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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday November 03, 2012
Mary Ellen Rodrigues
Kat opened the show tonight; tonight's guest was psychic transport-medium Mary Ellen Rodrigues.
Mary Ellen explained she'd had a number of issues in the early 1970s in her twenties, when her psychic abilities all but burst forth after a traumatic accident. She began seeing people in her bedroom that were people actually at the same time down at the lawn. She would hear phone the ringing before it would actually ring, and know who was calling. This did not subside as the years passed; three days before his death her father woke her to report he was about to Depart. Eventually she found her way to Lily Dale where she learned and honed her abilities.
My computer suddenly switched off, displaying an updated version of the Blue Screen of Death so I had to reboot. During my forced absence, Mary Ellen spoke about being contacted by the murdered Darryl Cozart when Mary Ellen came across Darryl's mother-in-law and widow, and how his persistent messages helped the finding of his body, and catching his murderer.
Henry clarified whether Spirit comes to her randomly, and if any were about who had any messages for us, our listeners, et al. She got a spirit named Michael who came in, indicating dying via a motorcycle (or regular bicycle) accident down a tall hill; he had a connection with a Sarah, but we could not deduce who it might be, particularly, as I pointed out, how often "message providing" Spirit rarely give our specifics such as surnames. It did not seem to be anyone specific in the chat room, but Kat posited it could be someone listening to the eventual podcast. I pointed out considering how often Spirit/s tend to communicate using symbology and such, we should market a Paranormal Pictionary....
Mary Ellen did a few readings of sorts for people in the chat room. One was a woman asking when she would give birth; Mary Ellen felt it would be an Indigo child. I clarified whether it'd be born with a caul over its face (indicating powerful psychism), which Mary Ellen confirmed. I waited to the right moment, particularly as CC pointed out they shouldn't throw away the caul. "Yeah," I was able to quip. "You don't want any caul-forwarding... oh wait..."
As Skype was giving Kat trouble, she typed for to relate: how long should someone wait before requesting messages from a deceased loved one? Mary Ellen replied that it'd depends on how much grief the questioning person is experiencing, and sometimes the grief has to be experienced and worked through before the person will Come Through, though sometimes Someone Else will come through.
As Nancy Shaw was in the chat room, Henry asked if Mary Ellen knew Reverend Tim Shaw (she didn't). It was clarified that Tim does Platform Mediumship at Lily Dale, which Mary Ellen realized he's a Platform Medium, as is she. I pointed out the event seemed the spiritual equivalent of Psychic Open Mic Nights.
We joked about our regular issues with Skype in general, tonight Kat having the main issues, and Barbara declared Skype Loved Her... which of course had Skype kick her out during the second hour.
Henry reported that tonight we had listeners in the US, the UK, Canada and France.
Kat asked about her own spirit guides, whether they had any messages for her. Mary Ellen sense one bending over Kat, holding open a book or a scroll type roll, and that the pages are blank. The other angels shows something else with which Kat needs to be toying. Kat suspected it was a reminder to stop toying with and to start writing her next book on Haunted Ohio Crime.
Henry went over a list of various psychism terms (characteristically mispronouncing clairsentience), but he had a few terms so esoteric and/or arcane even I'd never heard of some of them (even I had to look up clairgustance to know it was psychically sensing taste, as albeit one of her abilities, Mary Ellen had never heard that exact term either). Mary Ellen concurred that she does automatic writing as well.
Henry asked about Neil McDougall, about whose missing-person case Mary Ellen investigated.
At one point via the Skype chat feature, Kat indicated the Bio Channel series Psychic Investigators, specifically Season 1 episode 9 in which Mary Ellen appeared (featuring the Darryl Cozart story).
Mary Ellen gave Henry a message from a great-grandfather, tall, heavy-set and bearded, but Henry barely knew his grandfather/s. She saw the man she saw as along the lines of a lumberjack, and that he was stressing Henry should watch his diet for health reasons.
She told of me that I was playing with fire, and "playing with sticks" back and forth about Stuff, but as with most Readings I'm given, general vagueness and nothing close enough to any specificity onto which I could glean. As for CC, Mary Ellen saw her mother in Spirit and that she was quite proud of CC.
Mary Ellen gave out her website information and her 330-448-1317 phone number (Mary Ellen actually had not been utilizing Facebook, but as the show progressed, her daughter was setting up for her an account, as well as a Twitter account).
We ran out of time before Henry could convey that the next week our guest would be returning author Tracie Austin-Peters promoting her new Alien Encounters in the Western United States book.
I provided the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al); Kat gave out her website and that she'd just posted some photo galleries of the recent locations to which they'd been, and the show wrapped for the evening.

November 03 edition podcast
Mary Ellen Rodrigues; Paranormal View 03 November 2012
Mary Ellen Rodrigues

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