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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday January 10, 2015
Elaine Kuzmeskus
Tonight's returning guest was six-time author Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director of the New England School of Metaphysics.
I tried using Skype but there was enough of a connection issue I had to go back to using my phone.
Henry had Elaine start out about her previous year's predictions. She conveyed on her website she gives m monthly new predictions for that month. She indicated the trend on more books on the topic of Life After Death. She'd felt some issues with Miami and southern California but those have not yet happened yet.
Elaine added about the recent lowered gas priced, as though that was anything to with oil company generosity or supply/demand.
Referring to her latest book, Dream Zone: Dreams, Astral Travel, and Spirit Communications, she spoke about the psychic aspects of dreams, including but not limited to astral travel, as well as psychism within dreams. She quickly sequed about mediumship and her The Making of a Medium book, and the training involved, also recommending the writings of Edgar Cayce.
She touched on aspects of psychic training, such as Historic Camp Chesterfield in Indiana, as well as her book Seance 101 and she got into psychic photography, briefly mentioning Orbs as opposed to dust particles and other identifiable objects.
Kat took us into the first break, indicating having a question for when we returned. Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan brought us back, reporting tonight our having listeners in Australia, the US, Canada, UK, France, Haiti, and the return of... Unknown...
Kat asked about why, in dreams, she can speak Korean, considering Kat doesn't speak Korean. Elaine suspected Kat has a Korean spirit guide.
Somewhat noisily, Harry called in Dory from the chat room for a reading.
Elaine began her rather more distressing predictions, such as the current Lowered Gas Prices, which she apparently doesn't realize is being used with which to cover the upcoming carbon taxes the govenment wants to impose. She seemed to mistake "official" reports as opposed to actual statistic numbers about unemploynent. She spoke of the recent "free" Community College "idea" being "suggested" by the current administration, as though it would actually be free. She felt that stocks would go up by summer. She made the somewhat obvious observation that America should not interfere with other countries and wars. She predicted that more government would be giving even more money to the growing militarizated police forces, and to Homeland Security.
She indicated from March 20-August 29 both mainstream politial parties would work together, but not whether she implied actually for the common good.
She referred to "race riots," but felt there would be "bread riots," She added the terrifying predictions of Mitt Romeny, or Jeb Bush, running for president, as well as Hillary: a true Lose-Lose race for the private sector.
The January 20th New Moon would provide some good technology; between that and February 18 there would be race issues. She discussed the upcoming Mercury retrograde, after Lincoln's birthday, Mercury will go direct.
She mentioned previous presidents being Aquarians: Lincoln who wouldn't allow the south to secede despite their lawful ability to do so, and FDR who imposed Socialism's Social Security. She added Reagan being Aquarius, and despite his criminal scandals, at least he worked towards decentralizing government.
Psi in the chat room asked about Blood Moons for the year, but Elaine tends to focus on super moon. Psi clarified these are full moons during lunar eclipses. Elaine indicated whether its a north or south moon, based on where the eclipse is being perceived.
Henry asked about her going to Mark Twain's home, as she wrote in her Connecticut Ghosts book. Elaine often senses Twain's daughter, and Twain's wife. Mark Twain has not, so far, come through for Elaine.
She quickly read for us; for me Elaine indicating I would improve in writing. For CC she felt CC is intuitive but that she "hides it" after a sense, and a strong sense of colour, and sense CC's use of photography. For Henry she felt a friend from a long time ago would be in contact with him.
As she ran us right up to the end, so with no time to give out our respective site information. Henry quickly conveyed that our subsequent week's guest would be psychic Gypsy Moon, and seconds before the show wrapped out. I hastily suggested everyone get the links at the report pages at our show's Facebook page., or listen to the end of any of our previous podcasts, which Kat managed to squeak in being now available on on iTunes.,
So, for the report here:
Elaine's website; she can be contacted at 860-668-0373 directly, and that those interested in mediumship could read her The Art of Mediumship book; she is also on Facebook.
My Paranormal Hub page is at, at which one can select report pages of previous editions of the show, or listen to their respective archived podcasts from there; the show's official site being; and that we're findable on Facebook.,
Kat's website is; her Graphic Novel page is at

January 10 2015 edition podcast.

Now also available on iTunes
Elaine Kuzmeskus
Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director of the
New England School of Metaphysics

Dream Zone: Dreams,
Astral Travel, and
Spirit Communications
Elaine Kuzmeskus

The Art of Mediumship:
Psychic Investigation,
Clairvoyance, and
Elaine Kuzmeskus

The Making
of a Medium
Elaine Kuzmeskus

Connecticut Ghosts:
Spirits in the State
of Steady Habits
Elaine Kuzmeskus

Seance 101:
Physical Mediumship:
Table Tipping,
Psychic Photography,
Trumpet Seances,
Other Important
Elaine Kuzmeskus

Soul Cycles:
Astrology 101
Elaine Kuzmeskus

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