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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday March 07, 2015
Linda Godfrey
Tonight our guest was Linda S. Godfrey, author of American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America, Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State, and Haunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State.
As I was working a temp assignment Friday and Saturday, Henry called me a few days prior, so I could pre-record our guest's intro. On the day, once I was home and able to be brought into the show call, my phone was mysteriously acting up and at first refused even to notify me anyone was calling. I rebooted the phone, and it would ring, and I'd answer and the call would instantly drop, so I could only be in the show's chat room.
As for the show, Henry introduced Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan and indicated Kat being absent tonight, and my being Delayed, and played my recorded intro.
Referencing her American Monsters book, Henry asked how she got into the field of cryptozoology. Linda claimed it came about by accident: she'd been a newspaper reporter, though intitially she'd wanted to do their editorial cartoons. When a reporter left the publication, the editor suggested Linda take over and she accepted. One of the first stories she was assigned, was that of a werewolf around Bray Road. Apart from the reports from credible eyewitnesses, the local Animal Control Officer even had a file folder on such sightings, marked "Werewolf." There were even sightings in daylight of the tall bipedal wolf like creature. Her stories made national news, and she became the go-to person to report sightings.
After ten years, she'd acquired so many reports, she compiled them into The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf, which led to a deluge of more reports, for which she wrote Hunting the American Werewolf, which was portrayed on the TV series Monster Quest. This led to her deal with Barnes & Noble to co-write Weird Wisconsin, and to write Weird Michigan, and other werewolf books, a novel God Johnson: The Unforgiven Diary of the Disciple of a Lesser God, pretty much all mentioned on her website.
As Linda answered Henry about whether she had seen anything herself when investigating, someone decided it was a good time to start rustling what sounded like a food wrapper. Linda explained that Bray Road is a five mile expanse of privately owned farmland, making checking for tracks understandably problematic. Sightings generally were at the end of the road at the main road. One account had a couple of boys sledding nearby and saw what they thought was a dog drinking from a stream but when they went to pet it, it reared up and on its two legs, chased them. As with most stories, despite the pursuit, the creature never overtakes those who are fleeing; it invariably turns off to run into the brush or into the cornfield.
The main body of description reports is along the lines of the werewolves in The Howling.
Some matted hair had been found near a sighting, and the Monster Quest people did a morphology on it, but that sample came up as feline. Linda agreed with CC that its reported behaviour seems to be merely defending its territory.
Henry reported a question from Psi in the chatroom whether the creature makes any vocalizations. Linda said people, unaware of each other, had independently recorded it, the audio sounding like a grinding cappacino machine: starting as a low growl then quickly rising in pitch.
One custodian of a hospital came across a large wolf like creature digging at a burial mound, which rose up on its hind legs and vocalized.
Henry asked for Doug of GhostSoldiers in the chat room, as to the last (most recent) sighting. Linda said that such reports come from all over the world, but the last reported Bray Road creature report was about a year before (as she's sure there are countless unreported sightings). There was sighting this past summer up in Harland, about an hour north, in a neighbourhood.
Linda confirmed CC's positing about sightings with multiple creatures and/or offspring. A game camera set up near the main area of sightings caught a coyote eating the deer carcass bait, but the coyote was uncharacteristically nervous about something. It would stop eating to take in its surroundings, then continue. Five minutes into the video, the coyote was gone, not to return, at a time at which a wolf-creature sighting was happening less than half a mile away.
Ghostsoldiers Patrick McCormack in the chat room asked if anyone was ever reportedly hurt by the creature. Linda indicated that while there are no reports thereof, it didn't preclude someone not living to tell the tale. There was a report from an unarmed man in Quebec coming across a six foot biped wolf life creature on the hiking trail during the day. After a brief stare-down, it rushed past him, and while one of its fangs brushed and tore the skin of the man's flank, he felt he had simply been in the creature's way and that it'd been inadvertent. Had the creature been bent on truly attacking, it would have had the hiker. This was the only injury of which Linda is aware.
Before going to break, Henry suggested bringing Patrick and Doug McReynolds into the show, as they'd investigated the Jersey Devil, on which Linda has written as well in American Monsters.
After the first break, CC reported our having listeners in the US, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Belgium.
CC pointed out having grown up in northeast Iowa near southwest Wisconsin, with the river there and the glacial carve-outs, with countless places to hide. Linda concurred, indicating reports of a man-bat near LaCross as well as Large Bird sightings.
Henry brought in Pat, but was unable to bring in Doug. Pat conveyed not only that they've hunted the Jersey Devil, he'd had a Sasquatch experiences up in Quebec, Canada. To get from one lake to another, they carried their boat overland. On the smaller lake, there was a set of cliffs. In the water they were focused on fishing when there was a sudden large splash behind them. Another thrown rock hit the water which both men were able to see.
Linda agreed this was defensive "this is my territory" behaviour. A companion of hers received a concussion from a hurled object out in the woods when he and she were doing a Bigfoot investigation. A local Native American pointed out that generally thrown rocks were a warning: hitting him meant they were intentionally attempting to kill him. CC suspected that just as human use crossbows and guns, Bigfoot could have become proficient with rock throwing to bring down game.
Linda pointed out having had a Sasquatch encounter herself as well. She and Patrick agreed that such cryptids are to be left alone, particularly if sighted.
Linda spoke of a story from her upcoming Sasquatch book, about an encounter in the forest preserve, east of O'Hare Airport in Illinois. Sitting on a log a man witnessed a Bigfoot wander to the riverbank. Watching silently for several minutes, the local ragweed caused the man to cough-sneeze, at which point the creature began to turn to look for the source of the sound. The man quickly moved his position, and when situation was able to see the Bigfood had silently crossed the river hurled over its shoulder several large rocks which hit with accuracy where the man had just been. The ragweed again had him involuntarily vocalize, and the creature could now see where he was, quickly overhand throwing smaller river stones, hitting the man's bicycle and his arm he was using to protect his face. He fled, and the creature actually pursued him.
Henry brought in Doug, and went to try and get me in, at which point we learned my phone was having annoying problems. It refused to show an incoming call; Henry began getting my (slightly outdated, since updated) voice-mail, which they found hilarious.
Pat agreed with CC Sasquatch are becoming more aggressive. Linda and Doug felt there are enough human encroachments that they're losing their fear of human.
While Henry tried me a third time. Patrick brought up Dragons, and he spoke of his trip to Venice, Italy, and a carving at St. Marks Square of St. Theodore with his foot either on a dragon or crocodile. Linda spoke of every civilization having dragons within their respective deep past.
They discussed various aspects of dragons and Large Bird sightings, possibly pteradons, some of which may be bioluminescent.
Going to the second break, they joked over my inability to be brought in to the show tonight. Back therefrom, for everyone's momentary confusion, Henry mistook the Jersey Devil for Mothman. Once it was straight about what they'd be talking, the famous cryptid from my home state was discussed at length.
Linda considers the Jersey Devil as the American Gargoyle, with its kangaroo-like body, horse-like face, large bat-like wings, etc. She referred to Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman of Weird U.S. and Weird New Jersey, who've done a lot of research on this.
Linda reported an account in 1993 in which a Wharton park ranger encountered what seemed to be the Jersey Devil.
Patrick related one of the many Jersey Devil origin story of Mother Leeds, as well as sightings being from the Pine Barrens, Philadelphia, up to Connecticutt. Also that one Commodore Steven Decauter testing cannons, saw it flying across the sky, had a cannonball fired at it, actually hit it, but didn't even slow it down. Linda pointed out that the canine-men also seem impervious to bullets. Patrick and Linda agreed on the possiblity this very invulnerability could imply their being interdimensional beings or entities.
CC brought up the Pukwudgie, an aspect of the fae.
Henry asked about the Ohio Highway Dragon, about which Linda spoke, where a woman driving between Mt. Vernon and Martinsburg on Route 586, saw a massive dark flying creature ahead on the side of the road, that could only be described as a dragon.
Doug wondered if the Jersey Devil was a year round cryptid or whether it was a seasonal thing.
One concensus was were anyone came across one of these cryptids, not to harm it unless one was truly in danger of injury or worse. Linda felt tranc-darting it to gain some DNA skin samples. In the chat room I added one should take tons of photos during that time.
Patrick told of Doug having had an experience in the Pine Barrens regarding the Jersey Devil, though it was more their being startled by a loud whippoorwill.
Patrick gave out their website and being @ghostsoldiers1 on Twitter.
Linda gave out her word press blog website, her @lindasgodfrey on Twitter, and her public Facebook page information.
With my being absent, Henry gave out the official Paranormal View page info, and as he began stumbling about Where Else, such as iTunes, CC quickly added one could go to my Paranormal View hub page on my website, though she did give a slightly inaccurate URL: geoffreygould dot net as opposed to simply
Henry announced our guest the next week would be Cathy Gasch author of My Life Amidst the Paranormal, and they wrapped out.

