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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday July 06, 2013
Carrie and Amber
Skype was being a complete jerk with me tonight. The version on my SmartPhone had "updated" itself, so, looking different, by mistake I hit Decline when Henry called. It then refused to permit Henry try calling me again.
Tonight our guests were Amber and Carrie of Middletown, Ohio, who live in a haunted house (surnames omitted for their privacy, though Henry has investigated their place a few times), as well as Marc Spicer and Craig Jones of P.O.R.T. (Paranormal Ohio Research Team), who stayed for the second hour, who have also investigated the domicile.
They've lived there as of this date for four years. As Carrie and Amber were initially sprucing up the place; painting, etc., things started being Misplaced, and things being turned on and off like the lights, stove burners, et al. "The other" Kat in the chatroom asked if they ever requested of the home's entities not to switch stuff on/off, but they have not done so directly.
Henry wanted to know if they didn't mind the entities being there; Carrie and Amber indicated they were fine with all but one... the one that locks the children in the cellar and evokes fear of those it encounters. The living room/dining room and the master bedroom seem to have the most activity.
When they'd first got the place, they'd not officially moved in during the first month whilst they were painting and such, and began noticing things like the toilet flushing itself, and doors slamming themselves when no one else was there; items having been moved about from where they'd been left.
Once they'd officially moved in, there was a plate of cheeseburgers that was moved from the kitchen island to the floor; their Rottweiler barked to bring them to the kitchen, where they found the burgers still on the unbroken plate, one of which being upside-down, still on the counter, as though someone had been trying to feed it to the dog. The dog would have nothing to do with the "offered" food. Their Rottweiler and two teacup dogs react to and growl at Something Only They Are Seeing.
They've observed a large Shadow Person they refer only as a tall, black mass, due to its undulating shape, as well as seeing a little girl ghost that can be seen with enough detail to seem solid, as well their having as a ghostly black cat. Henry pointed out a corner in the living room which Carrie and Amber feel greatly uncomfortable. Even people brought in to investigate, knowing nothing of the house or its history, would be drawn to that corner, which turns out to be where the black mass tends to hang out.
As their audio seemed slightly to fade in and out, I'd wondered if they were calling from their house, but they were at Henry's place. Kat reported missing about half of their previous story as to what part of what room they disliked, while I'd heard the entire thing.
In the bathroom the Shadow Person the son sees indicates where its head would be is Blue.
In the chat room Marie wondered if there were powerlines; she was told being a residential area there were regular telephone poles, not larger ELF towers.
Kat said at around 27 minutes in she heard a little girl voice in the background (I couldn't hear it on playback). CC said she could hear it.
Henry spoke of a Harry Potter-esque under-stairs closet in the cellar where the son stays, the door to which tends to open and close on its own; usually the best way to keep it closed is to block it with a dresser, but even then the door joltingly tries to open, even being blocks as though something inside strongly is trying to get out. During his investigating, Henry conveyed the latch on that door is quite solid; it has to be firmly grasped to be open, so opening on its own accidently is extremely unlikely. The son has also reported the blue-headed entity that watches him shower will sit on the lowest basement steps and just watch him.
It was said when the (living) children are away, the sound of children playing and talking and such is still very audible in the house.
Henry reported his first experience visiting the home, whilst Skype continually kept booting me off the call. He also said apart from audibles, there would be odours, such as pipe tobacco, or food being fried.
They spoke of the previous home owners leaving due to deep depressions that apparently was based on their own experiences; once they left they were fine.
Once they got home to find a water-pipe under the sink unscrewed and removed. While repairing it, a washer was missing. One went upstairs while the other continued repairing, at which point she heard, "Here," and the washer was handed to her. It was not her friend.
Craig Jones retold an experience of his; in one of the bedrooms, he found the little girl ghost had been cutting a Bible that isn't officially there, but it was in the house.
Carrie has been Scratched a few times.
Henry pointed out there would be knocks and bangs at all hours.
Barbara reported tonight our having listeners in the US, the UK, Ireland, France and Canada.
