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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
and friends

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One of my best (California local) best friends has two wonderful dogs, for whom I dog-sit when my friend goes out of town. I love'em and the two dogs love me as much as they do her.
A year or three ago (e.g., around 2006 or '07 or thereabouts), odd things began to happen in my friend's then-current apartment. Items would disappear and later reappear in different locations. A digital camera vanished for months, unfindable after extensive searches, only to be returned on the end of her desk where it would have been quite visible and unmissable (considering it was still inside its larger camera case). She spent weeks searching for a power cord that eventually turned up under the covers in the sheets of her bed, despite her having changed the sheets several times during her search for the item.
Also, her two dogs began to take particular interest in a specific part of the wall by the front door, and not in a way to indicate they had any interest in anything going on outside. They would just begin to stare at the blank wall as though in astonishment, sometimes agitatedly so.
One night my friend had either a vivid lucid dream or had a full body apparition appear to her: entering her bedroom and walked up to my friend in her bed was a young girl calling herself Emma, and claiming to be my friend's not-yet-born daughter, almost as if from a different time-line in which my friend had had a child.
Apart from joking that Emma probably puts up to mischief one of the two dogs, now whenever my friend experiences weird things in her apartment, we just figure it's Emma.
Once as my friend was experiencing paranormal activity at her rented villa at the Cannes Film Festival, I observed the two dogs frequently taking sudden interest in what we had decided was Emma's Corner. On her return she indicated her suspicion that Emma had followed her, but I reported her dogs made it clear Emma was still here. What she experienced must have been some other entity. site created February 29, 2008

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