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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 18, 2012
Author Wendy Joy
Our guest tonight was author Wendy Joy, author of Clear Channel: A Guide For The Newly Awakening and host of the Tuesday night show Bringing the Light.
(I did my best to speak my intro nice and slow and it still friggin' came out rapid-fire, despite As Speaking it I thought I was sounding really really slow...)
Wendy started out working in a trauma clinic, mostly in the out-patient aspect as a speech therapist. She began noticing colour-auras about her patients, which turned out to be vibrational angelic forms.
Before her claire-cognisance, she's get what she called Subtle Knowings; she'd first feel the vibration, then know to gently Look Around with Gentle Eyes, passively at which point she could see the colours.
I kept having Skype issues, but momentarily dropped from the call. On playback I found my audio really sounded telephonic, as opposed to the others who sounded like they were in the same room. With each time I fell out and was brought back in, I kept sounding farther and farther away...
On her radio show she speaks on people being able to ascend to a high vibrational state. We discussed how recent solar flares have tended to mess with our bio energies, just as previously recorded flares many years caused all sorts of issues.
Wendy discussed Past Life Regression work, as well as non-linear time cognisance (that due to the Eternal Now concept, past lives are more Current Other Timeline lives bleeding through), and how recognizing behaviour and/or experiences from past lives may make an impact currently, and how to break that chain "of events," as it were. She also mentioned the online Emotion Code about which she spoke on her show some time ago. I asked if she was aware of the Holographic Universe model, in which with reality as a "liquid hologram," one can access different aspects of reality, including but not limited to past and future, so possibly some Past Life Regression could be accessing the different aspects of reality. Not only had she heard of it, she loves the concept and would be having a guest on her show about it.
Via Sherri in the chat room Kat asked how does one learn how to do past life regressions? Wendy learned it from Joy Gardner, but indicated one can just do a Search for it. Sherri's other question was whether seeing one's own doppleganger is actually seeing oneself of an alternate reality, which Wendy discussed, as well as mentioning Quantum Jumping. Kat described along with Patrick Burns and Marley Gibson back in March, seeing the doppleganger of a woman they personally knew, at the end of the encounter with Marley of which, the figure faded away. The woman whose doppleganger it was was in the same room at the time, albeit she had her back to them, and did not see the doppleganger herself.
Wendy relayed the distinctions of chakras and varied energy work she utilizes. Wendy discussed her book Clear Channel, even amusingly how she argued with her Guides as to the "unsexy" title.
Henry asked about Spiritual Journies; similar to Guided Meditations but not precisely, which Wendy only uses occasionally.
Wendy provided her website, her Twitter and Facebook profiles information; I provided the show's various page locations: my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al; Kat gave our her website and her Facebook profile information, and we were wrapped out.
Henry conveyed our next week's guest being Leslie Rule, author of Where Angel's Tread, amongst other titles...

August 18 2012 edition podcast
Clear Channel:
A Guide For The
Newly Awakening
Wendy Joy
Wendy Joy; Paranormal View 18 August 2012
Wendy Joy

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