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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

13 April 2019: rebrodcast of Saturday 05 October 2013 edition
The Bell Nursing Home and Paranormal Ohio Research Team: P.O.R.T.
Our guests were Natalie Dickendasher of the Bell Nursing Home, and Marc Spicer of P.O.R.T. (Paranormal Ohio Research Team).
Natalie indicated the buildings investigation weekend days/hours, and the history of their acquiring. The place was abandoned in late 2007, Natalie found it and she and Emily bought it in 2011, and their first investigation was sometime in 2012. Currently they're booked throught the season, and will re-start in January 2014. They allow up to 20 people: Friday is $300 (from 10pm-6am) for a private group; Saturday is $400 (from 9pm-5am).
Natalie "missed" a lot of the initial activity when they'd acquired it. She had noticed things Moved between times they were there; a remote camera was set up and on the video, at 2am Tuesday, a manual light came on by itself. They're going to install audio microphones as well into the DVR system.
Natalie has no way to figure out how many ghosts may be still in residence. She indicated some of the odours that come across in the main house. At the first sixteen minues, Kat was "thwacking," from her feet on the creaky wooden floor, indicating in chat that that sound was her.
She concurred with CC's question that much activity became more noticeable when renovations began in earnest. After carpet had been pulled up, ghostly footsteps began to be audible.
At around 0:22:34 Kat heard a little girl's voice, which Henry also heard, but over Skype CC and didn't hear it.
Marc's audio was distorted like an early Cyberman.
Kat reported a difference from her previous visit: numerous creepy dolls, which Natalie conveyed having purchased as being Haunted Dolls.
Natalie confirmed EVPs have been captured not on the property but at a nearby cemetery.
Henry and Natalie switched mics, allowing her audio on the show become clear, and on the flawed mic, it was Henry who sounded like he was in the next room.
CC and Natalie spoke of a few notable disasters such as a train derailment, flooding and fires, even a woman who died of cardiac arrest on the front stoop.
In the chat room Karin asked if the spirits "get tired" of the standard ghost investigation questions; Natalie indicated the spirits seem to like the visitors, but when they "get tired," the activity Just Stops for the night. A lot of historical research has been done: in the olden days, train full of celebrants would come to the building for parties. Kat had found up to four generations of the Ludlies, from 1812 to 1960.
Natalie indicated one room being off limits, due to there being a bit of a bat colony therein. Indicating inhaled bat guano can be deadly, I politely corrected (having learned such years ago back east), that it's not the bat guano itself, it's that through such bat feces, any rabies within the guano is what can be airborne and inhaled...
Coming back the break, CC indicated listeners tonight from the US, the UK, France, Canada and Australia. CC also indicated that at the 0:44 mark, she'd heard a male voice say, "No kidding." No one at the house had said that. While I could hear the previous girl's voice, on the playback I did not hear this one.
Marc came on, along with Sarge, as Kat indicated catching some sort of audible herself just as the break was concluding.
Kat brought up the nurse apparition that gets reported being sighted, and Marc gave some details about such, even hearing a classic line of a doctor being called, though the doctor's name was unintelligible. Kat indicated once seeing a detailed full-body apparition of a woman in white passing by the window on the outside porch.
At around 1:28:40 or so CC and I heard something like a voice that this time Henry and Kat did not hear.
Henry indicated at one investigation their using a laser grid duct-taped on the ceiling, but that one of the grid dots apparently moved independently from the static grid across the floor and up Henry's leg for a bit, with nothing reflective to make such a phenomenon take place, witnessed by numerous people.
Marc spoke of the ongoing renovation, that one plumber went to the cellar and fled after ten minutes down there alone. Apparently one plumber witnessed a stream of urine emerging from thin-air, hitting the wall and pooling on the floor.
Paranormal View chat-room regular Sarge came on towards the end of the second hour; it being his first investigation.
Kat and Henry pointed out that the next week our guest would be author Jamie Roush Pearce of Historic Haunts of the South and Historic Haunts Florida.
None of the guests gave out their information, such as the P.O.R.T. site or the Bell Nursing Home website, the Bell Nursing Home Facebook page, Natalie was already gone so could not provide their Apparition Commission site this time, or the Apparition Commission on Facebook page.
I imparted my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al, and Kat was conveyed her own website and Facebook information.

October 05 2013 edition podcast
Apparition Commission website
Apparition Commission
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]
Natalie Dickendasher of the Bell Nursing Home, and Marc Spicer of Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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