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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Table for Three

Monday May 19, 2008
I stopped by my calling service to drop off payment towards June and July (when I can, I like to pay bills in advance). Johnny was pleased I happened in as he was able to relate I was already booked for Thursday on something new called Table for Three.
I was told I was to have a five o'clock shadow, but I didn't know yet whether this meant I'd be playing homeless or an end of a work day office worker or what. I figured I would find out Wednesday when I received my information. As at the time I was apartment and dog-sitting for my producer friend off for her second go at the Cannes Film Festival, I brought back with me my homeless outfit; my suit was already at her place from the Barry Munday shoot the previous week.
I also dropped off for developing my recent one-time use camera for next-day developing, at the very least on which were photos of me with affable writer/director Chris D'Arienzo and the equally pleasant Patrick Wilson, from the Barry Munday shoot.

Wednesday May 21, 2008
I checked my voice mail to learn one of my favourite casting directors was working this film, tomorrow being its second day of production. My calling service told me I was to be a Bar Patron, and provided me with the 6pm+ hotline number, which I called Just To Hear what might be on there. I learned merely that Wednesday the 21st was the first day of filming and it's set in a small town in Oregon. I knew if crew parking was the same place on my shoot date as it was for its first, I would have probably little problem getting there via the MTA. But on Monday Johnny had told me they were expecting from me "a five o'clock shadow" (which to me meant being barely readable: the end of a day's work), so the previous night I shaved, so to go through Wednesday and to Thursday morning looking a little scruffy. Had I know the Oregon frame of reference, I might not have needed to shave at all; they probably would want me even scruffier.
I arrived for my 3pm calltime by 2:40pm. The location was one at the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles, several of such at which I've worked. While most have been near the 6th street bridge, this one actually was below the 6th street bridge.
Also playing one of the bar patrons was Dick Post, who I met and with whom I worked on Miss Guided. We eventually learned the film is a comedy, written and directed by Michael Samonek, and that the lead for this film was Brandon Routh (of Superman Returns, as well as, eventually, DC's Legends of Tomorrow,), and we were told that this was Day Two of their shooting schedule.
As we began to suspect after being there a short time, their lunch/dinner was served before we were even needed on set. In the morning they'd filmed one or more boxing gym scenes.
(Remember that I do not believe in providing storyline spoilers myself [such generally becoming readily available eventually Elsewhere notwithstanding], I only convey indications of where I can be seen.)
I play a regular patron of a bar into which Brandon's character Scott enters, soon speaking with a character named Hector (Michael Cornacchia).
Also on hand as half of a Happy Couple (entering the bar with Hector), was Martin Scott Pierron, a friendly and gregarious young actor who also does headshot photography.
Facing the bar from the door, Dick Post is at the far left of the bar, while I sit to the far right at a small table with an elderly gentleman. He and I nurse our drinks for when the camera includes us in frame, and 1st AD Brian O'Sullivan clarified to us how visible we were (and when). Keeping the crew through their paces while retaining a relatively light atmosphere, Brian was a pretty cool AD (he also was an AD on Lower Learning, on which Dick and I had worked). At one point Brian had a song stuck in his head, but couldn't remember one of the words bridging a lyric; realizing what song over which he was struggling, I simply said the line, "The first time ever I saw your face," to which he gratefully realized the word ever was the word he could not recall.
At first they filled the tavern with smoke for haze, but after 20 minutes it was decided it either wasn't practical or it didn't work for the lighting or frame composition or such, and they stopped using it. Thanfully we were inside when they first began to use it, and until they chose not to use it any longer, so that went onto the voucher. There are several scenes we shot for the bar set, and in the majority of them I felt I might be visible just beyond the principals, though most likely very soft-focused.
As the evening wore on, the air on the set eventually got very very close, hot and stuffy, to the point I began not merely to drowse but slightly visibly hallucinate. I began to see peculiar moving shadows on the floor and wondered if they were using ceiling fans. On looking up and seeing none, I then realized I had been phasing out a bit (unless, of course, in my heat-induced slightly altered state of consciousness, for all I know I might have been seeing aspects of ghosts...). As it was, I managed to keep from actually falling asleep completely while on set, but didn't hesitate getting outside in the very pleasant cool night air whenever we were asked to step out.
Those of us on our side of the bar were wrapped at 11:45pm.

Thursday May 21, 2009
Release date...
One year later to the date of my shoot, I discovered that Table for Three is being released direct-to-DVD June 23 2009.

Tuesday June 23, 2009
DVD release
Once I've worked them, I add to my Netflix queue new films on which I've worked, once Netflix lists them as existing titles, often long before their scheduled or announced release date/s (sometimes barely into production). Somewhat surprisingly, Table for Three came up as having a Long Wait on my Netflix queue, though I'd had it there since learning the DVD would become available.
I stopped by Target and Best Buy: neither was carrying the DVD. Best Buy's in-store computer listed it as being $14.99, but only available at distant stores. I suspect that that price is its regular price as it is comperable to its price at amazon. Being its first week or release, I wondered if at another Target it could be at a lesser, discounted price for the next day or four...

Monday July 13, 2009
DVD visibility
The DVD for Table for Three remained unavailable at Target, but it finally showed up via Netflix. It was a very funny, cute movie and I enjoyed it. It was a little tricky to spot me at first, but I am just visible in the opening wrap-around tavern scene behind Brandon, the barman (Ed Ackerman) and Hector (Michael Cornacchia), as Brandon (as Scott) begins to tell the tale that is (most of) the story of the film. Later we return to the bar where Scott clarifies a few details with his listeners Hector and the barman. I am still visible but mostly hidden by a large brandy glass.
To my pleased surprise, as Scott takes Mary (Sophia Bush) out alone, there's my friend Cary Mizobe from/of Strictly Background, sitting behind Sophia Bush (on set waiting between takes, Cary also gets some good screen time in the DVD's Making Of featurette)...

Purchase the DVD:

Table for Three
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Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three''
Just visible, sitting and drinking in the wrap-around tavern in Table for Three...
Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three''
Behind/between Hector (Michael Cornacchia) and Scott (Brandon Routh).
Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Geoffrey Gould as the tavern patron in ''Table for Three''
Later on (Ed Ackerman at left), I'm "hidden" by the large brandy snifter glass as Hector departs.
Cary Mizobe as a dive-tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Cary Mizobe as a dive-tavern patron in ''Table for Three'' Martin Scott Pierron as part of the Happy Couple in ''Table for Three''
My friend Cary Mizobe, sitting behind Sophia Bush in the dive tavern. Martin Scott Pierron as part of the
Happy Couple in the initial tavern.
Table for Three

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