Craig Jones and Marc Spicer of P.O.R.T. (Paranormal Ohio Research Team) stayed for the second hour.
We didn't two breaks tonight; we had one big one at the top of the first hour, at which point Carrie and Amber had to leave, and after which Craig Jones and Marc Spicer continued on. Craig also spoke about the Black Mass, his once witnessing it raising up and enveloping the walls and ceiling. After Skype booted me out for good, and wouldn't accept my existance, back on the show they played EVPs from Henry's and P.O.R.T. investigations.
I rebooted with some time left in the show, but no calls were forthcoming.
And my computer had been behaving so nicely all day...
Meanwhile, whilst I was unable to get back on the show, what I missed included but was not limited to:
The first EVP they'd titled "Thumps;" which indeed there were wall thumps that the questioners didn't hear live at the time.
As Henry described leaving running a recorder the whole time in The Corner, there was suddenly a distinct jolt of static which everyone heard. As it happened again, it was not from Henry setting up the EVP playback, so whatever it was, no one could discern from whence it came, but they wondered whether it Skype trying to prevent my getting back in, as it happened a third and fourth time.
After first playing the wrong tracks, Henry finally played back the EVP, which he said terrified Carrie and Amber to the point of their tearing off their headsets, but suddenly Henry couldn't find it. He did play one as Craig's wife Diane was exiting into the garage: a strange voice was picked up. Kat and CC heard "bitch... done!" though in the playback I felt it sounded like Gollum making a couple of barking sounds. CC felt it sounded like two different voices, while Henry tried calling me back into the show without success. Even Craig felt the first "word" sounded like a gutteral cough.
Henry found and played the EVP from The Corner; a harsh, windy rasping exhale into the mic, despite no one being near the recorder while it was sitting there.
Marc had provided a short, too faint to hear EVP called "Peggy."
Henry played one called "answers," where a slight pop was heard after the question of having built the house, a la someone Disapparating from the Harry Potter series.
Next Henry played another recording where a thunk was heard after being asked if a sound could be made, as well as a few thunks, one outside in the hall, then one right beneath one of the women.
From down in the half-basement, they could hear as though someone was simply walking around in one of the corners.
In the living room, a whistle sound was caught.
Henry conveyed it's just a fascinating place; one can be sitting there asking questions and think Nothing Is Happening until playing it back later, and other times actually hear responses and such.
CC had Henry speak about the ghost cat, which Marc first saw his first time there, setting up a camera. As Henry was talking with him, Marc reported seeing a cat by a hamper. Carrie and Amber confirmed they did not have a cat, but had occasionally seen one. Henry played back an EVP that caught the cat vocalizing. Apparently at the time, Henry called out to the kitty in hope it would come to him (as I would have done).
In one EVP session whilst Marc and Craig were sitting in utter darkness, Marc felt the voice "came from that-away," after a few moments of which equally blind Craig asked if Marc was "pointing in the dark" (as though the direction could be seen).
For a moment I was back, but as I went to make a joke, I was thrown out by Skype. As it was clear I probably could not be retreived, Kat gave out her Facebook page, adding she would be appearing at MidSouth Paranormal Convention, in Louiville, Kentucky August 2-4, 2013 (at which Henry will also be attending). Henry mentioned my website's Paranormal View hub (without providing its actual URL), the official Paranormal View page. Asking CC if she "had anything," to which she responded "Nope."
Craig and Marc did not give out their P.O.R.T. website, or P.O.R.T.'s Facebook page.
Had I been on the air, I could have conveyed that from my website's Paranormal View hub page one can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, page, and could have added there being information regarding health products on my site that people should be taking, by indicating anyone wanting to live longer and healthier, and/or with health issues or just... aging in general... could contact me directly, et al.
But Skype had none of that this night...

06 July 2013 edition podcast
Carrie and Amber
Carrie and Amber (along with Craig Jones and Marc Spicer) on 06 July 2013 edition of The Paranormal View.

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