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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday July 05, 2014
Saturday July 03, 2015; repeated

GhostSoldiers: Patrick McCormack and Doug McReynolds
Tonight we welcomed back Patrick McCormack and Doug McReynolds of GhostSoldiers. Patrick began pointing out how before the revolutionary war, each of the sovereign states had their own militia. He praised the awesome AMC series Turn, as well as the background of Daniel Morgan who helped raised fighters towards the war.
We also discussed some of the military activities in my home state of New Jersey, such as the Battle of Monmouth, before which it seemed that we'd been whipped; after which it became clear our fighters could be a proper army fighting force.
Henry brought up the Battle of Cowpens.
Ceiling Cat Barbara brought us back from the first break, conveying our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. She reminded how many allies we had during the Revolutionary War, including but not limited to Native American tribes.
Henry played several intelligent-responses EVPs that Pat and Doug had acquired over the years, such as at Daniel Morgan's (replicated) cabin. Morgan had indicated the Battle of Saratoga was his favourite. Patrick spoke about the famous Surrender of General Burgoyne painting by John Trumble.
Coming back from the second break, CC asked Doug if Colonel Joshua Chamberlain ever critiqued Doug's role playing of him.
Investigating with Spirited History, a ghost woman was known to be at the Kidori Farm. Patrick went in, wearing camo pants, and a female EVP called him out, as wearing a costume.
Patrick spoke about General Joe Hooker aka "Fighting Joe Hooker."
Patrick posited how Time may move differently on the Other Side.
Henry asked about Patrick and Doug themselves, as to what's up with them. They've had to scale back as Doug's mother is having health issues. They're still visiting various battlefields when they can. He spoke about the Triangular Field in which cameras are notorious for not functioning properly.
The show zoomed through, timewise; amusingly during the last eighth of the show, Kat's para-pooches suddenly blasted away with barking big time.
They spoke their being the first ever paranormal team to be allowed access to the hanger in which, a year before the Hindenberg crashed, the famous airship was housed there.
Pat gave out their @patghostsoldiers1 Twitter account, and their theghostsoldiers website.
Henry conveyed that our guests the next week would be Cindy amd Sandy and Harry, and Gary, of Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours.
I hastily gave out my my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page, and invited everyone to Follow Me on Twitter at @realbadger.
Kat gave out the show being on Twitter at @Paraviewradio, as well as her Hunt For Ghosts page and her website,
Henry also conveyed in two weeks Henry and Kat would be attending the event at Poasttown. and we wrapped out.

05 July 2014 edition podcast
The Paranormal View hosts
The Paranormal View 03 July 2015 repeat edition,
with Patrick McCormack and Doug McReynolds
of GhostSoldiers
The Paranormal View hosts
The Paranormal View 05 July 2014 edition, with
Patrick McCormack and Doug McReynolds of GhostSoldiers site created August 02, 2008

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