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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Dave Ciszewski's
Business Trip
Subaru spec commercial
USC student film / Subaru commercial competition

Late December, 2004
Finished and online before I even get to this report!
(Note: The content of this on-set report has been moved from a previous site, streamlined and updated where applicable. )
I had submitted for this USC student film via Now Casting and got a call from its writer/director Dave Ciszewski, who (when I came in to audition), told me it was also doubling as a spec-commercial for Subaru, and being submitted as an entry for possibly being used as An Actual Commercial. I auditioned for the role of an executive boss, taking far too many executives on a business trip; the joke being as it is not a Subaru, the execs are squeezed nightmarishly in the backseat, and one is on the roof. He also had me read for a right-hand man toadie, a Mr. Smithers type.
Eventually titled Business Trip, we shot it on a single, pleasant weekday. I was cast as one of the backseat executives.
We shot first the arrival of the executives, to whose horror the Big Boss (David Schroeder), is also accompanying them on the road trip. In our group is also our fearless director Dave Ciszewski, who plays the hapless exec "Ted," eventually discovered riding on the car's roof. We shot several takes and did a few different angles and some pick up shots. It was a clear, bright, hot day, and we were all in business suits. Thankfully, much water was on hand and generously provided.
Eventually we moved on, and headed back to Zemeckis Hall where in the parking lot they set up for the "stunt" of the exec Ted sailing off the roof as the car comes to a sudden halt. We never see anyone actually on the roof, and what we do see, through the windshield, is a dummy sailing across the hood of the car to the asphalt below.
"Lunch" was provided... for the pizza eaters. Thankfully I knew there was forage'able food nearby, so I had to buy my own meal in order to have lunch. Fellow cast member Arnold Chun was faced with the same dilemma, so I was a bit pleased to learn I am not the only human not to like and/or eat pizza.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Spot already online for viewing!
Dave sent to his cast an email notice:

From: Dave Ciszewski
Date: Jan 5/2005 11:58am
Subject: Subaru Spot
Hey all,
I just wanted to update you guys on the status of the Subaru spot. It is currently on the website
Click on Watch Movies link. The title is "Business Trip."
If possible please register and vote for it. Thank you again for all your hard work and help. I hope you enjoy the spot.
Take care,
Dave Ciszewski

I learned, as Dave's email implied, that in order to view the movie entries, one must register with the site.
Having viewed it and returned to watch it again on a different day, the option to vote on Business Trip was no longer available. Not surprising, as I'd already voted.
I thought the spot was very well done: my only gack about the online version of the thirty second spot cuts off at twenty-eight seconds, and it cuts off abruptly (with two seconds left in the commercial inadvertantly omitted), as we start to hear character Ted's agnonizing cry as the car starts to run over him.

Friday, February 18, 2005
And the winner is....
Dave sent to his cast an all new email notice:

From: Dave Ciszewski
Date: Feb 18, 2005 11:12am
Subject: Subaru Spec Spot
Hi guys,
Sorry it has been so long since I have contacted you. A couple things,
1) WE WON THE COMPETITION!!!!! I received a phone call earlier today informing me that we were selected the winner. The agency guys told me that our spot was their favorite from the beginning. They loved the characters in it. I really think it goes to show how talented each one of you guys are. Thank you again for bringing that talent to the project.
2) I have all the DVD's ready to be shipped. However I had a huge computer crash and I need your addresses yet again. I'm so sorry to asked for them again I know its like the fifth time. But I will get the DVD out as soon as I get your address.
Thanks again guys,
I'll keep you updated with further developments.
Dave Ciszewski

Thursday, September 08, 2005
New Shoot
About a week earlier I had come across a casting notice listing for another Dave Ciszewski project. Via direct email I submitted, and Dave responded, casting me immediately without even requiring an audition.
At the rehearsal (the previous night), it was clarified that sadly, Subaru pretty much just Patted Dave On The Back regarding winning the spec-commercial competition; there are no plans to air it.

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