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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

The First Kiss
Joseph So's USC student film

November 2006
Another lost project
Generally payment for acting in a student film is at the very least, copy and credit. It is part of the agreement these films school have with the Screen Actors Guild, so the student film makers can use SAG member actors. For many actors, this helps create their IMDB entry, once the short is submitted and accepted and shown at a film festival the IMDB deems "acceptable" as being a film festival it will accept. About 75% or more student directors also honourably provide a meal, or maybe at least snacks.
Of the forty plus student films on which I've worked from November 2003 to November 2008 (when this report is being added), many have neglected to provide me with my contractually-obligated DVD copies. This precludes the use of footage towards demo reels, a large aspect of doing student films in the first place. For the most part, my demo reel is comprised mostly of clips from student film work.
(On a USC Trojans game day), I spent a day on the busy USC campus on Joseph So's cute The First Kiss, for which a DVD copy was never provided. The premise is a young couple trying to get in their first kiss together, but constantly being interrupted. I play a janitor (which I tend to play a lot, probably thanks to the custodial looking outfit I put together), who happens by, going about his own business. The janitor pauses momentarily as though almost noticing the couple who have scurried out of the way, but he dismisses it and moves on. THe project was filmed MOS (no recorded sound and/or dialogue)
I did get a few behind-the-scenes photos of me with the pleasant and friendly couple, but as indicated, no copy of the finished project was ever provided, from which I could use frame-grab shots.

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