07 March 2013 edition podcast

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Linda Godfrey
Author Linda Godfrey on 07 March 2015 edition of The Paranormal View.

American Monsters:
A History of
Monster Lore, Legends,
and Sightings
in America
Linda Godfrey

Real Wolfmen:
True Encounters
in Modern America
Linda Godfrey

Monsters of Wisconsin:
Mysterious Creatures
in the Badger State
Linda Godfrey

The Michigan Dogman:
Werewolves and Other
Unknown Canines
Across the U.S.A.
(Unexplained Presents)
Linda Godfrey

Haunted Wisconsin:
Ghosts and Strange
Phenomena of
the Badger State
Haunted Series)
Linda Godfrey

Legends, and
Linda Godfrey

Hunting the
American Werewolf
Linda Godfrey

The Beast of Bray Road:
Tailing Wisconsin's
Linda Godfrey

Strange Wisconsin
Linda Godfrey

Weird Wisconsin:
Your Travel Guide
to Wisconsin's
Local Legends and
Best Kept Secrets
Linda Godfrey

Weird Michigan:
Your Travel Guide
to Michigan's
Local Legends and
Best Kept Secrets
Linda Godfrey

Strange Michigan:
More Wolverine
Linda Godfrey

Mythical Creatures
(Mysteries, Legends,
and Unexplained Phenomena)
Linda Godfrey

Lake and Sea Monsters
(Mysteries, Legends,
and Unexplained Phenomena)
Linda Godfrey

God Johnson:
The Unforgiven
Diary of the
Disciple of
a Lesser God
Linda Godfrey

The Poison Widow:
A True Story of Sin,
Strychnine, and Murder
Linda Godfrey

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