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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday March 09, 2012
Revved up...
Tonight's guest was Marie D. Jones... who didn't show up. Henry pointed out that I too was unable to attend this night, due to having a two-day gig in Hollywood both Saturday and Sunday. Introducing Kat Klockow and Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan, before indicating none of them knew where was the scheduled guest, they initially figured on speaking between themselves.
Henry indicated "great reviews" of the previous week's show, getting far more downloads than most shows.
Henry turned things over to Barbara, who reported on the upcoming PANSTARRS comet, visible the next night during the new moon, even without binoculars. CC also mentioned the recent near-miss asteroid (though that would be visible more from the southern hemisphere), and how late in the year will be another, even far more very visible comet. Henry began to imply a new guest (and ringing the Skype phone, trying one more time to reach Marie D. Jones), Barbara continued about recent studies with rats and bio-circuit engineered telepathy. She also mentioned how a scientist in the mid-west was able to measure two quantum-entangled particles (based on results, tachyons), traveling at ten thousand times the speed of light, and that the particles were communicating.
The two women were slightly startled at the Skype photo icon of the reliable and always wonderful para-x Black Cat Lounge show host, the Reverend Tim Shaw (the photo being his being zombified for a commercial shoot).
Regarding the rat-telephathy story, with slight satire Tim indicated eventually he'd be implanted but his telephathic communication partner would be an implanted chimp. But he was able to speak of Crisis Telephathy, such as twins and other siblings, adding somewhat jokingly he and his wife tend to think of the same things at the same time such as what to have for dinner, and that it's most likely a trainable skill.
CC pointed out how many pagan groups doing a guided meditation may go into a house, but be in different aspects thereof, almost similar to remote viewing.
Tim razzed Henry a bit, that when they first met, Henry had been extremely reserved, almost nothing as the friendly, fun guy he's become.
He spoke of Like-Minded Folk, people who find each other telephathically, even if they don't verbally speak the same language: eventually meeting they find they are indeed Soul-Pairs. CC wondered if this validated the Collective Unconscious concept of Carl Jung. Tim concurred Jung's experiments laid the foundation but that there was still something missing, that he was trying to hard to intellectualize it. CC agreed that that aboriginal Dream-Sharing was far more "simple" (to understand), than what Jung was trying to explain. Tim indicated that western society has lost so much of its mythos and the wonder of reality that we can no longer see it as well as "primitive" cultures that can still access it.
In the chat room Nyla asked whether one can learn how to be psychic, and about her seeing more than what her Tarot cards show, and suggesting her not being psychic Tim admonished her, declaring she is psychic, that anyone can do mediumship and psychism; it's a "lost" skill due to "progress" as it was not as needed as when we were hunter/gatherers. Tim learned how to hone his psychic skills with Ray Buckland (Tim scries with various items as his focal tools), so he knows it can be done; what Nyla sees in the cards, what comes out of her mouth is what is needed to emerge, and to trust the Messages received.
From the chat room, Ladean asked about her doing channeling of late and whether such is a Good Thing, and safe. Tim was also able to explain channeling to Henry, and the safeties involved. Kat indicated about people "accidentally" letting themselves be channeled, and Tim clarified how people can easily make the mistake of going into a trance-like state.
Henry got a little detailed with tonight's listeners being in the US (Lousiana, Texas, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, New York state, Pennsylvnia, Maryland, and the Carolinas), Canada (Edmonton), and Finland (Porvoo).
Moofy in the chat room wondered if myths were important in our current society, and discussed was that point. Kat indicated that due to the evening's original guest being into mathmatics, had checked out the classic Donald Duck in Mathmagicland, and was astounded how many fundies blasted it due to it describing the geometric shape. Tim explained, what with his study of comparitive religions, how Christianity being still an extremely young religion, and how, having become a dominant religion, it became a religion of control, as well as the distinctions between what they believe as opposed to what real, regarding paganism not being satanism. He also went into the Council of Nysea which chose which of the books would become the Bible, and they discussed how childrens' rhymes were political and/or about the plague, et al.
Shari in the chatroom wondered about Chinese and Japanese legends. Kat indicated there being a lot of carry-over between those and western society.
CC pointed out the recent zodialogical aspects kicking in.
Craig in the chat room wondered about the recent fascination with zombies (sic): the walking dead eating the living; they discussed society's need to put face on fear. Also discussed were true, actual zombies; the drug-induced slaves in Hatti.
They also spoke of how thin-skinned so many less-intelligent people have become, particularly in America.
Tim provided what upcoming events at which he'd be appearing, that he and Marla were co-writing a book together, yet completely failed to give out his website information, his being on Facebook and/or his Twitter.
Unavailable this week, I was not on hand to give out the show's various page locations (my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook), but Henry indicated their existance, as he noticed I'd just managed to arrive in the chat room at the tail-end.

March 09 2013 edition podcast March 09 2012 edition podcast

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