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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 21, 2013
Darrell Whisman
Tonight as our guest we had Darrell Whisman, the caretaker of the famously haunted Poasttown Elementary School in Middleton, Ohio.
Just before the show he indicated there being an investigation going on there this night via Dane Smith of Haunted Cincinatti Tours (which also has a Facebook page).
Built as a school in 1937, it ran thus until it closed in 2000; they've owned the school for over four years. The place is so active the school's tagline is "When you leave... you believe!"
Kat, brought up the mascot painted on the gym wall. They've tried to paint around it, but such peels off, while the 20-year-old painting of the American Native child remains intact.
Darrell spoke of numerous, varied experiences people and visitors have had, including but not limited to his own experiences, and whenabouts some activity is more than at other times. He indicated there even having been weddings done in the building, even police K9 training are occasionally done in the school. One group of police trainers claimed they'd not return, as one set of dogs refused to go down a certain corridor, and a door swung open on its own to smack a deputy in his back. Another deputy a week or so later reported speaking to someone named Donny about the building, unaware there was no such person.
Some firemen were doing some training, running a fog machine, came across a little girl that was sitting and playfully laughing at the trainee.
Kat added about the place being very peaceful; she had been there two years earlier for an event to which no one else actually showed up. Her friend's dog Sophie had a special harness with recorders and such to record EVPs by anything interested in the dog; she was given free reign to roam the place. Kat saw a super tall Shadow Person cross from one room to another in the well-lit daytime hallway, with Sophie following the entity.
Darrell indicated having tried to own dogs, but the canines couldn't deal with the activity.
The first break had the recorded Darrell promo for the July 18-20 Mid-Ohio 2014 event. Kat conveyed in the chat room that at her website reported some experiences she'd had at the venue.
Coming out of the first break, Ceiling Cat Barbara reported tonight our having listeners in the US and Canada. She asked about poltergeist activity; Darrell indicate objects being removed and later returned. CC asked about Trigger Objects; Darrell indicate toys such as balls, checkers, dolls, etc., the balls moving. Even iPads left with drawing programs open would have lines appear.
As far as Darrell knows, while there have been drama there, no one has officially died at the school itself. One investigator's mother-in-law told her not to use the stairs spiraling from the top floor down to the gymnasium, as a little girl had fallen down the center and died, albeit elsewhere, not at the school. It's the only staircase that goes all three stories, the others go from floor to floor, "forcing" people to go out onto the floor to get to the next set of stairs.
Discussed was the Boiler Room, into which many people will refuse to enter, or at least return once having visited.
Henry asked about nearby train derailments; Darrell indicated it was about a mile down the tracks, but that the injured were brought to the school outside in the yard being used as triage.
CC asked about any activity in the playground/s. Darrell spoke about a pine tree that was insect infestation so it had to be cut down. Now as one approaches the stump, their K2 meters spike big time.
Kat found info on the 1910 train accident nearby in which several people were indeed killed. Darrell clarified there had been switch and miscommunications in which two or more trains were at the wrong time, causing the collision. One infant was found a few days later, alive and unharmed, that must have been thrown clear, its parents most likely perishing in the crash.
Darrell spoke about the dark history of child farms at the location long before the school was built.
He also spoke about how early on, he'd had health issues: psychics felt that the entities had wanted them to leave. Now, the entities are so used to them, and the respect Darrell and all have, that when they've tried to move, the entities may be sabotaging such, causing enough of a financial set back that they cannot leave.
Along with numerous child ghosts, there are four separate adult entities, Darrell indicated, one being a former principal. Psychics have also indicated there being a Portal, along the lines of a way-station.
Kat spoke about holding a flashlight session (two mag lights turning on and off simultaneously), during which they could hear children running up and down the stairs and slamming doors. Darrell spoke of hearing girls giggling outside a room, but that someone outside hearing the giggling in the room, indicating the giggling was in three dimentional space between them.
After the second break, we spoke about Mid-Ohio in place of Mid-South, due to Keith Age health issues. Darrell was floored as to how many people have stepped up to help with the event, reading off those who've helped, including but not limited to wildly misprouncing Kat Klockow's surname, accented the second syllable.
With so many speakers, let alone attendees, there no way to fit everyone into one room, so it'll be Spread Out. There are investigations set for Friday night and maybe one on Sunday for anyone still sticking around. So far there've 43 pre-sold tickets, which he finds surprising as most people buy at the door, and most are buying the full weekend pass.
The music group OrbTones will be performing. Henry mentioned the Florantine in nearby Germantown.
Stressed was that sometimes, if rarely, there are Very Calm, inactive times, but that storms and such really ramp up the activity.
There are Open Hunts once a month, though July is so booked up, what with Mid-Ohio, that July will be skipped for Open Hunts. The Open Hunts are so popular there are regulars, one being a woman driving many miles just to attend each Open Hunt.
Considering the varied Native American burial mounds, Kat brought up how in Ohio was a great nexus of the Hopewell culture. Darrel gave out the Mid-Ohio 2014 link, his Facebook page, as well as the Poasttown Elementary School site, as well as his direct 513-464-1330 phone number.
I gave out the Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page. Kat provided her website, and her hunt for ghosts and her Miss Grey Smashword site. Barbara implied her own Facebook page.
Henry announced our guest the next week would be medium and paranormal news reporter Bonnie Vent, and we wrapped out.

21 June 2014 edition podcast
Darrell Whisman
21 June 2014 edition with Darrell Whisman of haunted Poasttown Elementary School.

Haunted Poasttown Elementary School

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