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Geoffrey Gould
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Haunted University
I love trading ghost stories; when I lived back east I did several productions with the Livingston Community Players. To my annoyance, I cannot recall the names of the two ladies, one evening with whom we three spent going over ghostly stuff about which we had knowledge. They related to me about a university one (or both) of them attended that had an extremely haunted auditorium building. Apparently it was so haunted, that after dark no security guard would ever enter the building, even if (and when) lights inside, visible through the windows, would flash on and off, and loud, audible screams would be heard from within.
It seems there were a minimum of two entities: a benign little girl, and a dark, far more malevolent adult male. Once a friend of theirs did not believe in the haunting, and made the mistake of literally challenging it, loudly daring it to prove it existed. The next thing the young man knew he was coming to, flat on his back on a table, all of the contents of his pockets resting on his chest and stomach.... site created February 29, 2008

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