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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
and friends

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Liberty Canyon Road
Filmmaker Alexander Harper gave me permission to share a few of his experiences:
"A peculiar auditory experience happened deep in a canyon full of oak grooves, by Liberty Canyon Road and the 101, in Calabasis. No one was near me at the time; I was alone with my dog. This Canyon really was unsettling. The deeper I got, I felt more "hunted" than being "watched." I felt too strange to continue trailblazing and I turned back. As I was making my way out of the brush, I distinctly heard girls, laughing together and speaking in a very strange Asiatic sounding language, and they sounded very close. I paused and strained my ears to hear more of this sudden and unexplainable conversation.
"Suddenly my cellphone rang. It was my friend that had gotten me into the Doheny Greystone Mansion. I foolishly answered just to say, 'I'll call you back.'
"I returned to listening, but it was completely silent, and it stayed that way. I never heard them again. Apparently Chumash activity occurred there." site created February 29, 2008

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