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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday September 22, 2012
Donna Hennen
Our guests tonight was astrologer Donna Hennen; I came into the call and Donna was telling [us] what she could give to the show, and I began to think I'd somehow come into the show halfway in, and that I'd gotten my alarm clock wrong.
Somehow the first 16 minutes of the show got lost; Henry re-recorded the opening after the show. Unfortunately, in an effort to appear "seamless," Henry's re-recorded opening neglects to explain the audio-loss, and/or why Donna cuts right in, in the middle of an anecdote of Lily Tomlin failing to heed Donna's advice not to start a specific movie during Mecury retrograde.
Back during the actual airing, Donna had spoke about her astrology interest beginnings, that she went to class for it, and does it Old School: all the real math involved, not just relying on computer programs as many do nowadays.
This was when we discussed Mecury retrograde which Donna indicated being "a bit of a bump;" after her definition I couldn't help but posit that Mercury Retrograde is less of a speed-bump and more like parking lot tire spikes.
Donna indicated that currently we were going into Libra (which she pronouced as Lye-bra), which she learned from her astrology teacher Angela Gallo (Donna also pronounces Uranus as "Yer-ANN-us"). Apparently Angela took the pronunciation as Libra comes from Library (or the other way around), despite "library-based" words like literary, and libretto (e.g., the text with an opera), being pronounced with a short I.
Tonight around the world we had listeners from from the US, Canada, Italy, and the UK.
Throughout the show for people in the chat room Donna gave Horary readings.
For Kat she answered regarding Kat's graphic novel work, that Kat could be(come), known more for that than for Anything Else she's done.
For Henry, Donna felt that there'd be an opportunity beyond The Paranormal View radio show. She likened how she does readings that sometimes reveals dot-connection While self-declared non-psychic, Donna has had intuitive flashes; while reading for Olivia de Havilland, Donna got Olivia would be doing a major mini-series, and off the top of her head indicated it would "be like Roots." Some time later Olivia contacted Donna to convey she'd been cast in "the" mini-series Donna had forecast: Roots: The Next Generations... Back to Henry, she gets such energy that Henry could "be the next Howard Stern" (as far as success).
As for me, being an actor, I asked as to how successful would be either and/or both the two other-state feature film projects on which I'll be working. Donna conveyed that as far as a Horary reading for this date, Taurus rules the House of Money; that I'd have a very good money cycle this next year, and that one thing would open other doors, etc.
For Ceiling Cat (asking about any sort of relationships), as a Cancer, Donna indicated next year could be a very Happy Time for her.0
Donna also indicated concern for climate and such, mostly flooding, what with Uranus in Aries. She suggests people should start building buildings up off the ground so the houses aren't flooded, and that tornado seasons will be such people should have Wizard of Oz style storm cellars. She also pointed out while Mercury won't go retrograde until after the deathly election in November, that there would be Some Altercation Event (possibly one of our embassies), taking place from November 15th-28th; she think it will take place overseas.
After a time we realized the chat room, while still many people in it, had gone very quiet. It was posited people were Listening Very Intently.
Donna gave out her email with which one can request a price list and order form for a chart/reading.
I conveyed (as much as Skype would let me), the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al); Kat gave out her website.
Henry pointed out that next week's guest would be Fort Ohio with Mark and Craig, and "one of the girls" of the Bell Nursing Home. and we were wrapped, directly from which I head out to Highland Park for a VIP (Valley Investigators of the Paranormal ghost hunt), at the American Legion Hall Post 206, though not before learning that the opening of the show had gotten lost, and Henry had had to re-record the opening, so he could tag it to the start of the audio file...

September 22 edition podcast
Donna Hennen; Paranormal View 22 September 2012
Donna Hennen

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