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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday December 26, 2015 encore
presentation of 06 December 2014 edition

An Ohio Haunting: Robert and Nicole
Henry introduced the encore edition live, and at the end, with Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan and me being brought in, wishing the live audience happy holidays and such. As the encore show aired and we three were in the live chat room, CC indicated tonight live having listeners also in Alaska, Phillipines, and Germany.
Henry conveyed our guest next week (02 January 2016), would be Sam Baltrusis

Tonight (26 December 2015), we had acquaintences of Henry's: Robert and Nicole, whose haunted home is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Robert spoke of the history of the house, and that previous owners would depart so suddenly as leaving their possessions without retrieving them.
When Robert and Nicole walked in the first time, he could Sense something. Soon they began hearing footsteps on the hardwood floors; doors closing and hearing voices. A neighbour told him how a man had lived there who'd had an altercation, decapitating her in the property's backyard, then going to her family's home and setting it on fire. Later a subsequent elderly owner passed away in the house.
While there's an attic, it's so sealed up, the door to it cannot be found. I had suggested they go to the curtained window and go in that way, but even Robert has had dreams of a woman urging him to leave alone the attic, otherwise it'd stir up a whole can o' worms. Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan asked whether they could hear anything up in the attic, and they do hear footsteps coming from up there. Kat pointed out, having been there, she really doesn't like the second floor, and that the first floor entities are pretty benign, apart from one "creepy guy"...
Understandably, the backyard has powerful negative energy. A medium had gone back there, and apparently a body is buried under where Robert has a fire pit, though only a few decades ago one could legally bury family members on one's property.
Henry brought in Marc Spicer and Lynn Bell with Kat; they did a walk-through. Kat went outside ith Marc, while Henry and Lynn went into the cellar. Down there, Robert was telling Lynn and Henry about a somewhat cantankerous entity. They closed off the far end of the cellar and did some renovation, which often "activates" activity. At one point Henry was walking in the cellar and got the Feeling not to continue in the direction he was walking.
The medium asked questions, and the recorders got some good EVP responses. Henry's son Tim got an EVP in the bedroom. Kat saw an entity walking down the hallway that was clearly no one there that evening.
Kat also sensed Green Man type of enties in the backyard. I posited it may have neen more of a dryad, which Kat suggested may have been more nymph-like. Kat suggested to Robert and Nicole they Grow More plants and flowers, and CC added about Celtic protections, such as Green Man face plaques to attach to the walls and/or door/s.
The female ghosts "likes" to move items around, often in the kitchen and cabinets, and leave lights on (which she amusingly knows annoys frugal Robert).
CC reported our having listeners from the US, the UK, Canada, Haiti, and Unknown.
The older woman ghost appears to like Nicole and behaves almost as a mother figure. They co-exist with the ghosts; Robert and Nicole do have "house rules," asking politely to Keep In Down while watching TV, sleeping, etc.
Robert once had the landlord in to repair something, and his tool began being moved about. He confessed he'd often felt Being watched, which is why he never comes when it's dark, or when Robert and Nicole are out. Robert currently working towards purchasing the place at which currently they pay rent.
There's another house that's been vacant for years, which they joked about wanting to investigate, albeit feeling far more pleasant. Nicole once saw a light on in the vacant house, though no one is there. The bank now owns that house, and renovations are being done. One of the landscapers told Robert he wouldn't enter thet actual house for a million house. They've also seen workers from inside the house fleeing, refusing to re-enter.
We half joked about when the obvious Active red house goes on the market and there's an Open House, Nicole confirmed she'd be First In Line to see what's inside.
Henry played two EVPs, staring with the two Tim Foister got in the bedroom.
After the second break, Kat spoke about her feelings about the house, particularly the back end of the house, the backyard and the field into which Robert won't enter after dark. Kat said what she felt was residual hauntings of Union soldiers, and of Native Americans, each being of different time stream. Robert confirmed CC's suspicions of a well being on the property, albeit covered up.
Henry played a few other EVPs.
They spoke about a cellar-bound entity they called Hat Boy, a young man, who Robert suspects may be an uncle of his. Henry played an EVP they felt may have been either Hat Boy or the cantankerous older male entity.
They indicated up to week after the investigation, it "was rough:" lots of activity indicating most of the enties were displeased with there having been an investigation. Nicole's hair would be pulled, they'd have bruises and scratches, and the footsteps were almost stomping. After a week or so the activity tapered down to regular levels.
Robert spoke of a foiled break-in: the window glass was broken but after the work to access getting in, they didn't, implying perhaps one of the house entities protected the property by scaring them off.
I provided my website's Paranormal View hub page at which one can find the show's respective report pages, and that we're very findable on Facebook, et al.
As I was house- and cat-sitting and my regular text was back home, I was only able to impart for the absent Kat her website, and the show's @Paraviewradio Twitter presence, but not her new @SaveOurGhosts page, nor her other @jinxedcomic Twitter account, her Facebook fan page, her Hunt For Ghosts site, nor her Miss Grey graphic novel page.

December 26 2015 edition podcast

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Robert and Nicole; An Ohio Haunting
26 December 2015 of
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