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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday September 29, 2012
Paranormal Ohio Research Team: P.O.R.T. and the Bell Nursing Home
Our guests tonight were Craig Jones and Marc Spicer of P.O.R.T. (Paranormal Ohio Research Team).
Henry started out by introducing co-hosts Kat and Barbara, and Henry relayed that my absense was my attending the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, or as Henry put it, the "HP Lovecraft thinga-ma-dodger"....
Henry asked if CC was able to introduce the guests but while she had no formal intro ready, she played a train (and slide) whistle sound effects, as though they were supposed to be ghostly. Henry did a short intro of Marc and Craig from P.O.R.T., adding he's done investigations with them. Also Emily Leininger of the Bell Nursing Home.
Emily and her sister Natalie had purchased the place, which at one point had been a funeral home of sorts. Emily related that the place had been built in mid 1800s, from a home, there are several common rooms, with some small rooms to the side. Upstairs is broken into several rooms and offices, and there's a cellar and attic. She'd indicated that bats would roost in the chimey, though Henry seemed to imply bats would be a bad thing.
Activity had started up right away after they took possession. Having day-jobs, they'd had to work weekends to fix up the place, and having previously, never experienced paranormal activity, she was at a loss as to how to make sense of it.
Natalie is slightly hearing-impaired and her boyfriend Cody is completely deaf. Readying to leave for the night, Natalie notice a scent Emily couldn't smell. Emily did notice the temperature had dropped, which Cody mentioned when he entered the room, at which point he asked if anyone else could smell what he and Natalie could smell. Standing right in front of Cody where he could smell it, Emily inhaled and found the scent was like rosewater and so excellent she has sought for that smell ever since.
Things got to the point they checked out various paranormal investigative groups and came across the Paranormal Ohio Research Team (P.O.R.T.). Craig said that when the group was contacted, they emailed back and forth before heading up to check for themselves. The first time they were there, as Marc reported, he saw what seemed to be a nurse crossing the grounds, vanishing before reaching the house. Craig saw a girl enter a room that was empty when they'd reached it. There were bangs and sounds; Marc set up a game-trail camera which they left, and returning they found in the all-day vacant building, the camera had been moved about half a foot to the left.
Craig spoke of one of his earliest experiences where he all but suffered frostbite, it was so unsufferably cold. He added he and his wife walking into former patient room, and Craig's wife was "greeted" by an enourmous exhale they could both hear but the recorder did not pick it up.
Kat asked after the building's history. Emily related the original family being the Ludlies who'd built the place, being local store merchants; the place had been built in mid 1800s, from a home, there are several common rooms, with some small rooms to the side. Upstairs is broken into several rooms and offices, and there's a cellar and attic. The patriarchs all passed, leaving the family women having cousins and relations visiting and staying and such. The place was abandoned in 2006, in 2011 Emily and Natalie bought it.
Activity includes hearing curtains being pulled; tape-marks on the floor to show where the curtains are set but while the sound of the curtains are heard, the room divider curtains are still in place. Henry indicated in the daytime having entering one of the rooms and hearing a faint scream. Emily confirmed there being activity both day and night, without any real sort of pattern, but it's somewhat rare that there are any long periods of zero activity. While Emily has never felt threatened, such did not stop her now and then from feeling terrified. Even once when she was touched, at the back of her neck, thrice in a row, it was never aggressive or threatening, almost comforting and intimate, which understandably frightened her.
They discussed some of the architecture, such as an unexplained chute that was posited as anything from an incinerator, to a coal or even ice chute. Henry concurred, once he and those with him got very very little, and other times whatever is there really wanted their presence known.
Craig spoke of the initial ambience; the then run-down building seeming genuinely spooky, and without power there being no light other than what they brought. Upstairs in the office it really got to Craig until it got to him and he had to leave, and going downstairs and seeing the girl, which was Just A Personal Experience as they were not recording at the time.
Emily has not seen full body apparitions but many people have reported such. There have been unexplainable photos, EVPs, motion sensors going off, doors slamming, items falling from the walls, lights suddenly switching on, et al. It finally does have electricity but no heat. Its size limits group size, mostly due to the acoustics creating massive echo effects.
At CC's question about how the place was left when it was sold, Emily stated how cluttered it'd been left behind. There was so much discarded within the building, it seemed to have been abandoned in haste.
After the second break Henry played two EVPs he got during a daytime walk-through, a sigh at the nurse station (Emily has gotten the same sigh as an EVP on her own at other times), and a young girl (sounding like "Please wake up" in a sing-song manner), with a young male voice Henry could hear as well.
The building's layout was discussed, as well as tour information.
Henry reported there were listeners to tonigh's show from the US, UK, Canada and France.
Also discussed was the area in general, local cemeteries, and the occasional jerk teen mischief and break-ins.
Marc and Craig indicated in their investigation methodology, they don't use K2 or mel meters and such.
Putting up webcams in the house is an idea in the works.
The show wrapped out: Emily was able to convey the Bell Nursing Home website, the Bell Nursing Home Facebook page, that there's Big Event details into which she couldn't get, but it would involve a personage of the Sci-Fi Channel (now spelling itself as the Siffee Channel); that she would be attending Scarefest the following weekend. Emily neglected to provide her Apparition Commission site, or the Apparition Commission on Facebook page.
Henry referred to my pages, but didn't have the information to impart, specifically the various links regarding the show: my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al. Kat conveyed her Facebook information at which point an audio distortion obliterated what she said next, but she did segue for Henry to clarify the show would be broadcast live from the Hill View Manor Saturday October 20th, and due to the time having run out, Marc and Craig were unable to give out P.O.R.T.'s Facebook page and their group's website, and Craig gave out the group's Twitter profile.

September 29th 2012 edition podcast
Apparition Commission website
Apparition Commission
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]
Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]

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