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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Red Ace Cola Project
Susan Metzger's USC Thesis film

Thursday, December 01, 2005
When it rains it pours....
Oh it was a "long" (but Interesting) day this date: I had a USC audition (the email requesting me for that night was received/sent that morning), plus another USC student setting up with me (after much fun phone tag) for another audition Sunday, and Dave Cisczewski called me, who I know as he'd directed me in four of his USC projects already. Dave indicating AD'ing for another project and that they lost an actor. Realizing I'd "be perfect for the role" (his words), as well as knowing I'd be reliable if available, he called to see if I could do the challengingly date-staggered shoot. The first day would be the following day: they would try and wrap me early in time for me to get to the theatre for a stage play in which my friend Pamela Salem was performing. If I'd have to stay later at the shoot, they'd have someone to drive me there.
That shoot would also have me for a few days the following week as well.

Sunday, December 04, 2005 Fun, busy day
I arrived for my Sunday-noon audition at USC a little after 11am.
As I entered the parking lot I espied a film crew working, which wasn't too surprising. Then I noted they had a little wading pool.
Gee, I thought. Just as they were planning with the special effects shot over the weekend with our movie....
And I then realized it was our ( Susan Metzger's) movie [bg]. I signed in for my audition just as a director from another room came over to me and (as I was putting on my lab coat), greeted me, thinking I was there to audition for his project. I pointed out for which project I was auditioning. A few minutes later he came back over to me to clarify his project was auditioning for a psychiatrist role and (not minding I only had one headshot for the audition for which I'd come), he invited me to audition.
Once I learned the shoot would start Sunday the 18th I had to decline as I already knew I'd be out of town for Yule with friends.
I went in to audition for Allison and learned she was doing sound (some of the days) on Susan's project as well! (She had done so on Friday.) They read me through twice, and while the shoot itself will be six days (two Fridays through Sundays), I'd probably only be needed two of those days. I pointed out currently of those two weekends, only one day had a previous entry for my calendar (one of the two Fridays), and I wasn't 100% of that taking place. Outside, I observed for a few minutes of the crew shooting super-soakers (with just enough carmel colouring to resemble soda), at our lead Ilana.

Monday, December 05, 2005 No Good Deed goes unpunished.... (and, A Bello In The Night)...
When I took on the supporting role for Red Ace Cola Project, I did not anticipate a few Challenges that awaited. For one thing, I got a call for a three day SAG gig, which I had to turn down as an entire day on the Red Ace Cola Project student project (the following day/Tuesday) was smack on the SAG shoot's second day. What super-sux about that is that it was through Tammy Smith, one of my all-time favourite CD's, and it was for the School For Scoundrels remake...!
Back east my Mom just did a Day Player contract role for that very film!
(My rep at Atmosphere Talent [eventually Booked Talent] was blown away when I told her that.)
Then I got a call from my agent, noting from my outgoing message regarding my availability, that I wouldn't be able to go to an audition the following afternoon.
Now, thanks to my being honourable, I did not take advantage of a loophole. I know my calltime is 6am, but the email I received today with the callsheet for tomorrow clearly states that my calltime is at 2pm.
I called Dave to clarify this, and he was aghast at the gaffe and confirmed my calltime as being 6am. Had I been a cad and unprofessional, I could have pretended that the 2pm as being an updated calltime and seen if my agent could have moved my commercial audition moved to the morning. And the commercial was to have me Star Trekked out! I could have worn my Ops shirt!
Stupid honour and integrity...!
Good thing I like the USC project, AD Dave and pleasant director Susan, and the project at large.
I went down to SAG that night/Monday for the SAG Conversations, that night with Maria Bello and moderated by Camryn Manheim (as the two actresses are deeply good friends). It was very enjoyable and afterwards I was able to get a photo taken of me with them.

Sunday, March 30, 2008 Two and a quarter years later: Red Ace Cola Project screens
After registering a new casting place specializing in booking commercial background (far better paying than a day doing a regular SAG feature or TV), in the later afternoon I went down to see Red Ace Cola Project, screening with other USC films. I worked three days on the five-day shoot project... 39 months ago...
The short was very funny, and I received my DVD copy of it; on the back cover was a nice photo in which I was included. The long "Kenneth Branagh" type shot took a while to choreograph, rehearse, time out, camera rehearse, et al, and in the film it looks just as fantastic as in a major motion picture. To a great extent, it was worth the wait. I look forward to working with Susan Metzger and/or Dave Cisczewski again.
Red Ace Cola Project will air as part of the Fine Cuts program on KCET, Saturday, April 12th, from 10 to 11pm. The short will also screen (presumably with other short films), at the Westwood Crest Theatre at 1262 Westwood Blvd on Thursday, May 1st at 7:30pm. (We told there would be a "lavish" reception following the Crest screening.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008 PBS TV airing spotted
At the LA United Film Festival screening of Strictly Background, co-star Cary Mizobe reported that with surprise he had recognized me the previous Sunday in Red Ace Cola Project when he came across it on the PBS series Fine Cuts, as it turns out he happens to watch the weekly series regularly, as he enjoys short films.

Saturday, April 26, 2008 Red Ace Cola Project screening postponed
Susan sent out an email this evening, notifying us that for the moment, the May first Crest Theatre screening date was being postponed, and she'd relay its new date when it was known. She also conveyed the short would screen the following weekend at the Antelope Valley Film Festival, in the closing night 7:30pm program block, Sunday, May 4, 2008.
In my reply, I couldn't resist half-jokingly re-reminding Dave Cisczewski (through Susan), about his four USC projects on which I worked, three of the four titles for which I still patiently await my DVD copies.

Thursday, October 09, 2008 Another film festival screening
I discovered quite by happenstance that Red Ace Cola Project was scheduled to screen the following Sunday, October 12th in the Short Film Series block of programming (10:00am-11:00pm) for/at The Other Venice Film Festival.
Still no word (or DVD copies) from Dave Cisczewski...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Return of the Westwood
Originally the screening at the Westwood Crest Theatre was to be May 1st. On this entry date, in my Suspect Spam folder, was an email regarding the Thursday, November 20, 2008 Best Under 30 film festival: "An evening showcase of the best films UNDER 30 MINUTES from breakout filmmakers UNDER 30."
Susan's Red Ace Cola Project is scheduled to be shown, as well as David Cisczewski's The Last Time I Saw Rachel.
I have marked my calendar/s and will endevour to attend, a day or two previously emailing Dave in hopes he might bring with him the DVD copies he owes me...

(He didn't...)

'Red Ace Cola Project' 'Red Ace Cola Project' 'Red Ace Cola Project'
'Red Ace Cola Project' 'Red Ace Cola Project'
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