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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday November 30, 2013
Arthur M. Mills Jr.
Tonight's guest was author Arthur M. Mills Jr., of The Crawl Space and The Empty Lot Next Door, among others.
Arthur started off discussing his The Empty Lot Next Door book, which relates experiences he had as a young child (in the book he made himself eight years old when the experiences took place when he was six). The family had left Austin Texas projects, into a house built in the 1950s, with an empty lot next door that his new friends refused to discuss. In the lot was a small hole, about two feet deep, a sealed part of a septic tank from a house that'd burned down killing its family of four (he would later research to make sure that claim was real, which it was).
The local kids' urban legend was anyone jumping into the hole would be haunted by the ghost/s of the family. Being young, picked on, even with a speech impediment, he decided to try it, alone one night when he went over to prove or disprove the legend. He even poked at the hole with the stick, Provoking what spirits might have been there. He went back home and went back to skeep.
A few hours later he awoke and went to the kitchen which overlooked the lot. Getting his glass of water he could see Something moving about in the empty lot. He went to his screened back porch with a perfect view, where he could see a figure climbing out of the Hole (even his dogs reacting to it), and slithering towards a large oak tree next to Arthur's home. The female-like entity turned to the sound of the barking dogs, and seemed to look eye to eye with Arthur. The entity, walking as though just learning to walk, made its way to the fence. As he thought whether this was Really Happening, she nodded as though reading his thoughts. He ran back to bed, hiding beneath the covers and all but woke up in the morning for school.
Authur's brother Richard would do magic shows for the friends, and Arthur saw long blonde hairs in the bark of the tree.
Years later when Arthur began opening up to friends, they would open up what They Had Seen. One boy had been given toys by the ghost of the girl who'd died in the fire. Another boy, a local bully, had hid in the hole during a game of hide and seek; but ended up beating up Arthur's brother. The next day the same bully was killed by a hit-and-run jeep, literally cutting the boy in two. That night there was a knock on the door, but no one was there. Minutes later the knocking resumed, but now the door starts to open, the female entity began to enter, her melted-face sizzling as though on fire, climbing onto Arthur's bed with him, and starts playing with his GI Joe figures and jeep toys. At one point Richard in the dark asked Arthur to stop making sounds (only the girl was making sounds); when Arthur went to go to school he found the two GI Joe figures melted and fused together. Arthur also deduced she could have been reenacting the bully's death, and that she was in a way responsible.
Arthur went on to discuss the incredible experiences, including he and a neighbour seeing the spirit of his late brother in the window of the home. Further research found out his house had been built elsewhere and moved there (hence the extremely high foundation/crawl space), and it was in That House in which a girl died in a different fire in its previous location. He had managed to train himself to Lucid Dream to battle with the girl-ghost, but she was prepared for it.
But Arthur's surviving brother Felix appeared and punched the ghost the way he'd done to a bully that'd gone after Richard. Later after Arthur woke, Felix came to apologize for years of bullying he'd done to Arthur and Richard.
When Arthur had done research before writing the book, he discussed things with his mother, who conveyed that at the time Arthur saw his Richard's ghost, that the Richard's spirit consoled his mother inside.
Sadly, many of Arthur's family members have disowned Arthur for his book, conveying that dark chapter of their lives as well as his.
Arthur discussed the recent Victim Mentality of people.
CC reported our having listeners in the US, the UK, Hungary, Canada, France and Venezuela.
We discussed his using Dragon NaturallySpeaking narration-to-text program with which to compose his books, due to nerve damage rendering his being unable to type.
We spoke briefly on his The Haves and Have Nots book.
Arthur gave out his books' respective pages for The Empty Lot Next Door and The Crawl Space, but apparently wasn't aware of the profile on him at, and while Arthur has a Facebook page, which he's working at being a page dedicated to The Empty Lot Next Door, but he pretty disavowed the Branching Plot Books Facebook page.
Henry announced our guest the next week would be Susan Shumpsky of The Divine Revelation.
Henry began comically trying to provide Kat's Hunt For Ghosts page and her Kat Klockow website, but I quickly was able to give out the correct information.
I gave out my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, Henry did his best indicating such pages existed, and the show's official Paranormal View page page was cited, along with our being findable on Facebook and the show's email address. and they wrapped out.

30 November 2013 edition podcast

The Crawl Space
Arthur M. Mills Jr.

The Empty Lot
Next Door
Arthur M. Mills Jr.

The Haves and
Have Nots:
A Fable on
Arthur M. Mills Jr.
The Paranormal View 30 November 2013 edition
Arthur M. Mills Jr.: 30 November 2013 edition guest on The Paranormal View.

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