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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday September 15, 2012
Pamala Oslie
Our guests tonight was psychic and colour expert Pamala Oslie, who since 1983 has developed perceiving the colours of energy fields and auras.
Regarding Henry's inquiry as to when she got started, Pamala stated having Blue and Yellow with Violets aura, which, being very spiritual, reflects why she's been into the paranormal and metaphysics pretty much her whole life. Then she got into the Helping Field, then the Rock and Roll business. Hearing a psychic speak one night, she was pulled up to the stage, the presenter declaring Pamala knew how to Do This as well. She discovered having the talent for being able to read people. A year later she met up with a woman who could read auras, and Pamala started working with her, and began to recognize patterns and traits in people. While now able to see auras and such, she's also a strong follower of quantum physics, which has her remaining somewhat grounded in her studies and research.
Henry pointed her Pamala having authored Life Colors and Love Colors, asking as to the order (Life Colors was written before Love Colors).
Pamala has been able to teach people how to see Auras, pointing out animals obviously see auras, and human children generally can as the ability has not been Trained Out Of Them yet. Even though adults generally "don't" see auras, such are still sensed, hence liking (or disliking) someone at first meeting indicates a conflict between the aura between the two meeters.
Barbara asked about colours that conflict, and Pamala relayed how some colours get along really well and compatible, and others, not so much. Studying the colours can assist one in determining why the Other Person thinks differently, et al.
Pamala indicated the distinctions with the outer and inner bands, and that when taking the test at her site, to be truly introspective, not what one thinks they're Supposed To Be.
Getting into specifics, she convyed that we probably don't have a lot of Red listeners as Reds "don't believe in this stuff," their being animalistic; about physical reality and food, sex, drink and much more about the phyical body, citing Madonna, Sean Penn, Russell Crowe and Lady Gaga as Reds. A Red Overlay, is not a Life Colour, generally starting out in childhood, for protection; being abused or abandoned; children of alchoholics, or a life-threatening illness, as though the planet isn't safe. Using Red as an overlay works as protection and a survival tool, but it usually creates a self-prison and self-sabotage. She agreed with CC that post-traumatic stress-disorder soldiers would often have Red Overlay, with which to cope.
She began to speak about Yellows; how they get into the Healing Professions, and being very kinesthetic, using their bodies as sensory receptors.
Pamala could sense Henry has a lot of Yellow, so she knew she could play and joke around with him, while with other hosts (Greens and Violets) she has to be far more serious. She also clarified that while her two books convey the same information about colours, the second one being titled Love Colors was due to it focusing on relationships, love and compatibility.
We discussed how, at her Aura Colors website, one can take a free test on one's colours. Henry and Kat joked how it's a rather comprehensive test; Pamala pointed her at her Love Colors website site has a more stream-lined version, though we discovered the webmasters are probably re-designing or doing maintenance, so the link currently goes to the Long Form version. Pamala admitted being technologically impaired; she can just about blog and tweet.
Certain colours are best at relationships; Blue are the most loving people on the planet, but tend not to take care of themselves, and occasionally get very depressed. Yellows are big kids, youthful at heart but tend to be commitment-phobic (George Cloony is a Violet-Yellow). They tend to live really long lives as long as their happy; the downside is their sometimes becoming addicts particularly when Out Of Power. Violets have very high standards, needing partners who treat them as equals, but can outgrow people quickly.
Blue-Yellows are America's Sweethearts who barely seem to age, a la Goldie Hawn, while many film makers are often Violet-Yellow.
Asking after my hair and eye colours, Pamala read me as (mostly) a Yellow-Tan, and apparently have added Violet and Green plus All Sorts Of Colours in my outer-band, but she sense I started out as a Yellow-Tan and other colours were added later, maybe even a little Blue in my outer-band. Asking what I scored on the test, I indicated scoring a six with Red, Magenta and Logical Tan. She said she could tell I was a Yellow over being a flat-out Red, though I have some Red as a Life Colour, not outer-band: as I can multitask but need variety but Tans get really focused, and that I'm a Yellow as I'm a Very Nice Guy (I couldn't resist the joke knowing myself to be a Nice Guy, hence my not having a girlfriend...). When indicating I can be stubborn, I pointed out that was my Sun and Moon both being in Taurus, but also that being a Taurus isn't not that we're stubborn; we're just Always Right... "That's Yellow-Tan talkin'!" she exclaimed, laughing, adding that Yellows have a great sense of humour, as are Taureans. Yellows dislike conflict and often use humour as disarming.
While Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum, which thereby promotes balance, they're not only Type-A personalities but tend to have health issues. In power, Greens are dynamos; when out of power they blame others, etc.
CC asked about the current politicians Pamala indicarted that the current White House occupant is a Violet-Yellow (apparently having added some Indigo, which Pamala find surprising), while his competition is Violet-Sensitive Tan. Bush Sr. was a Green-Yellow, while W. was Yellow-Tan.
We joked about how many of the questions being asked were unlike those of "normal" talk-show hosts, and she learned she's not the first guest to feel that way.
Pamala has noticed that in the course of recent years, males have leaned more towards metaphysics when at one time it was more of an interest for females; that males would poo-poo it while women embraced it, but it's turned around.
I took us into the second break, though as I finished the outro Henry suddenly added it'd be "about seven or either minutes," which turned out to mean eventually playing the way long "Para-X Bug" Promo which seems to go on for about ten minutes.
I pointed out that her Love Colors site is actually (also) a dating site. Pamala also stressed that my "low" scoring could implying my trying to Please Everyone, to which I conveyed that with so many "Cosmo"-esque quizzes, the questions go for black and white responses and often such would not be so On The Nose with me, which helped confirm for Pamala my being such a Tan: being big on details. She recommended going through each catagory as a whole, and that one would Stand Out more than others.
Getting back to reading the hosts, Ceiling Cat came up with Pamala as a Violet-Yellow and having Learned Some Blue, with some outerband colours. This means her energy is wonderful, good with people, and the Violet has had her work on various projects.
Henry joked as to what colour is the show itself, to which Pamala sensed that the show does do a lot of Violet things and Yellow things and that sometimes the show gets very Red as in Out There: bizarre. Violets always teach outside the box, and get people to think (the Red would be guests, none of the hosts).
Pamala read Kat as Yellow, more of a Blue-Yellow, with a touch of Magenta which Pamala rarely sees. The Yellow for Kat is more a rebellious free-spirit analogized her as a bar-fly (not as being a drunk); as more of a social butterfly. The Magenta in her outer-band Pamala sensed as being very creative, more outragious, but also that it's Added.
Henry himself came up as Yellow (very curious and intrigued by life), and one of the Tan colours, but she was finding it a little tricky on to to which to latch, which wasn't surprising considering Henry's initial self-description (hair and eye colour), didn't seem to jibe with what Pamala was sensing. She sensed a touch of Violet and Red, though not Red Overlay, most likely due to having such different, varied guests on his show, so much so that he even has a little touch of Indigo in his outer-band. He wants to Learn as much as he can in this lifetime before Moving On (at which time having a big laugh over it), though not in a Rushed way. Pamala pointed out she's never sensed anyone like Henry and while such was a compliment, she felt it seemed an odd way for him to choose to live his life, as he's unlike most people. It came up almost at the end, that Henry reported our having listeners tonight in the US, Canada and Belgium.
Pamala couldn't help but point out she was amazed at some of our insightful questions she was asked throughout the show.
As Pamala is into quantum physics, Henry asked her about that towards the last fifth of the show so she could get into it at length; quantum physics, alternate realities and parallel dimensions, and how parallel dimensions work. She had spoken with David Deutch on parallel universes, and she was well aware with one of my favourite quantum physics topics, Michael Talbot's book about The Holographic Universe model. Pamala was also aware of Burt Goldman's concepts of Quantum Jumping, though Pamala's methods of dimensional jumping are a bit different. CC mentioned how a certain cemetery she visits in which to take photographs, but often is simply Looks Different, which Pamala posited being a dimensional shift.
Henry pointed out that next week's guest would be astrologer Donna Hennen, after which, Pamala gave out her Aura Colors website, her Love Colors website, and announced the all-new Life Color City website which (at the time of this broadcast, still under construction), will be more live in October.
I conveyed the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al); Kat gave out her website and we were wrapped.

September 15 edition podcast

Life Colors:
What the Colors
in Your Aura

Pamala Oslie

Love Colors:
A New Approach to
Love, Relationships,
and Auras

Pamala Oslie

Make Your Dreams
Come True: Simple
Steps for Changing
the Beliefs That
Limit You

Pamala Oslie
Pamala Oslie; Paranormal View 15 September 2012
Pamala Oslie
Aura Colors
Aura Colors website
Love Colors dating site
Love Colors dating site

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