on which was my episode, and frame-grabbed me in my scene (I also retreived the Blu-Ray link for the fifth season).
I also checked and learned that the Hulu video above has been relegated to Hulu Plus users only.

The Office:
Season Five

The Office:
Season Five
Click on thumbnail for full image.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15 Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Awaiting the presentation
Steve Carell on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
As Michael, Steve enters, being humourous;
my familiar pate is at the left.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
We're amused at his Opening With Humour.
Steve Carell in ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Michael asks who in the room are the salesmen.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
I am not a salesman.
But I glance to see who reacts.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
A.J. answers Michael's question/s.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
We watch as Michael begins his meltdown.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
The camera starts to zoom...
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
... right to my face as I watch, bewildered
as on all fours Michael slowly flees the room.
Jenna Fischer in ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Jenna, as Pam, takes over the presenation
for Michael who has crawled from the room.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
We are not sure where this is all going.
Jenna Fischer in ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Pam indicates people by their appearance
as how to remember them, albeit "insulting."
Claire Scanlon working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Pam refers to Claire Scanlon as "Freckles"...
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
We are too astonished even to retort.
Geoffrey Gould working on ''The Office'' episode 5.15
Later we make sure they are leaving,
wondering why they even came...
(This was the first thing we shot.)
Geoffrey Gould with Steve Carell at ''The Office'' shoot
Steve Carell with Geoffrey Gould
at The Office shoot

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