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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

The Achievers
Abraham Lim's SAG-Experimental feature

Monday, June 20, 2005
Director Jason Connell of the Strictly Background documentary, paged me regarding having gotten permission to film behind-the-scenes for an indie film titled The Achievers, written and directed by Abraham Lim, Jason suggested me as a probable actor for it, and he was given license to provide me with the producer's contact information.
I immediately contacted producer Christian Harrison and he told me the title (Jason hadn't had it with him when he'd initially called), and that it was shooting the next afternoon into the evening, from 4pm to about 10pm (they only have the location until 11pm). He also indicated it was a Greenlight Project, payment deferred. I know there are a lot of people who claim to be "actors," who would turn down such an opportunity. Christian gave me the project's web site, where I could see the script. I called SAG, clarified they were a SAG signatory production (meaning, "despite" payment deferred, I was allowed to work it... and if it Sold, I would then be paid [at least] SAG scale).
I called back Christian and confirmed.
Another reason I had no problem with this particular project: it was being filmed literally two blocks from my then temp day-job! I could leave a bit early and get there without haste and still characteristically be there before my calltime.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Summer Solstice Shoot
I arrived for my 4pm shoot at 3:30pm, having taken no lunch or breaks throughout the work day.
I was directed downstairs, where I found the cast and crew eating lunch, generally Oriental food, thankfully with enough Pepper Steak left over for me to indulge.
Jason arrived about 4:15, as the Achievers crew really began getting back to setting up.
Assistant Director (Jed?) signed me in, taking note I was a SAG actor with a role with lines.
Jason indicated that currently the producers were not present, but he went around to remind people that he would be filming. Either no one minded or Christian had already spread the word efficiently. Other background performers were also interviewed during our time there.
The girl in charge of wardrobe (I missed her name, and the crew-list listing is crossed out), loved my Badger cap. So far I've worn it in a few projects. I find it interesting as I bring it mostly As I Actually Wear It, but not as a, "Hey, how would this look?" Generally they see it sitting with my bag, fall in love with it and have me wear it.
The scene is set at an adult-entertainment convention, in which one of the film's heros Trent (played by Baldeep Parihar), confronting a girl Lauren (Corryn Cummins) that he'd previously met (based on results, they'd briefly shared a connection), and he has since learned she is a porno actress.
When she denies having met him, we in the autograph line behind him become restless. One actor and I make a few rude comments, to which Trent verbally comes to her defense. Unfortunately Trent normally isn't the most outgoing guy, and this time in so doing, offends the much larger fellow, who shoves Trent, then (when Trent shoves back), the larger fellow lays out Trent.
Amusingly (and despite what the script read), it is Trent alone who is hauled away by security.
My line refers to him as Haji, and it took me a second to catch the reference. Baldeep mentioned he'd been told had "something to do with a cartoon."
I was almost angry with myself for not realizing (and having to have been given a hint): "Oh of course: Johnny Quest...!"
The scene is brief, and didn't need that many set-ups. Writer/director Abraham Lim was quick and efficent.
We ended up being wrapped (myself and the background) at 8:10pm. Jason indicated that producer Christian Harrison did show up, though only momentarily (so face to face, he and I did not meet). I did meet the other producer, the friendly Troy Hauschild, a few minutes with whom I spoke just before and as the background and myself were notifed we were wrapped. I asked about this "being" a Greenlight Project, considering a filmmaker friend could find nothing on it about that, and was told it had been a Greenlight Project finalist.
They wanted to hit the following year's Sundance Film Festival. I asked about their considering the American Film Market that November (the biggest such, after Cannes); as I have his contact information, I later forwarded him the information on the AFM.
Assistant Cameraman Tom Secor had earlier told me that this film would be Very Marketable, which (with my having a solid Under-5 role), would be A Very Good Thing.
Jason I'm sure got some good additional footage for his documentary.

To my knowledge, The Achievers was never picked up for any sort of distribution and/or release, not even direct-to-DVD.

The Achievers official web site

Strictly Background (2007)


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