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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 13, 2012
Danielle Stimpson
Due to Skype issues, as well as Henry producing the show previous to ours, we were a bit delayed getting on the air. CC actually introduced the show as Henry was slightly getting things together with the show starting up.
Tonight's guest was Shaman and Reiki Master Danielle Stimpson, who hosts the show Healing Arts Radio each Wednesday evening on para-x. The Founder and Director of Learn Reiki Philadelphia, her work has been featured on such sites as, and Back in 2006 she'd moved to Philadelphia (she grew up in Union, New Jersey, not very far from where I used to be domiciled), and her bed had started shaking. She began investigating, eventually acquiring and reading Lloyd Auerbach's book A Parapsychologist's Handbook, her copy of which she still retains. As a child she grew up with what she thought were Imaginary Friends, and after 2006 with her research her psychic abilities began to open up exponentially.
Danielle explained the distinctions of Reiki, and her initiation thereto, as well as the concept known as Rolfing. She pointed out Anything can accept Reiki energy, even animals; recommending the Kathleen Prasad book The Animal Reiki Handbook.
Kat took us out to break, realizing she'd completely forgotten Danielle's surname being Stimpson. I was aware if it, having my second-break outro prepared with a "vague" Simpson's reference, although Henry stepped flat on my outro...
Henry pointed out we had listeners in the US, the UK, France and Canada.
Danielle discussed how she works intuitively with crystals with Reiki, how she has some clients hold them, others are laid out on their body, etc.
She spoke on the path of Shamanism, and how Shaman translates to One Who Sees In The Dark.
She clarified that she doesn't do paranormal investigations per se, but she had been called in now and then, and accompanied a group checking out Fort Mifflin.
As for her own show, she said her best guest was one of her teachers Tina M. Zion, who wrote Reiki Teachers Handbook and How to be a Medical Intuitive, plus student Kati Brennan who wrote a book on Orgasmic Meditation.
Danielle gave out her website, and Facebook, her Primary Twitter and Reiki Twitter profiles, as well as her blog column page, et al.
I provided the show's various page locations (my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook), et al; and Kat provided her website information, adding that her graphic novel online, Miss Grey, was finally up and running.
Henry wrapped up reporting that the subsquent week the show would be live from Hill View Manor, along with some of the Ghost Hunters.
After Henry mentioned the next week's live even again but saying Fort Mifflin instead of Hill View Manor, the show "concluded," after a fashion, with all the delicacy of a collapsing tower of stacked dominoes.

October 13 2012 edition podcast
Danielle Stimpson
Danielle Stimpson

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