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Personal Paranormal
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Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
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Return of the Shadow People
A coworker, who was at the time my supervisor before she moved on to another company, conveyed an experience regarding a December 2009 winter trip back east, to upstate New York. She and her boyfriend stayed with his folks, and at one point during the night when the rest of the household was abed, she witnessed a full body apparition casually crossing the living room. It was a dark figure but with something of a white outline. The apparent entity did not acknowledging her at all (e.g, possibly being just a psychic echo). She later learned that the home's previous owner had died in the driveway, her body brought into the house (?!), and that it was possible it was the previous owner which my friend saw.
"However," she also learned from her boyfriend that when he was a very young child, he told his parents about various Shadow People (as he called them), often in his room, but predictably he was told such was nonsense. The description of his Shadow People (dark with a white outline), matched my friend's experience... site created February 29, 2008

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