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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
and friends

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Holly's Room
In one of my tighter circle of friends was a young married couple who had their first child, a daughter named Holly. As precocious as her mother, Holly was clearly quite Sensitive to more around her than most adults can sense. Holly's mother, being a neo-pagan witch, set up numerous protections, elementals and dragon energies and such throughout the Burbank apartment.
As she grew older, Holly began being visited by ghostly visitors and such, and often could be heard casually conversing in her room with unseen people. When questioned, she indicated having friends that would otherwise be described as Shadow Person/s. As based on results these visitors were benign, Holly's psychic abilities were encouraged, not quashed.
My friends had two pets, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Yeller, and a sleek if well-fed black cat named Arthur. Yeller loved everybody, while Arthur was far more aloof. When my friends went to visit their families back in Indiana, I would apartment and pet-sit. During one stint that was literally about a month, Arthur came out of his shell with me, and became a super friendly cat. My female friend of course gave me no such credit to the cat's obvious personality shift, but either way, Arthur now loved attention.
As I was/am very much into the paranormal and supernatural, apparently the paranormal Gets Along With Me rather well. I would sleep in their master bedroom bed without incident during my stays. When I lost my Van Nuys apartment due to a string of unreliable roommates, my friends let me stay with them for a month as I sought out a new place. They were both initially concerned about my keeping my cat Morrigan, but Morrigan got along fine with Yeller and Arthur, and she quickly learned to keep just out of reach of then-toddler Holly. At that time I had a 10pm-6am phone-bank job, and I would be home and asleep in time for them to head out for the day. My friend later one day declared her being pleased they had not forced me to surrender Morrigan, as the little black and white cat always slept in my arms, and the sight was so adorable to them the couple were glad they'd let Morrigan stay with me.
There was one time, when I had my own domicile, that for whatever reason that I could not apartment-sit for a weekend or such; most likely I was to be out of town as well. My friends got a friend to agree to stay with Yeller and Arthur for the weekend, and apparently their friend brought along her boyfriend.
On my friends' return, their friend reported with great agitation that she felt their "apartment must be haunted," what with the couple having taken license without permission. While I'd had permission to sleep in their bed, the arrangement with the girl was she was to sleep on the couch. However having with her her boyfriend, they first tried to sleep in the bed in Holly's room, and while Yeller was peacefully sleeping in the front room, the young couple lay cowering under the sheet as the snarls of a massively large etheric dragon growled at what it understandably considered to be trespassers.
The two abandoned Holly's room for the master bed... which was not a smooth move. Dragons and Deities were set up as protection there, and after hearing the deep breathing not only of another (or maybe the same) dragon, plus the deliberately loud breathing of a very large man standing over them as well (we deduced mostly likely it was Tubal Cain, one of my friend's patron gods), it did not take long for the couple to flee the bedroom as well. In the living room where they were permitted to be, they encountered no trouble, but they knew to leave well enough along regarding the bedrooms. site created February 29, 2008

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