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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
and friends

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AFI "Ghosts"...?
Sunday October 26, 2008, I had an interview-audition for an AFI student film. Set for the Warner Bros. Building, the appointment time was 10:45am, so as always, I was early, arriving at AFI around 10:15am. I went to the bathroom to make sure my hair was okay and all, and on entering the bathroom the stall at the door swung open, pretty much just missing me. The fellow and I did the standard hasty apology/excuse me. I checked myself in the mirror while he washed his hands. I wondered inwardly if he might be the fellow I was to meet.
He left the bathroom, as did I a few moments later. Sure enough, he walked straight down to where I knew I would be having my audition. Outside the door, another young man waited, and the two entered the classroom (the same room at which I'd had an audition a few weeks earlier, so I knew it was rather small for a classroom), closing the door behind them. I sat in the row of chairs lined up against the wall across from the door, waiting patiently for one of them to open the door to see if I was there for their audition, and/or to ask me in.
About ten minutes passed as I made sure I had my headshot and resume, DVD copy of my demo reel, et al. Now and then I could hear the two inside talking quietly.
Then from around the end of the corridor came two different young men, noticing me and on introductions, they were with whom I would be meeting. Before I could say that someone was already/still in the classroom, they opened the door and invited me in. Figuring the previous two were also to be part of the meeting, I entered the single-door, small classroom and found, nobody. At least, beyond the two in which whom I'd just followed: the previous two men were no longer in the room.
With some surprise at this I quickly pointed out that two men had been in the room for about ten minutes before our entry. The two students joked maybe the previous two went out the window. I half-smiled at the jest as while the windows were open and unscreened, they were not even open enough to enable egress. Plus while technically the first floor, the ground outside made the windows the equivalent of a second storey.
I'd heard there are ghosts that are seen every day, but go unnoticed as they resembled everybody else, as though solid.
Is this what I'd experienced...?

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