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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday January 11, 2014
Elaine Kuzmeskus
Tonight's returning guest was five-time author Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director of the New England School of Metaphysics.
CC did the introduction, as I was attending a SAG screening for 12 Years a Slave, after its cast and director Q&A of which I got to meet (after a fashion), Benedict Cumberbatch.
Elaine started out pointing out what predictions she made during her previous appearance that have since come true. She indicated the ecomomy was "improving" (as the stock market was doing well, as opposed to those who work for a living), and that unemployment was "down," though the media reporting such conflicts with actual facts.
Inadvertantly calling it Proof of Life, she mentioned Dr. Eben Alexander's book Proof of Heaven evidencing life after clinical death, also available as an audio book.
She was pleased that one prediction had not come true: a substantial earthquake around the Baja Peninsula, but having checked, there had been a 6.2 earthquake there the day before (fortunately without any injuries or much damage).
As to predictions for 2014, apart from mostly being a repeat of 2013: Characteristic ups and downs in the stock market, considering how high it has been; April 26th eclipse which would bring "more uncertainty; better trade with China; improvements in health: work towards cancer, cancer already being curable for several years now notwithstanding, and with diabetes, which also already is treatable to curable as well.
Thanks to the nightmarish Obamacare, the current administration would decrease even more than in the previous years, and that there would be some "upcoming scandals," as though all the scandals to date hadn't quite happened.
Psychologists would become more positive and mindful, rather than past-oriented.
Kate Middleton would be expecting again; Queen Elizabeth would gracefully step down "a bit."
In the Church, a woman may be elevated to cardinal.
She believes the recession would be recovered by 2015 (based on results, not a prediction, just a belief and a hope).
The "safe bet" that there would be more political activism.
She indicated her having bought into the "official" Newton Shooting narrative, to the point of hinting at unlawful and anti-Constitutional gun-control, always well-settled as being never about guns, such being only about Control.
She felt alternative health and more all-natural remedies would come to the forefront.
Elaine discussed Spirit Guides regarding physical phenomena. She spoke of Historic Camp Chesterfield in Indiana, being mostly an all-psychic community, enjoying relaxing on the porch of the Western Hotel there. She also spoke of artist May and Lizzie Bangs sisters, not to be confused with Margaret, Kate and Leah, the Fox sisters.
Elaine indicated describing apports (an object that appears from the air without or with the will of a spiritualist or medium), in her Seance 101 book.
Considering the Native American presence at Camp Chesterfield, Elaine was not surprised two of her spirit guides are Native Americans.
She got into psychic photography, briefly mentioning Orbs as opposed to dust particles and other identifiable objects. She sequed into Ada Deane's photography back at the original Armistice Day took photos with faces of seeming faces above the crowd, though not everyone believed they were real.
After the first break, containing a few amusing promo audio collisions, Elaine clarified to Henry she gets her predictions via visisons, dreams, being clarvoyant, and being a trance-medium, the latter meaning going from the Beta waking state to the relaxed Alpha state which become a deep trance. She spoke of the Delphi Oracle and the Dalai Lama, the latter's presence of whom Kat has personally experienced.
Getting back to predictions, Elaine suspects the Draft may be coming back, which isn't exactly a stretch as more and more people are Waking Up to the unlawful and under-false-pretenses invasions of other countries the US government has been doing. Henry took the position that the military would provide a "work ethic" to young people as opposed to their being brain-washed only to Take Orders and Obey "Authority."
She also felt they might raise the retirement age again, and that pensions would be criminally taxed.
Sherri in the chat room asked about the coming domestic security army, but as neither Elaine or Henry had previously heard of the UN's well known invasion plans with which the current administration is complicit, and I was not available to clarify it, they thought it meant "just" Homeland Security. Elaine mistook it as being a volunteer army with minimum wage, as opposed to the other-country soldiers being brought in via the UN, to have no issues against firing on American citizens, when the American People finally realize that the Founding Father era people had a revolution at far less at which the government has been throwing at its people since even before the the start of the 21st century.
