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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday November 16, 2013
Adam White, mostly
Tonight's guest was Adam White. Primary host Henry Foister started out introducing cohosts Kat Klockow and Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan, and pointing out my being away in London working on the independent feature film Everything, as its male lead. Amusingly, Henry made a valient attempt at making a Doctor Who TARDIS joke-reference, which Kat was able to salvage, and admonish that the TARDIS is the best little blue box. She mentioned my hope to get to Cardiff during my stay (which sadly didn't happen). They also mentioned my posting photos, such as finding an actual (if not full size), Police Call Box and a shot of me in front of Parliment (with St. Andrews Tower in which is housed Big Ben).
CC did the intro of our guest Adam White of New Age Paranormal Research Group in Decatur, Illinois. In 2003 Adam and CJ had discussed founding a group, as the only "local" group was 50+ miles away, and officially founded New Age Paranormal Research Group in 2005. He'd had his first paranormal experience when he was eight: he'd seen a ghost train, but not a phantom train as most people would think at the term.
He'd had a paper route with his sister and grandfather; when a local train came through the town everything was blocked off. He and others would have to be on the Proper Side of town as the train went through, to deliver the most papers before the other side of the tracks. In the pre-dawn hours, around 4am, they heard a train approach, felt its vibration, but only saw a small white light the size of a softball whizz by above the tracks.
As Adam and his sister looked at each other in surprise, his grandfather simply said, "That was nothing, don't worry about it." And they moved on. Adam's lifelong interest was fueled in the fact his grandfather was so non-chalant about the incident.
In later years research revealed that around 1915 a train had derailed, with no deaths, but a definite derailment. He also found other witnesses to the same phenominon. Via Kat it was clarified that it wasn't Lincoln's Funeral Train.
Since then Adam has seen full body apparitions, and during investigations has heard sounds and voices, chairs moving about on their own.
Adam reported that Decatur being powerfully haunted, especially downtown. Essentially, the land was all cursed, since early 1800's settlers began building over (as well as digging up), various Native American burial grounds.
Some blame the early curse as why Decatur has substantial crime and violence and unemployment. CC pointed out how during early days Decatur was used as a hub people used as a rest-stop of sorts while moving way out west. Adam spoke of how during the Prohibition era higher-officials were highly corrupt and bribeable, and such bribes allowed one not to be harassed. Even the mayor at the time owned a race track, brothel, etc., and was elected mayor as he brought so much money to the city. Unfortunately most of the classic era edifaces have been destroyed, replaced by parking lots and such, so while historical tours may seem a bit sparse, they've been able to capture full body apparitions during tours.
Suddenly a strange whining sound was heard.
Adam spoke of the still-standing James Eldred house The house is made of limestone; James Eldred built his house without power. During one American Ghost Society tour, they witnessed the door open and close on its own, then opening again at which time the members' K2 meters started reacting significantly. The building is still up and does allow investigations.
When Henry asked about the Culver House, they realized Skype had booted Adam, but when he tried to recover Adam, it went to voice mail. It turned out Adam had warned them his phone was being dodgy and his phone could have died, so Kat took the show out for its first break.
Back from break, unable to retrieve Adam, CC postulated regarding Adam's grandfather's attitude may be detrimental to a young person's attitude towards the paranormal. Henry responded with a story about his grandson who's witnessed paranormal activity. Once Henry's son Tim's eldest son talking in his room. When entering the room and asking to whom the was speaking, his son replied he was talking with Marissa, Tim's late sister. When Tim told Henry about it, Henry revealed that while the sister had been named Linda after his mother, when she was first born she was going to be named Tesla. When she didn't survive (and in case they'd had another daughter), they had pragmatically renamed her Marissa after her mom's mother.
Kat relayed having had at age nine witnessing her first full body apparition. Kat's parents fortunately never dissuaded Kat from investigating the paranormal (though they also didn't actively encourage it).
CC spoke of seeing a TV documentary about American's Scariest Places type show, mentioning Decatur. Henry indicated planning to have Adam discuss the Lincoln Theatre. Kat had already checked out her author friend Troy Taylor's entry on his webpage on that spot, and conveyed much of the information therefrom. CC added a story of a man mangled to death in the theatre.
Henry called in Moofi (Sandi Robinson), to help out the now guestless show, though mostly due to being in and thereby defending Nebraska and Henry, Kat and CC earlier having made a few jibes at Nebraska.
At one point they mentioned Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom but couldn't recall the name of its original host Marlin Perkins; I emailed the show his name, figuring Kat was monitoring the show's email.
Returning from the second break, CC reported our having listeners in the US, the UK and Canada; CC posited, correctly as it turned out, that I might be one of the UK listeners, my having previously found the App TuneIn Radio. Henry tried again getting Adam back into the show, to no avail, so Kat continued reading information about Decatur, as did CC conveying various hauntings.
Henry announced a New Show on para-x, tossing it to CC who had no idea as to what it is. She knew it was hosted by Joel Sturges and that it'd be a new talk show, finally finding it to announce it being After Hours AM.
Getting back on topic, Kat had run out of her prepared material, and had to dig through the Haunted Decatur site, starting with the Pythian Children's Home. They also wondered about the old saw of "ancient Native American burial grounds [means a place is (automatically) haunted]," and whether American Native funereal rites were individualized by tribe.
After their wondering whether EVPs might ever turn up of dinosaurs and cavemen, Kat announced having come across my email naming Marlin Perkins, which while brought up in the chat room I couldn't access, had not been mentioned yet on the air. They were pleased to know I'd been able to hear the show, being 1am where I was notwithstanding.
Henry conveyed our guest the next week would be Lisa Livingston-Martin, author of Haunted Carthage Missouri. They discussed various aspects of Missouri; I checked to see it was just over an hour away from where I'd stayed in Missouri and would be returning for more filming soon enough.
Kat provided her Hunt For Ghosts page and her Kat Klockow website for her events.
While I was not available to give out my my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, Henry did his best indicating such pages existed, and the show's official Paranormal View page page was cited, along with our being findable on Facebook and the show's email address. and they wrapped out.

16 November 2013 edition podcast
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Adam White: 16 November 2013 edition guest on The Paranormal View.

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