Elaine stressed we all have Guides. Kat indicating her guides being named Henry, ironically enough, which she's know the longest, who tends to communicate via music. The other guide is Sam, who was from her childhood, who went away but rather recently returned.
Elaine predicated another co-host might come to The Paranormal View, having some interest in UFOs. Declaring another "safe bet," Elaine confirmed in the next two years the show would do well.
Elaine felt that Texas should be watched, including but not limited to secession, as though that movement which began in the 1990s had only just (or hadn't yet), begun, as opposed to its strengthening over the past 10+ years, even with "the White House" falsely making up history and law in its initial "response" to the sovereign state's lawful petition.
Meanwhile, Kat's dogs momentarily gave voice to their thoughts on the show in general.
Eliane felt a book would be released in 2015 in which a top military would speak of contact with UFO occupants, such books as Stranger at the Pentagon notwithstanding. She posited that Shirley MacLaine would write another book, this being on UFOs, similarly to recent books coming out about Remote Viewing.
Coming back from the second break, CC asked about Detroit, it predictably getting worse before it gets better, and there being such as probably food riots. Any improvements would be from citizens itself, not the government. She also foresaw riots for Miami, Los Angeles and New York. (She did feel the automotive industry in Detroit would improve.)
Elaine also indicated having a new, additonal website named after her last book,
Whilst someone was making a noise like they were trying to remove the tobacco contents of a smoking-pipe by tapping and tapping and tapping at it, Elaine indicated her upcoming book would be titled Dream Zone, as she holds that one's dream state is a zone of consciousness, including but not limited to Astral Travel.
Henry called in Julie from the chat room for a reading, sensing her late parents, great-aunt and grandmother (during which the tap tap tapping continued.)
Elaine read for Kat, sensing a level of Buddhism in her, and a Tibetan Guide, of whom Kat herself hasn't been aware. Elaine indicated it was Tibetan Monk, who died probably before he was 35, and that he may have been killed in the 1950s when the Chinese conquered Tibet. A late 40s woman came in that Elaine felt Kat had only seen in a black and white photo; Elaine thought it might be Kat's great-grandmother but Kay suspected it could be her grandmother. Elaine sensed a lot of travel around Kat, but Kat has no plans in the foreseeable [!] future. A John and Frank came through, but Elaine had to get Kat's family UK heritage to "place" them.
While Elaine wondered if Kat might be traveling to Virginia, Kat indicated having recently discussed with Sherri in the chatroom about possibly attending OtaCona a huge comic book convention in Baltimore, near Virginia.
With the time having run down, those in the chat room to whom a reading was promised, they'd be called in after the show while they were still connected to Elaine via Skype.
Elaine gave out her new website, that she could be contacted at 860-668-0373 directly, and that those interested in mediumship could read her The Art of Mediumship book, and plugged her Connecticut Ghosts, Seance 101 books, and her The Making of a Medium autobiography as well, plus Soul Cycles: Astrology 101 for those into astrology. She neglected or chose not to give out her Facebook profile.
I was not there to provide the show's various page locations, including but not limited to my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al; nor could I refer to Qivana health products I promote, which people should be taking by anyone wanting to live longer and healthier, and/or with health issues or just... aging in general... could contact me directly, et al., but Kat has scant seconds with which to provide her Graphic Novel Facebook page, and that she would be attending Ohayocon anime and manga convention, January 24th-26th in Columbus, Ohio. Kat did not provide her website on which is her graphic novel.
Henry quickly conveyed that our subsequent week's guest would be Maria Celeste discussing Healing with Crystals, and the show wrapped out.

January 11 2014 edition podcast
Elaine Kuzmeskus
Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director of the New England School of Metaphysics.

Dream Zone: Dreams,
Astral Travel, and
Spirit Communications
Elaine Kuzmeskus

The Art of Mediumship:
Psychic Investigation,
Clairvoyance, and
Elaine Kuzmeskus

The Making
of a Medium
Elaine Kuzmeskus

Connecticut Ghosts:
Spirits in the State
of Steady Habits
Elaine Kuzmeskus

Seance 101:
Physical Mediumship:
Table Tipping,
Psychic Photography,
Trumpet Seances,
Other Important
Elaine Kuzmeskus

Soul Cycles:
Astrology 101
Elaine Kuzmeskus
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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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